How Many Websites

Ever wonder how many website's are there in the world wide web. And for those who are curious, here is your answer below.



Microsoft Upgrade Option

Have a Win 8 laptop and can't upgrade. Microsoft has a treat for you to get Windows 10 but you must qualify and read the fine print.



Win 10 Storage Fix

Having Windows 10 storage problems after a recent upgrade. This should do the trick and hopefully will make your storage problem go away.

Just click on the Windows icon and choose settings and from left hand menu pick click the System icon, then Notifications and actions and then show me tips about Windows in which you will turn off. You can also turn other notifications off as well to save more space.

Good Luck. 


Win 10 Performance Issues

Looks like Windows 10 is making a lot of user's very unhappy lately. Microsoft hasn't still learned from it's past mistakes and you better bet that if this nonsense keeps up. Many user's are going to start controlling how Windows wants us to do it's updates.
For those user's who are having memory leaks or slow computers, here is hopefully your fix.



Battery Screw Hack

This is an awesome hack and every time I see things like this I want to share it with everyone so that they can pass the knowledge forward. I wouldn't recommend on doing this with every item, but when you have a dead battery, until you get a replacement, this is a great trick to know.



Wendy's Hack

Not great news for this food chain giant who is just trying to sell their customers food. But it's just comes to show you how easily it is for hackers to break their systems by just using third party applications. No one is safe.

Wendy's Update


Computer Repair Shocks

If you are fixing computers on a daily basis, you will not be surprised to what some customers want you to fix. It's unfortunate that sometimes items can't be fixed, but if you would have sent it to the repair shop a little earlier, you might of had a chance to save the device.



Microsoft Skype Meeting

Want to host a Skype Meeting, here is what you need to know to so that you can continue to host free meetings. It's a plus for small businesses who want to communicate with their staff and be productive at the same time.



Free Amazon Shipping

Want free shipping from Amazon, well you should bookmark this website so that all the items your order from Amazon going forward have free freight. It's the best way to shop online with no freight charges.



MAC Webcam Problem

If you haven't heard yet, and you have a MAC computer with a webcam. You should read this new malware taking over and controlling your computer and doing what you can't imagine with your webcam. User beware.



Not to Upgarde to Win 10

We'll here is goes again, the reason's why some user's still refuse to upgrade. Remember if your planning on upgrading to Windows 10 your window is now getting closer to the end. Hurry up before the count down is over. And for those who still don't want to upgrade. Here is the reason why?



MAC Backdoor Infection

Looks like MAC's are recently getting hit with a backdoor infection and here is a great way to see if your MAC has been infected. I would still scan your computer with other Malware scanner to make sure that you got nothing else, but here's a start to a cleaner computer.



Google Banking Chromecast

It's been three years and now Google said it's ready to start running programs for Chromecast. As a Chromecast user, I am quite disappointed for the late blooming, because Chromecast is now my least favorite device to use now-a-days and it will be a long while before I switch back.



Phone Secrets

Every phone has built in secrets that the manufacture's don't want you to know. Here you will not only learn some of these secrets, but the keys to help you free your phone from it's current provider. Once this is done, you not only will be able to do more with your phone, but can take it to a level that your other last phones were able to go.



Win 10 Bootable without software

Here's is the easiest way to create a Windows 10 bootable USB without any software. Your going to have to run some DOS commands, but it beneficial and good for you to do so that you have a little programming experience with computers.



Website Move

Moving your website to another provider might sound simple and easy to do. So before you begin your process, I would suggest you read this information first and then plan carefully your move. A move should be just as simple as 1,2,3.



Google Life

Here's a great way to see your life on Google and how far you come in the technological world. You'll be amazed on what the search engine has been collecting from you. Get ready and don't freak out.



Google Undersea Cable

Looks like it's mission accomplished for Google to lay down it's undersea cable across the trans Pacific coast. Not only user's will be connected to the from Japan to the West Coast but with 6 terabytes of bandwidth faster. Beating currently cable modems internet speeds.
This new technology is going to change they way we are all connected. Get ready, get set, go.



