Multi Video Joiner

If you have a few videos in avi, mpg, mpg 1-4, rm, wmv format and want to be able to join them together endlessly, without having any format issues. Take a look at AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner. It's not free, but it will simplify your various movie formats.


Re-Install Windows Guides

This is an excellent site for users who need the hands on experience to learn how to re-install Windows on to your laptop or Personal Computer.
Try the emulation mode, which goes through step by step.



Looking for a powerful firewall. Take a look at Smoothwall, a Linux based firewall. It has an easy setup and it's simple to configure your network.


T-Mobile Hotspot @ Home

Get calls free over Wi-Fi. But your going to have to be a geek and resolve how to tweak the new technology for T-Mobile's unlicensed mobile access.
What the system does is that it enables you to make free calls via a UMA enabled cell phone that's on a Wi-Fi network. As long as your call started on a Wi-Fi it's free, any place else, then your counting down your minutes.



Get ready for a new type of storage. A chassis that holds up to four SATA drives, with lights that warn you if a hard drive is bad, or full. Better yet it even takes several different types of SATA hard drives. Although it's not cheap. It makes storage solutions a breeze.


iPod Shuffle

Have an iPod Shuffle, here is a nice accessory to carry your portable player where ever you want to go.


Smartphone backup for $6.00

Have a smartphone but with no backup. Don't fear, because there is free software known as BitPim that will help you backup all your important information from your smartphone.


Pay Pass

I while back I spoke about an easy Pay Pass to be used via cellular phone. Citibank has joined the family and now you can use your Citibank card if your a Citibank customer and pay just like a debit card without swiping your card into an electronic card reader. Users can then pay for their transactions the same way people use their debit cards. Pay Pass is the future in credit cards.


Upgrade your Laptop

If your upgrading your Laptop to a new hard drive. You'll find it difficult to transfer your old files to your new hard drive. This is where Apricon comes in. You'll find everything from new hard drive upgrade kits to laptop file transfer software and cables. Laptop upgrading will now be a breeze.



If your job is monitoring employee internet policy. Guardware is a piece of hardware you might want to take a look at. It scans a computer through a USB port and searches for inappropriate materials on company owned equipment. The results is simple. To keep employees from downloading and installing garbage on company equipment. Saving storage space and program viruses that can infect your server environment.


Linux iPhone Killer Wannabee

Get ready Apple for a Linux iPhone Killer Wannabee. At least it's open source and hopefully it's price will be below Apple's hyped iPhone. Let's see who now will develop more applications for there new phone.


Word 2007 Cheat Sheet

Get yourself motivated to keep on top of Office 2007. Enclosed are the most current cheat sheet for Word 2007.


Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet

Get yourself motivated to keep on top of Office 2007. Enclosed are the most current cheat sheet for Excel 2007.


Alarm for your Laptop

Want to make sure your laptop is always secure. You might want to look at Laptop Alarm. Not like it's going to help you out if your laptop is stolen. But it's a great idea for someone who needs to feel secure that they at least have an alarm for there laptop.


Java Bitorrent Client Download

Enjoy bittorrent files but hate to install software onto your computer. Try this new java applet. You just go to the link and copy and paste bittorrent file and then just click the download button. The java applet does the rest and you download the file without having to install bittorrent.

bittorent Link


Create your own Atomic Clock

Most people require modern technology to be their electronic clock. But with coordination and discipline. Anyone can create their Atomic Clock. All you need to do is to understand the primitive basics.


iPod on the Cheap

Looking for a bargain iPod.
If you have a few friends that can get together and purchase a $1300- RT ticket to China. Then this might be a great deal for all of you. Unlmited iPods at $140- a pop.
Although you might have a problem connecting to the cellular network, in the USA. At least you have an iPod.


$10- DSL

Yes there is a $10- DSL but you'll never see it advertised. It's At&t's condition in part of the acquisition to Bellsouth. The download is similar to Bellsouth 768Kb/s-128Kb/s download and upload speeds. Only available in the 22 states that never had At&t or Bellsouth broadband in the past.
Just do a google search and you'll be connected in no time.


Mouse Jiggler

This is a great software to use just as a prank. It just causes your mouse cursor to jiggle nonstop. You just plug it in the port and Jiggler does just that non stop.


Wifi Intrusions

Worried who's on your Wifi network?
Here comes a software to help you monitor those prying eyes.
Although with a Wifi connection you can't always guarantee that one day someone will try to connect. You can at least try to monitor and secure your system from attacks.


How to get rid of bugs from your monitor

Pretty interesting stuff. You install the program and play the high frequency sound and the bugs fly away. Only time will tell if these annoying critters do go away.


Open up your cable box

You cable box has many features that your unaware of. Some of them have eSATA ports for faster data throughput. If you do have a cable box with a eSATA port, you can easily connect a laptop to your cable box with an eSATA cable. Your only headache will be is finding the driver for your laptop to recognize the cable box. That's were the forums come in. Once you match your cable box, it's as easily as downloading the driver. Now you can capture live video feeds using software like CapDVHS or even Vista's built in Media Center software.
** Caution copy protected content can't be recorded. **



Get ready for programming language that interacts with other web creations. Now anyone can learn how to create, communicate and think continuously. Promising to educate you into the 21st century.


Voice Changer

Here is a great software to enhance your voice quality. Excellent for someone who's trying to change there vocals while playing music. There so many things that one can do with a voice changer. Hopefully everyone will use it wisely.


Create a USB Fan

USB Cooler - Click here for another funny movie.
Great recreational project for people who just have extra time on their hands.
Try it out. At least you'll be cool.


Shut down your PC faster

This is a registry hack and like any registry hack, your at your own risk.
But if you want to tweak your computer and don't use remote desktop. This is the fastest way your computer will shut down.


Easiest way to Cancel your Cell Phone

I wish I've seen this site earlier. This web site is the easiest way to get out of a contract as long as you don't care to much about the number. The incentives goes both way for the current user and for someone who is looking for a good affordable plan. Do your homework and come back to this site to see how it can save you money.


More DOS Prompt Commands

Every now and you need to use the DOS command prompt and forget the old school programming language. If this is your headache. Don't fear anymore. This site promises to refresh your old school DOS prompt commands.


Next Generation KVM Switch

I am a big fan of KVM switches and when I think I have the ultimate switch to guide me around to everyday problems. Something new comes around the corner.
This new generation of KVM switch is provided over IP. Now remote access can go even further. Switching over several servers will no be a breeze.


Can't get rid of an unwanted program

Try this.
Reboot your computer in safe mode by holding down the F8 key.
Go to the control panel in safe mode and Add or Remove the Program from there.
Your computer will attempt to uninstall the unwanted file.
Majority of the time it works.

If it doesn't here is another tip.
Try to find the program online. If it's an old software version.
Try doing a google search for the old software version and see if you can find and download the program.
Install the program on your computer. Then go to control panel
and uninstall again the program. This should correct the old program from being uninstalled from your computer.