Mini Fuel Cell

I talk about this in the past and it looks like this concept is on the way to being manufactured. It's definitely a great replacement for the every day battery.


Dell Recovery CD's

Lost or missing your Dell computer's recovery cd's. As long as your the original registered user, you can still purchase them, or in some cases get them for free via the website. In any case call Dell direct at 1-800-624-9896.


PayPal to replace CC

If PayPal achieves it's goal on in store shopping. We can see a new method of payment via the PayPal way and probably just say goodbye to credit cards.


Turn your Netbook into an E-Reader

This is easiest way to turn your Netbook into a E-Reader. It beats buying an Amazon Kindle and an iPad.


Energizer Yikes

This great little gadget is going to the trash. I just don't understand how Energizer was able to create a spectacular gadget with a vulnerability to the program so that buyers would just want to stop using the product all together.
This time the bunny just kept on going, going, gone.


Vehicle Recall

Does your car have a recall. Chances are that you were still not notified or that letter that you had a recall was lost in the mail.
No need to worry with this vehicle recall search directory.


Look in my PC

This handy software tells you everything that's installed onto your computer and more.
It's a great utility for trouble shooting as well as for upgrading. It a must have item, so make sure you download it.

link 1 and 2


XXX Detector

Let's just say if you viewing porn on a business, home, or organization computer. It's best to make sure all those deleted files you deleted, are definitely gone. Otherwise you might be in a position to have to explain.


Free Avatar Backgrounds

Thanks to Microsoft, you know can download free Avatar Windows 7 theme backgrounds onto your computer. Enjoy.


Indestructable Maps

These maps are going to be a great seller for the survival enthusiast. They are not only portable but wrinkle, crease, crumble and water proof. What more can you want for a map that's not digital.


Tiger Text

I believe this software was made in honor of Tiger, but I could be wrong. Regardless it's a handy application that must be installed on both user's in order to be affective. All you do is text message each other and messages are automatically deleted once read or by a specific time.
If Tiger would have read this article earlier, it would have saved his some embarassment.


NYC Map of Then & Now

If your looking for a New York City history map, here's your chance to see the past and the present all in one. It's an experience to see how things have changed through the years.


Microsoft Money for Free

Microsoft Money is gone but that doesn't mean that you still can't make use of the accounting software. Here are the latest links for the last version of Money Plus Home & Business.

Direct Link


File Joiners and Splitter's

Everyone once in a while it's nice to have files like these on hand just in case you ever need to compile two files together. You never know?

File Joiner & Splitter
Movie Joiner
Misc Joiners


Network Monitoring Tools

Here are some must have network monitoring tools to help you trouble shoot problems as easy as 1, 2, 3. You'll be amazed on how useful these tools will make your life easier.


Flash for iPhone & iPad

For those user's who still lack flash for iPhone & iPad, here are some solutions to your fix. You can try Smokescreen, CloudBrowse or Frash. I just hope Apple stays favorable by not blocking these sites.


Age of Social Network Groups

Social Groups have change the way many people interact with others online. It's still a profitable business and from the looks of it, it will be profitable for years to come. Here are the top social groups that you should be aware of.


Laptops Reliability

If you haven't seen it lately, Laptop prices have been in a drastic decline. Cheaper prices are good for consumers but not go for everyone. When products are made cheap, something always gives and at times it's the products reliability that comes into question.


Bing Maps Beta

Yes Microsoft is still in the Map business and they're competing with Google Maps by changing the way you view the skyline. It's all in 3D generation. So this should make a impact for map user's. Or should it?


Firefox Add on - Invisible Hand

This cool add on from Firefox does wonders. Not only does it compare if your getting a good price online, but it tells you what other websites are selling the same product and for what price.


Give & Get

Want to get rid of items you no longer need. This website barter's your goods for something you do need in return. The only catch is that it has to be free.


WiFi For Free

If your in the need to connect your laptop to a free WiFi spot. This website is a great help locating one in your area. Just remember that free is not always secure.


Free Music Sheet

Want to download your favorite artist music sheets. Here is a website catering to those needs for a reasonable price.


Google Gears

Need to download compatable website's offline and syncronize when your back online. It's a great substitute for Google Documents.


Signon to Multiple Login Accounts

Have several Gmail accounts and want to have access to login into them effortlessly. Gmail now makes it possible and all you need to do is enable it in the account personal setting section.



Want to play every video format with home network streaming. This software is a good replacement and it's a head on contender with the VLC player.


Toshiba Laptop Replacement LCD

Damaged you Toshiba laptop LCD. Here is the site to order a replacement LCD. Just make sure that if you don't know what your doing, have a professional do it.



Looking for the best Wallpaper's online. You'll find some amazing photo's and illustrations in several resolutions. It doesn't hurt to see what you can download for free.



Need to create the perfect collage. This website is a must and it's photo editing software is also very simple to use.


Good Tutorials

Make the most out of your life by learning the how to from the professionals who continue to do it on a daily basis.


Let's Play Archive

See of hundred list of Let's play games online via screenshots and videos. Be prepared to be amazed on what's really out there and what games created user's have already made.