Change IP Address from DOS

Here is a great way to change the ip address from a computer via the DOS prompt. This tip is a little technical so  not everyone is going to know how to do this. But if you can figure it out, here it goes.

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Changing Your IP Address

Changing your IP information requires two commands, one for your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway and another for  your DNS settings. In order to change your IP address we use the netsh command, the exact command you want to use is the following:
netsh interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” static
This assumes the following:
  • The name of the interface you want to change the IP address  for is Local Area Network
  • You want to statically assign an IP address of
  • You want to set a subnet mask of
  • You want to set a default gateway of
Armed with this information you should obviously switch the settings out for some that are suited to your network. You might, however, be wondering how you can go from using an already set static IP address to getting an address from DHCP. In this case the command you are looking for is:
netsh interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” source=dhcp

Changing Your DNS Settings

As far as DNS goes you only have two settings to set, a primary DNS server as well as a secondary one. The command to set them is almost identical, to set your primary DNS server you will want to use:
netsh interface ip set dns name=”Local Area Connection” static
This again assumes a few things:
  • The name of the interface you want to change the primary DNS setting for is Local Area Network
  • The IP address of the DNS Server is
To change the IP address of the secondary DNS server you will need to specify the index parameter:
netsh interface ip add dns name=”Local Area Connection” index=2
The above command would set your network adapter named Local Area Connection to use a secondary DNS server address of (which is the Google public DNS servers, incase you didn’t know). The last thing you might want to do it set your DNS settings to be assigned dynamically, which can be done through the following command.
netsh interface ip set dnsservers name=”Local Area Connection” source=dhcp


Install apps on a remote PC

Want to save time installing applications on a terminal computer, it's simple has long as you use the command prompt. All you need to do is change the user credentials. Install the program and change back the user credentials.

Change User /Install

Change User /Execute


Android on Windows

Want to run android application on Windows, no problem with the help of Bluestacks. Now the joy of using android applications, goes beyond the program barriers.


See what websites your PC connects to

If you ever wanted to know if your computer at times, connects privately to other websites. This is the little setup needed to give you that information. If your worried about security, then it's best to know everything.



Looking for a way to stream to other players, this software does wonder with the free version. But the small price to pay for the premium version is still worth every penny.
Now there is no limit how far you can stream. 



Looking for web based free television. Here's a great site to watch your favorite shows for free. At least now you have the option to say goodbye to premium cable.


How to block USB Drives

Having USB drives open are a corporate network is a great security risk. Here are some good plans to secure your network from future attacks.

Disable USB drives through Group Policy

Group Policy block USB

Disable USB, CD-ROM, Floppy drives

Controlling Device Installation Using Group Policy



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Scosche Cell Control

Here's a new device for parents that want to prevent their children from texting and talking while driving. It's a great device to use for the teens who still refuse to listen.



Looking for an easier way to save articles while surfing on the Internet. Here's a new way of clipping your favorite articles and going back to them when ever you feel ready. Give it a try.



Sign any document with DocuSign. Now this is the future for digital signing. There's no limit to how far this software will go. Let's just hope they keep up with their security.


Tethering Android

There are many alternatives when you want to tether, so when it doubt keep on trying. It's still worth the money if you could just find the right software.


Winter Wake Up

Tired of getting to work late because of the weather. No need to worry with this great application that almost anyone can install. I just hope this software goes cross platform, so that everyone can use it effectively.

Check it out here at the Apple Store



Want to turn your favorite websites to ebooks, not a problem if your using the Epub Chrome extension. It's as simple and one click and the entire website is converted to a readable e-book. Give it a try.

Extension Link


NumLock Registry Hack

Here is a great hack to enable the NumLock on system boot up. Most of the times the settings is found in the bios. It's it's not there, then your only alternatives are to enable the NumLock manually or do this using this hack.


Find the Best

Want to find the best of everything. Hopefully this site will narrow down the top items that your looking for so that you know what's the best one for you. 


Image Writer for Windows

Here is a great software to read and write img software's using a USB. It's a move in the right direction using USB technology.

Direct Link



Looking for remote browser support for all your computers. Soluto does a great job for free as long as your  clients stay below the minimum of 5 users.
Everything is web based, so adding and helping user's should be simple and easy to do. Give it a try.



Need some help with finding great VPN's for your Internet. No need to worry now that you have this list below:

Tunnel Bear
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Cleanup More than Disk Cleanup

If your a disk cleanup user and wondered if Windows does do a great job on cleaning temporary files, think again. You still have to go a little further to clean up Windows even more. Thankful for this great tip you now can either do it manually or browse online to a reliable temporary file cleaner online.

In the run command type %temp% and hit enter
then when the local temporary folder loads hit CNTR+A to select All


More ISO Burners

Here are more great ISO burners. You decide which one works for you the best.

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Great Registry Cleaners

Here's a list of great registry cleaner for your computer. It's nice to know these are great freewares to fix your computer.

Power Tools Lite
Rizone's Power Tools
Tweak Now
IOrbit Toolbox
Slim Cleaner
Jet Clean
PC HouseKeeper 2012


Raid for under $125-

Yep, it is possible to make an inexpensive Raid with the current products in the market today. It's not complicated and  you'll be happy that you made it yourself and only paid just under a $100- for a backup drive to save your files.

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Setup Win 7 Share

Ever wonder how to setup your Windows 7 share folders among other users. Here's the setup instructions so that you now can share with others in your local group. 


Lock Windows

Need to easily automatically lock Windows when your leaving your desktop with just one easy click. Here's the easiest way to lock Windows via one click.

Right click your mouse to new -> shortcut and type the following In the Create Shortcut window type: Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation. Click Next. Your Done.


Speed up Remote Desktop via Win 7

The simplest way to speed up remote desktop in Windows 7 is to set the color display to 16bit. It's not the best quality for some, but it should does load faster.


Add Google Gadgets to Gmail

Here's the trick to make any google gadget, a gmail gadget. All you really need to do is add the .xml tag to the end of the gadget and have it easily transform. Give it a try.

Here is more information below:

There are hundreds of different gadgets around the web. Some web services (such as Remember the Milk) have created their own and supply you with a URL. If you want other gadgets have a look at the iGoogle gadgets directory. To add a gadget from the iGoogle gadgets directory navigate to a gadget of your choice and copy everything after the “url=” tag in the address bar. For example, the Official Wikipedia Gadget for iGoogle has the following URL:
To add this gadget to Gmail simply copy the portion after “url=”, i.e.:
And paste it into the gadget URL box in Gmail


What is Postscript

Here's the explanation to the common computer postscript terminology and what does it have to do with a printer. For those of you who what to know and need to know so that at least you can say, "You know something".