How Netflix killed Blockbuster

Here's the history on how Netflix killed Blockbuster, the video giant. It's amazing on how such a simple company beat the odds by gambling on the future on watching movies.




ImageX why do you need it and why should you use it? If your in a corporate environment, ImageX is a life safer if you can use it effectively to install images onto new formatted computers. It's not for everyone but once used effectively, it will save you time and money reinstalling images over a corporate network environment. Give it a try and you might just go the ImageX way.



Double Driver

Have an old computer and just recently reformatted the pc and your having a difficult time finding the drivers online. This handy software will save you sometime by finding those missing drivers.



1 TB Ram

Get ready for RAM to revolutionize computers. The TerraDIMM will not only make it easier to add ram to personal computers but cost less too. Now you should be ready for the future 10 TB RAM computers.



Net Crunch

Need to scan a network, this handy tool from Net Crunch makes your job so easy that you wished you had used it sooner.



Andriod Muti User Account

Using the new Android 4.2 or new OS, you might not know but now your able to add additional user's to your existing account. I don't understand what took so long for Android to incorporate this but this should have been implemented from the start.
But now I can challenge my Android tablet against my personal computer and laptop.



Spring Clip

Upset with your new iPhone ear plugs? Spring Clip is going to change that but with a low price. All you do is purchase the Spring Clip from the link below and now you can enjoy those awful ear plugs Apple gave you when your purchased your new device. A great solution for an easy problem. I wish Apple would just give you the extra just to satisfy it's customers.



Maps of the World

Here are some great history maps of the world to update your information on events that occurred in the past. It's I wished I had this guide at hand when I took history.

Chart Pin
Business Insider
Bored Panda


Email Marketing

Looking for the best Email Marketing Company to promote your business. Here's the list from the to to bottom. I just hope I have enough room.



Crime Mapping

Every now and then user's keep on asking me for an updated Crime map and here is another site to consider when it's time to take a bite out of crime.



Package Tracker Pro

Here's a great package tracker for android users. It's comes with an affordable premium price but it's the best and works with a variety of shipping companies. Gives you the actual package route when available.



How Passwords get Hacked

Some real good information on how passwords get hacked. You can't be fool proof when it comes with passwords but the more you know, the better it will be to protect yourself when someone does hack into your account.



Pc Games Alt Tab

Here's the scoop about how personal computer games struggle with the Alt Tab and why it's always problematic to users. If your able to disable this feature hopefully the problem will go away. Read on.


Sony Gets Out

Sony just announced recently that it's out of the PC business and it plans to sell it's Vaio line next month to concentrate more on gaming. It's a no shocker but everyone should have seen this coming.
I am not a big fan of Sony PC's and I just wished they had done this earlier and save new users their time and money.



Battery Run Down

Here is the run down on battery life for our electronic equipment. Not all batteries are created equal. If you stay aware and maintain your batteries, there's a good chance that they will last you a little longer than your last electronic devices.



Stay away from local email accounts with Carriers

Why should users stay away from emails that are hosted from their local internet carriers?
       (ex. YourName@att.com or YourName@comcast.net, etc.)
This question has been asked by many of my customer and friends and I keep on telling them over and over the same information.
An email address is like a home address. Once you give your home address to someone. You'll hope they'll always have it on hand and call or contact you at home when ever they need you.
Your email address works the same way but here where it gets a little funny. Let's say now, you have currently DSL at your home address and move next month. Now your current email at YourName@att.com will probably have to change depending on where you decide to live. So if you move to an area where DSL is not available or DSL is not suitable to use, your 2nd choice is to get your internet access from Cable. Now you loose your email address at YourName@att.com because your no longer with At&t and you now have to create a new name at YourName@comcast.net.
The same goes vise versa for cable. In every way possible you can easily loose your email address and have to create a new one from scratch. Now all of your friends, family and followers will have a difficult time keeping up with you because you keep on changing your email address more than once. And most of them will not probably update your email address because they already aware that you will change it again.
This is where Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook come in.
Now by opening an account with these web based email hosting sites you risk user's from loosing contact with you and they will always remember your email address.
This might not work with almost everyone, but if you do it correctly you will be a step ahead on having a permanent address on the world wide web.



I usually don't list any MAC software on my site but when I see something worth listing. I take the time out to do so. That's when AppCleaner caught my eye. Not only does it remove unwanted application on your MAC computer. But removes the cache and save states in your system.
So the next time you remove an application on your MAC, do so with the help of AppCleaner so that you make sure you regain back your space.



What's the deal with Cache

Here's the real scoop on cache and why you always need to clear it every once in a while. Not all things are what it seems to be in a world of computers




Here's a new Chrome application that will help you save your files in a case when your browser needs to be closed and you already have a bunch of files that are open.
The software in in beta version but I must admit, that it comes handy when your system crashes or needs to be re-booted.


Win 8 Recovery Image

If anyone hasn't noticed yet, Windows 8 now has a different recovery image that if your not careful. It will erase all your programs and file instantly after Refreshing.
The good news is that you can still create a customized Windows recovery image by just using recimg in Windows along with your favorite programs.
All other non computer user's should just stay away from the Refresh link, otherwise it could be a painful disaster many.



SMART Drive Info

Here are a list of SMART drive utility software that help you understand if your drive is good or bad. It helps to clarify this information so that you don't loose data and are able to recover your data before drive failure.

Argus Monitor

Credit Card Lingo

Ever wonder how some companies know what type of card you have by enter the first few digits. It's very simple if you follow this chart below. But the credit card lingo is nothing new and things you should know if your a vendor.

 Visa  4- 
 Mastercard  51-, 52-, 53-, 54-, 55- 
 Diners Club  36-, 38- 
 Discover  6011-, 65- 
 JCB  35- 
 American Express  34-, 37- 


Silicone Valley Now

It's amazing how silicone valley changed through the years. Once a very explosive location to now a quiet ghost town. You be the judge?



Lost Devices

Tired of losing your keys, wallet, laptop, tablet, bag, etc. Here are great solutions to help you find your items easily, as long as you keep track of them.

Button Trackr


Cell Phone Lookup

Trying to lookup a Cell phone's number information. These sites will give you the basic's and then you'll have to pay a premium price to find more.

More Info
Reverse Mobile
Phone Lookup


Birth Database

Want to learn someone's birthday. You can easily find out with the Birth Database. You'll have to pay a premium price to get more information but at least you'll know how old they were.



GotoAssist Discount

Upset about LogMeIn free ending it's service. Well GotoAssist has a special discount for recent LogMeIn users and here's the scoop. Get GotoAssist free for six months then pay $29.00 a month by just entering the promo code "welcome".  Hurry up this discount won't last that long.



Meal Deals

Looking for a meal deals for the day? Check out this website for discounts on the foods you love to eat. You'll get a savings coupon to help you save money while going out.



Email Checker

Sending emails but they keep on coming back? Here's a great way to verify if it's the email or your email server not responding.


Reliability Monitor

Here's a hidden application that many of Windows 7 & 8 user's still lack in using. It's called the Windows Reliability history. If you having computer problems all you have to do is view what's causing Windows to crash and hopefully it will narrow down your problems.

It's in Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Action Center -> Reliability Montior

More Info


Encrypted Google Drive

Want to encrypt your Google Drive files. Here are two ways to help you just do that. You can either use Fogpad or Tresorit. Both programs help you encrypt your files on your computer then import it to Google Drive. It's still an alternative than leaving a file unsecured.