Amazon blocks YouTube

Looks like Amazon is not playing games with Google when it comes to blocking Amazon video content and the fight might just be the beginning. So if your having problems watching content on your player, you might want to read this article.



Google Drive Update

Looks like Google will be doing some chances in the next few months and for many user's it will be good as for other's it might be a little confusing at first, but let's just say that they are updated their software and with this it brings new changes. Check it out and get ready.



iPhone Secrets

If you looking for extra's from the iPhone, here is some hidden features and it's always good to know just in case some day you need to put it to use.


Undersea Cable Done

Looks like Facebook and Microsoft's undersea cable installation has finished and it's the beginning of something amazing to come next year when it goes live. The cable will be the first technological cable to connect both companies to other parts of the world. I can only imagine what in store for these two companies next year.



Remo for Windows

Looks like Remo for Windows is a great efficient way to recover lost files and is worth giving it a try if your lost data is important on recovering. Although it's a little pricey, it sure makes recovery steps simple to use.



Powershell Offline Workstation

Here is a great way to put a workstation out of service using powershell, so that a user can do maintenance or upgrade on the device. It's a time saver and helps to keep off user's from an unstable workstation.




IKEA staff was pretty excited this holiday season to get their hand on virtual reality components. These new gadgets are going to help staff to guide customers to decorate their homes.
It's the new generation of home decorating, made possible by IKEA. It will be very interesting to see what this new evolution will bring to home furnishing.



Hyper V and VM ware backup

Let's just say that this company is taking big steps to minimizing our backup strategy especially for the virtual environment. And it's outstanding and amazing on the way they do things. You will be up and running in minutes.



Security Bulb

I must admit it that security products are getting very creative and prices are dropping. Get ready for a new advance generation with cameras everywhere you go.



Wireless Charging Pad

A new generation of wireless charging pads are coming our way, it doesn't mean you need to upgrade. It just means that you just have to get your device to catch up with the technology.



World's Smallest Night Vision

Here is a real great small night vision camera and you can't beat the price. Let's just say if you need to beef up security at your home or work place. This camera does comes handy.



Digital Signage

Here is a great way to create a digital signage for your home,s school or office. It's a great way to share information across other networks and getting your information distributed to other users. It's a great way to keep everyone connected.




Need to clone an old HDD to SSD no problem with the help of this software called HDD Raw Copy Tool. Now most hard drive transfer utility can do some of the job but fail to close the HFS+ files. And your best bet it to get the job done right from the start.



Google Video Quality Report

Here is a great website to verify the video quality report of your internet. It's a great way to verify if the quality your viewing it's at it's peak performance.
I though it was very interesting to see what other providers in your area have in video quality service.



Find Cell phone Online

Here are some great ways to find a cell phone online. It's not a guarantee that you'll get that individuals cell phone online, but it's a great start to completing your goal.



Router Trace

Here's a great router trace to check your router's trace route and see if it's performing efficiently and effectively. The software give you full information to get close to the source to fix you everyday problems. Great way to keep your router running efficiently.




Looks like ultrasonic beacons are monitoring your internet of things devices and it's not the first and the last we will see of these devices. Not only are they quietly collecting user information on our daily activities, but gathering information for the next generation of advertising or who knows what. So far these beacon's remain quiet and silent, but that doesn't mean that they are not still active. So for whatever use they are intended for, be cautious on the type of applications that your installing and  pay in mind that big brother is watching.



Flow Charts

Create easy to use flow charts and then save them on your computer when done.It's a simple online software that you just login to and start creating your network charts. It's a great idea for user's who need to layout the system's network. Check it out.



Speed up your Website

Have a lot of images on your website and want to speed up the loading process, this is where Kraken comes in. The program shrinks images without loosing quality. It's a great python script and it sure does the job well enough to live up to it's name.



AI for job interviews

Looks like the artificial intelligence has been modified to screen applicants that now brokerage firms are moving forward with this technology.
The software analyzes facial expressions of individuals when asked to answer specific questions. AI goal it to narrow down the hiring processes and choose ideal candidates for the position. It's an awkward way of doing things but they are convinced that it works and it so, it will mean that more companies will tag along to do the same. Get ready.



Webpage Speak

Here is a chrome add on to be able to read to you what's on the webpage. It's a great add on from Chrome to make your life easier. Give it a try.

Alt Link

Here are similar speak it links below

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Compromised Email

Has your email be compromised, the chances are seldom for some users. But for the average online user, this can happen at anytime.
This is where this website comes handy and hopefully finds your breach in security.



Win Logview

Need to know who's logging on to your computer, but want an easier way to review the activity. Here is a handy software to install and make things simple.




Don't have a Linkedln profile, lets just say you should and here is the reason why. If your job hunting or if you want others to see what you do and want to be considered by other employers. Posting your profile in Linkedln will show off your skills and should an employer want to hire you. Let's just say they can easily contact you. Also it's a great way to send resume online for job opportunities.

Linkedln is similar to Indeed, Dice, Monster, Careerbuilder, Beyond, etc. and sending your resume takes just a few clicks. Check it out and give it a try. The easiest way to network online.



Ccleaner Update

If your a CCleaner user, you need to read this article because it's looks like the software giant was hacked and they did some tweaks to the software that can get you in trouble. So hurry up and do the update, if you haven't.



Uber Updates

Looks like Uber has already updated it's application for the Holidays. Not only will it be easier for a driver to find you when you call a car, but you will get live status updates until the car picks you up. And for the send a guest ride for user's who need a ride to your home, it's just so simple and easy to use. I just hope all goes good for Uber rider's during these Holidays.



Equifax Pity

It's sad to hear that Equifax recently was hacked. It just confirms that your data is not even safe in the hands of the credit bureau. And to add insult to injury by adding account freezes to combat identity theft and slapped again in the face for using outdated security features that anyone can still hack in matter of seconds. That's already two strikes for Equifax and now I am wondering if the company really has it together or they are just playing the blaming game.
They are the only one's that can really fix their internal problem and for consumers for now. They just have to wait and monitor their credit report daily, weekly or monthly.



Problem Steps Recorder

Here is a great useful program to help user's over the phone on how to do things with their computer. Sometimes telling user's what to do can be very frustrating.
This is were the Problem Steps Recorder comes in to help you save time.



D-Link Vulnerability

Looks like this D-Link vulnerability will never be patched and this is a good lesson that consumers should be aware when purchasing D-Link products.
Looks like the vendor refuses to even do the patch updates to fix these holes for this old product and are just telling user's that it's time to replace the unit.
It's so sad that they took that approach and moving forward I am staying away from purchasing any of their future products. It just shows the company poor support on software support.

D-Link Router



Traffic Cams

If your going to Florida on a weekend getaway, you might want to keep this website on hand to check out the traffic so that you can estimate how long it's going to take you to get to your destination.



Apple Security Flaw

Looks like Apple these days are having a lot of flaws in their software and this time user's are warned not to update their OS (macOS High Sierra 10.13.1) without them fixing their password glitch.

Just comes to show you how sloppy Apple programmers and getting when doing patch updates. Did everyone forget what Apple did with iOS11.

These programmers are quick to deploy the software without testing and  quality control. All too similar what Microsoft did back in the days did when they roll out updates.

My suggesting to Apple is to wake up and smell the coffee.