Win 10 Update

Looks like Windows 10 will be doing a special update on August 2 and what additional features that are waiting for you either is going to amaze you or just hopefully will help you out while surfing. It's about time.



Microsoft Rule Breaker

Looks like the big giant keeps on breaking rules even though they been through this a few years ago. Not understanding customer wants it's going to again upset people and it's not until everyone starts fighting back that maybe then, maybe they'll get it again.



Slide N' Joy

It's too sweet to pass up, not only will it match with my laptop. But it will keep me connected to the things that I want to be connected to.



Bot Lawyer

Fighting a parking ticket is now easier than ever, not only will you be represented by a professional but the chances of beating the ticket is even greater in your favour. It's about time that we fight back.



Ransomware Doubles

Looks like Ransom-ware is getting very popular with online user's recently. Besides the attacks being most often, the chances of you getting infected as double and will increase as time goes on.
Just comes to sure you how unsecured some user's are getting when they surf online.




Check out the new future for SSD's not only is writing to a hard drive going to be faster but transfer rates will go up to 4K. It's the future for hard drives going forward and it looks like this time it just might be worth the upgrade.
I would suggest user's not to jump a get one soon, but wait until the bugs are sort out before you buy your new computer.



Cancel Windows Update

A lot of user's keep on telling me that they want to cancel their Windows 10 Update and here is how easily you can do it. It's unfortunate for some user's that their computer may not be capable and be up gradable and the only choice they have is to buy a new computer if they want to even see Windows 10. So here you go.



Microsoft Limits Free One Drive Accounts

Looks like Microsoft is capping down on file transfer limits to free One Drive accounts and user's will eventually start looking elsewhere. It's another big giant move to remind user's that you have to pay to use Microsoft. In the long, I believe user's will just wake up and move to a better provider.



Bluetooth 5

Looks like Bluetooth is being upgrade to version 5 and you'll be surprised on what new things it will bring users. It's the Bluetooth that everyone has been waiting for in years like easier connections and larger transfer rates for files. Get ready and expect the update by year end.



Wireless Network Management

Tired of having Wireless network problems with your laptop. Here are some great techniques to get your Wireless backup and running as usual. It's requires you entering Dos commands but in no time your Wireless problems will go away.



Chrome Breakup

Chrome continues on annoying users. They all seem to complain about it's power consumption, browser updates and extensions. It somehow slows down and disrupt the browser's normal operations. No one knows if it's a simple bug or software compatibility will fix the problem, but everyone is aware of the issues. As for the future of Chrome is still uncertain and only time will tell if user's will will continue to use Chrome.



SD Bad

Phones in the past came with SD cards and now manufactures are telling everyone that's it's a bad idea to have SD cards on high end phones because they simply found a better way to make more money for you. The argument is that SD cards are made of poor quality and they usually corrupt files and video's, but I must admit I have yet to see a SD card to do such a thing. And if there is one the margin is very small. I have taken SD cards that were put into the environment by being dropped, stepped on, and handled by all types of services and these cards function exactly as they did when they first were purchased. The trick is to just format the card when your getting errors.
But unless consumer's start standing up and complaining, it looks like the SD card is doomed.



SD Good

SD cards have been in the market for sometime and I must admit there handy devices and you should always include one with the purchase of a phone and here is the reason why.
Manufactures recently started noticing that they can make more money by charging you data space on the cloud. So if you have taken pictures or video's on your smartphone. You phone has special apps that stores them in the cloud so that your phone will never run out of memory, which is good. The bad is that when you run out of memory in the cloud, now your forced to purchase more space and manufacture's love you even more.
Now by installing an SD card you eliminate the extra cost of the cloud monthly and your overall savings will be in significantly less than if you had stuck with your manufacture to purchase more storage.