Here's what they never taught you

All sorts of projects that they never taught you and that you should have know about. It's the how to do things website for all users.


Ikea Hacker

How to transform all your IKEA furniture into something different. It contains all the great modifications at a reasonable price.


Futuristic Designs

It's a great blog with loads of futuristic designs. You will definitely find never to see items but great ideas in the making.


Play Games via Flash

It's the game world of flash generated games. Play a game online and take gaming to the next level.


YouTube Feather

It's YouTube in beta limiting the amount of bytes downloaded for viewing video. Check it out and see if this should be the future for all video players.


Facebook Lite

Want to use Facebook but don't want to sacrifice your computer on opening up useless applications that you don't use. Same time and use Facebook the lite way and wish that this was a future option.



New website to tell you which program goes with the following file extension. It's a good reference to know what you need to have to install on your computer in order to view that program or file.


Create Fun Text

Neat way to create text any way you choose. Try it out and you'll enjoy the cool text that you can make with simple words.


TypeWith Me

It's a new way to view a presentation as long as everyone is on the same web page. It's similar to being on a conference call and seeing a live presentation. Check it out, you'll be amazed.


Find Any PDF manual

Need to find a PDF manuals. Here is a great PDF search engine to find your manuals online at ease.


Hardware ID

Install a recent hardware onto your computer and for some reason or another, you can't get the hardware to work correctly. The first thing you should do is check the company web site. If this is useless then your going to need the hardware ID in which you would enter it here and hopefully you'll be able to locate it current drivers online.

For USB drivers click here


Google Buzz Kill

This is the step by step instructions on how to remove Google Buzz. For those of you who don't know what Buzz is, lets just say it's another RSS feeder for social media service.
Google installed this by default in Febuary and they should have known better.


Leech Plug

It's sort of a smart plug. Once your device it's fully charged the unit unplugs to prevent overcharging. Now how cool is that.


Droid Destructs

Recently got the Droid cell phone and are tempted to modify it. Well stop. If you attempt to do this, it looks like the Motorola tampering system will zap you phone software from booting again. It looks like it's a fail safe software so that you don't tamper with it. I just don't understand why when it's your phone and your money.


How to make Win 7 Find New Devices Drivers

This is the simplest way for your Windows 7 operating system to easily install device drivers before your ready to use them. All you have to do is turn in on and Windows does the rest.


Are School Web cams watch you

Interesting article on how schools are using web cams to monitor their students online activities. Don't be suprised if your child is a victim.


Porable hard drive duplicator

This is a sure great little gadget for everyday cloning, to take any where. I just wished that it's price wasn't so steep.


View Network & Hardware Info

Need some information on your computer computer's network & hardware stats. Here's a great software to help you retrieve that information so that you always upgrade at ease.


Nano Wireless N

D Link has just recently released it's first N wireless nano and I must admit it's so sweet that you just can't resist it. Hopefully manufactures will adapt this minature concept and make future wireless cars more compact.


Live Checking Cards

This checking card promises to keep you current on your current spending habits by always keeping track of your current budget so that you can keep down debt. No one yet knows if this live checking card will keep down debt. But it sure is a great idea.


Google Postini Services

If your looking for a secure web anti-spam service to filter your emails before it goes through your network, take a look at Google's Postini service. It secures your email going in and out always fighting spam.


Link Google Calendar to Outlook

This software will let you easily link your Google Calendar to Outlook. Now there is no reason to be in sync with each other.


Online Storage

This is some good advice on online storage. I am not saying that using online storage is a bad thing. But it's not a bad idea to have a backup just in case. It beats loosing your valuable files online.


Timex Thumbnail

In a world where watches are starting to be a thing of the past. Timex is trying hard to make watches fashionable again. In this comes the new Timex finger nail watch. Now carrying a watch this small makes sense.



Here's comes a great application for dog lovers. It's the Bowlingual dog translator application for the iPhone. Now you can translate what dog's are saying in human language. I just don't know how reliable this software can be.


Google translating language

Google is working on software that will make it easier for oversea travelers to communicate with others via a software translator program. This will make it easy for other's around the world to communicate with others in any language.


Electronic USB Key

Let's just say this little gadget is going to make a locksmith's job very easy. That doesn't mean that thieve's are not going to try everything possible to get a hold of this amazing gadget.


Cable Drops

These little cable organizer's are showing up everywhere and sooner or later it's going to make sense for everyone to want one and use one.

Drop Links
OXO Link


Fill Any PDF

This software is a must have if you use PDF files and want them to be fillable. Think of the time and money you'll save making PDF files fillable. Not only does it make your job easier but in the long run it will make it beneficial to everyone using these files.


Google Maps with Store View

Let's just say Google Maps is going to add an additional application to it's current Mapping network. Now you can see get an inside view of the store before you even step into the store. Hopefully to convince shoppers to come in and shop. Great marketing technique.


Install Windows Classic Start Menu on Win7

If you miss the windows classic start menu and are somewhat confused while using Windows 7. Here is a fix to your problems.
Just install the open source windows classical start menu in Windows 7 and those familiar commands will now be easier to use.