Twitter Reinstatment

It looks like Twitter is reinstating over 60k accounts that were banned permanently and although this can look as something positive, it's going to be interesting to see what new post these users will add to Twitter once they are back online in the months that follow. 


Epson Ecotank Et-2400

This printer has been on my radar for some time and I must admit you just cannot resist the refillable ink tanks. Now with ink prices going up, it's a great buy and a printer that still is living up to its name. 
If you have the extra money, this is the printer that I would put on my list, I just keep on hearing great things about this printer year after year. 


HP new Software install

Now I was an HP lover for many years until recently when HP decided to change the way they install software on their new printers. Now you are forced to use their HP smart application using the Microsoft store. 
The only problem I have with this is that you are forced to create an HP account to get access to your printer and that some organizations block access to the Microsoft store making installation a difficult process. Even if you try to install the software manually, HP does not make it easy to install the printer without the HP Smart application. So good luck with installing that software if you do not have access to the Microsoft store. And the lack of being able to add your printer to the WiFi is limited, making this a nightmare for network administrators. 


Win 11 Why Upgrade

Here are some good tips on why someone would want to upgrade to Windows 11. It's not yet on my things-to-do list but it is good enough information to want to convince everyone to upgrade. 

Upgrading Windows is just a part of life and when it's time you are just better off just upgrading. 


Changing Nameservers on Godaddy

This is my favorite hosting site for beginners but as time goes by and you get to understand how everything works. Here is more information on Nameservers and how to easily change them. 


Learning made Easy

Every now and then I run into websites that make learning easy possible and here are some great starts to begin. Lots of luck.


Fix PS4 Error

If you have a PlayStation 4 and continue getting the error CE-34878-0 here are some great tips to resolve this problem. This console was the best console around and yet these bugs still seem to still continue to create problems for some users. 


Best Holiday Travel & Shopping from Maps data

This is some interesting data from Maps data that tracks people's trends on the best time to be traveling and running errands during holiday traffic maddness. 



North America EV Charging Standard

It looks like the EV charger is standing out because of the simplicity of having no moving parts, half of the size and it's twice as powerful.

Hopefully, it gets adopted but my question is since they adopted globally the c jack charger for portable phones, why shouldn't they follow the same guidelines.


Best Airport WiFi

According to Ookla here are the best airport WiFi when traveling. So if you plan to be in the area this holiday season you can be sure to know how well the airport WiFi is working.


Catalytic Converter Theft Plan

It looks like California is taking action to stop the catalytic converter thefts. Now they are signing two bills into law that make it harder for thieves to sell catalytic converters and prevent scrappers from receiving them. It's not a great improvement but it's the start in the right direction. 


Mastodon Anyone

 Here is a new type of social media that's decentralized. Now this may be the beginning of a new generation of social media to come moving forward.

Now it's important to join the right server so read the info on Mastodon before going forward.




Twitter Verification Should be Free

Here are some good reasons why Twitter verification should be free. Now I do not think they are really taking into consideration what the blue check mark really means. Instead, they should be focusing on other areas, but I guess time will tell.


Starlink Residential data cap

Starlink put a data cap on your bandwidth when you thought your troubles were over. Since they are new at the game, there should be no excuse for data caps when you have the whole world to cover.

Now, my question is what really gives with the data caps?


UPS Delivery Exceptions Meaning

If you get deliveries from UPS you might want to understand the meaning of UPS exceptions, not understanding it can delay your package or cause confusion. And good luck in trying to get a real person to answer some of  your questions.

My recent experience was awful and if you are trying to get a real person try going to chat first and then have them call you.

Lots of luck. 


Passwords for Passkeys

Passwords always was a problem form many users, now by using Passkeys it changes the game and hopefully the hackers will not be able to bypass this for now. 

As technology changes so will different methods for saving passwords. Let's give this a try for now and see how far it can go.

Worse scenario, we are back to square one with passwords. 



Hidden Win11 Settings

Want to tweak Windows 11 touchpad to your style, then here goes the hidden settings for Windows 11 to easy adapt to your fingers. You will be surprise what you can create. 


G4 Gone Again

My favorite gaming channel has been shut down again after being relauched by Comcast. In the prior years it was very successful with the viewers but I guess because of cable cutters and new technology gamers now prefer to go else where and viewers just kept on being reduced. 

So much for G4, but it was icon back then. 


Samsung GZ Flip 4 Problems

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flp 4 phone can be an eye cacther but the phone comes with a bunch of other problems that Samsung has not yet fixed.

It's still a good compact phone if you do not mind the lingering issues. Here is the full phone review. 


Spy Neighbor

Our country is changing and moving forward your neighbors could be the ones that will turn you in for your wrong doings. It's not odd but the similar things are taking place world wide and it's being justified by many. So the next time you decide to go against certain beliefs remember that big brother is watching.     


Uber Future

Here is some resourceful information on Uber future coming from a whistleblower. It looks like the company still has a lot of fighting to do before legislation kicks in favor of the company.

Until then we just have to hope that their is still a future for the company. 


Old Twittter Accounts at Risk

If you have an old Twitter account, it would be wise to start using it soon otherwise it will be no surprise when it's deleted.

What did you expect, new boss new rules, and hopefully that will remove the numbers of swatters already pinning down a known site.  


Google Handouts is Dead

It is no surprise that the name just didn't easily adapt to users along with the application. Not everyone can be successful when it comes to chatting and sometimes you just have to give it a try, see if it works and then take it from that point on. 


FB Multi Problems

After a year after Facebook created the Metaverse, the concept is still in question with technology that is not there. Even though they want to be a pioneer in this new technology, it's going to take more than that to change the world. We can't do anything now, we have to wait and see.


Phantom Drain

Consumers are worried about EV's Phantom Drain now that they are trying to extend the cars range. Every electrical vehicle has this problem and the manufactures need to do their best to prolong their battery life when not in use. Let's hope they stay on top of things.


Microsoft PC Manager App

Micrsoft has a new PC manager application similar to CCleaner in which it clears up your memory and removes temporary files. 

Now it's still in BETA but it does have some features that can be useful along with security scan checks for various areas. 


Amazon International

It looks like Amazon is going international now with the recent deal with Hawaiian Airlines to lease freighter jets to transport orders. It just shows you how committed they are in getting their good internationally. It's only a matter of time before Prime goes global. 


Remote Work Boom

It looks like remote work has started a baby boom generation that is good enough to show a significant change. Flexability is a contributing factor.



Here is a website that can be used to rephrase your writing so that it is easier to read. As life gets more complicated, so do some of the letters you write. It might save you time if you are just trying to get a point across.



Pandemic Peronality Change

It looks like the recent pandemic change many people's personality and this could account why some people are prone to stress and are less cooperative and trusting. That pandemic did change some users lives for good and for bad and it's up to you to decide if you want to continue with these changes.