Malware software is everywhere and I strongly suggest you protect your computer immediately if you don't have any. For those user's who still prefer not to pay a premium price for subscription software. Here is a substitute on the fight against malware.




Looking for a stable free remote desktop software to login remotely when your in a hurry. This is a great replacement when compared to premium remote desktop software.



Google Cell Phone Service

Not only has google rolled out it's cell phone service project but it only costs $20- with a catch. Not a big deal if your in the market for cheap service with an unbeatable price. Let's see how far ground Google will reach with this service.



Google $10- Phone

Google looks like is keeping it quiet on it's new fiber phone service which cost only $10- a month that's tied into Google Voice. The service requires having a fiber phone service and still may not be in your area because of the area, but it's something to keep at watch in the near future. Google paving the way to connecting to others.



Intel Mobile Meltdown

Let's just say this was a game of craps and in the end Intel's big research and development just went down hill because they just couldn't meet their mark. So much for 10 billion.



WiFi Fix

Here is a fix to those users who are tired of reconnecting to a WiFi when it's done. The device automatically re-boots if the internet connection gets funky. Great device and I hope to see more items like this in the future. Or how about a router that does just the same.



Win 7 Boot Problem

Looks like Microsoft had a bug in it's update software and told everyone about it and for one reason or another made the update recommended so that everyone who had automatic updates on, installed it. The result was after a re-boot, computers crashed.
I don't understand why Microsoft even pushed the update, and if they keep on playing this game. I think it's about time to start a class action law suit to teach Microsoft a lesson on what to do and what not to do. That's the only way the software giant is going to understand their wrong doings.



Remove Win 10 banner Upgrade

Most of my customers in the past few months have been complaining about how to get the Windows 10 Upgrade. For most user's the software will do the rest once you click on the upgrade banner. And for some, well let's just say that all computers are not alike. And just because you qualify for the upgrade does not necessary mean that your computer can be upgraded.
Manufactures have made most of their hardware obsolete or non Windows 10 compliant. And the reality is for most is that you can't upgrade, but no one will tell you that directly.
If you just rather keep your old version of Windows and want to remove the Windows 10 banner, here is how to do it and it just requires you removing a windows KB update item KB3035583. Once you remove the update and re-boot the computer. The banner should be gone and you should be able to go on with your life without the regular version of Windows.



Printer Tips

Printers today have a short life span when compared to the printers your purchased in the mid 90's. If you have a printer today, there should be some measures that you should do occasionally so that you can extend your printer life. Now all printers are made the same and for most user's this will be the standard care and maintenance for most.



Income Comfort

Need to live comfortable in the city near you. Well if your in these designated cities, this is what your going to need to make in order to live comfortably.



Wrong with Cable

Here's is what's wrong with cable and why the cable companies don't want to free up their service. It's been a long wait for cable to free up it's service and the future maybe here for cable.



Laptop Kit for Pi

For a while I have been reviewing Raspberry Pi and was waiting for great ideas from builders and programmers to use the Pi and now I see a lot of potential when it comes to building a Pi Laptop. Not only worth it, but think about the endless things you can continue to do.



Login to Win 95

Have a Win 95 computer but can't remember the login name and password. Here's a quick tip to help you get into the computer so that you can access your files. Good luck.


Get into window 95 without login credentials. Without network access. When login in hit cancel to get into OS, then hit start, find search all files with the .pwl extension then delete them. The next time u login your password should be blank.


Sexuality Terms

These sexuality terms will show other's that how in touch you are with yourself and gets them better educated on the meanings of these terms. You'll be surprised on how many people don't know the true meaning of these terms.



Improve Online Experience

I've know this for a while now, but I still have yet to experience a faster DNS trilogy because of the ongoing setup it takes to change the DNS and for some people, if problems arise. It's easier to see and troubleshoot when your getting the same experience as other users on the network.
But if you want your speeds to go faster, this is a must read and a must research because in the long run it will pay off to customise your DNS settings.




Open source office is in beta and get ready for a similar Office365 look-a-like service. And we still don't know how great it will be when all is done, but check it out if you still refuse to go the Microsoft subscription way.



Top Tech Support Info

Here is some good information when it comes on getting help from top tech support companies. They all usually follow a systematic pattern of support and it's good to know who you are talking to so that you don't get frustrated and get to the bottom of your problem immediately. This is my so called cheat sheet to get the right guy to fix your problem. Doesn't mean that your problem will be fix, but at least you know that you have someone with more experience getting the job done.



Run Win in Virtual

Ever wanted to learn how to run Windows in a virtual machine, well look no further, there are instructions to help you run Windows on a virtual machine. The great things about virtual machines is that if they get infected by a virus or malware you can delete the virtual machine and start over again. Worth to check out.



Delete the undeletable

Ever wonder how you can delete a file that you simply tried several times to delete. Now if it's a operating system file, I strongly suggest that you don't delete. For all other files, just follow these instructions and hopefully it will delete these files.



Hiding a Router

Great ideas to hide something that you don't want others to see. If you interested in hiding your router, here are some great tips to be hidden.



Uber Facts

Looks like Uber is giving out the facts for individuals whether it's better to own a car, get a taxi or use Uber. You'll be surprised on the results from Uber. I guess it will make sense for some and others not, you decide.



Reason's not to buy a Laptop

Here are some good reason's why not to buy a laptop anymore. There use to be a time where majority of the user's purchased laptops for portability, that's not the case anymore. Tablet are easily portable. When it came to entertainment having a laptop was easier to watch your favorite movies, but now all that is changing thanks to Roku and Firestick. The laptop portability options are changing and if it keeps on it could be the end.



Head phone beating

If your reading this your not surprised that Apple for a while was trying to better their product by still using it's phone concepts to make things simple. Well it looks like this Chinese company beat Apple to their idea by using their phone. Not only can you connect headphones to the power cord easily, you can also listen to music, with the same jack. Great idea that combined together to give anyone the delight they need.



Smart IT

I don't feel sorry for this bank heist. Not only does it show that firewalls are a must for bank security, but with all the money that this bank was bringing in, it would of just costed pennies to the dollar to get simple firewalls and switches to protect their infrastructure. Sure shows poor planning with lack of security. What were they thinking of, when they decided to go online.



Feds pay to cheats

Interesting how the federal government waste money every year. This great article tries to understand why so many people cheat on their taxes. It's amazing that they had to do a study on this when maybe it just could be that they just don't want to pay any taxes.
The federal governement should of just gave me the money and I would have brief them easily on why american's don't want to pay taxes. It's that simple.



Stop using HDMI

Looks like HDMI is being replaced with Miracast and the future looks amazing. Not only will you be able to broadcast what you want others to see but opens the door to other new things that people can now use this technology for. Check it out and get ready for the future.



Setup iPay

Have an iPad or iPhone and want to know how to setup iPay. No big deal as long as you follow these easy tips. Now paying for items because so simple to do when your on the go.




Tired of someone trying to bypass your phone password. Regardless if it's for the good or for the bad, this application takes care of those peeping toms the easy way. If you try to hack a cell phone password then don't be surprised for the application to take a picture of the abuser. It's a great software to keep others out of your business.



Smart Mattress

This is a pretty insane application for your mobile device. I don't know what to say to people when it comes to finding out the reality. Regardless this application is out there.



Internet Facts

Facts about the internet that you probably don't know about. You'll be surprised on who helped shaped up the internet on how when know of it today. It took years of development, but the end result was a two way communication to the world.



First Fly from home Drone

Here is the first fly from home drone and if everything goes well, we can definitely see more of these in the near future. Now checking if you left the lights on at home, left an appliance or stove on can be easily checked via drone.