Decrap Computer

Tired of Windows bloatware? Now you can just install Windows without the useless excess software that many vendors add on. This software strips third party applications so that the next time your restore your OS you just get plain Windows.



Remove Skype Win 8

Don't use Skype and want to remove it from Windows 8, here's how to do it and gain back that extra storage space.



RSS Search

RSS feeds are everywhere and if you want to add more feeds to your reader, here is a handy search engine to find more feeds. It's like the Google Search of RSS feeds.




Want a new way to check ports on your network. This new software makes things simple and easy. It checks if a port is open and then gives you the option to tweak it if necessary. Now figuring out which port to open on your network will be easier to do.



Should I Remove

Want to know which programs you should remove from your computer. This software is a must have if your tired of having useless software on your computer.
I've seen this software recently incorporated into a remote support utility and I was quite impressed. I am surprised that other companies haven't yet adapted this great policy.



Disable Charms

Windows 8 has some annoying features that many users still hate to get use to. If your tired of Microsoft controlling your desktop. Here's a tweak to remove the Windows charms feature from Windows.



Temp File Cleanup

Here is a easy way to clean your computer temporary files for network administrators. It's a handy application to remove any unwanted files.



15 Useful iPhone tasks

Here are fifteen useful iPhone tasks that many people take it for granted. The iPhone has it's pro's and con's but it's not like your ordinary cell phone. This is what makes it different from the others.



Freedom Pop Wireless

Want to to save $1,000 a year from your current cell phone carrier sign up with Freedompop and get want you deserve for the fraction of your cost.



Realistic Bus Stop

The next time you take a bus be careful on what you think might be real or not. This new bus shelter is designed to give commuters a ride of their lives.



Photo to Film

Here's a great software to take those wonderful photo's you love to a movie you want to show or express to  your friends a family. It's very user friendly and with just a few clicks your photo's will turn to a memorable movie.



KC Ignition

Here's a great CD / DVD optimizer for users who need to create 3 or more CD / DVD's. If there's anything that this software can do, is to save space on the media your trying to burn so that you don't have an additional CD / DVD device with a few blocks of files to store. The space saving software.



Dumo Driver Updates

Looking for a better driver update software for your computer. Dumo is here to get things updated and it makes it easy with just a click of the button. All you do is install the program and then it scans your computer for your latest driver and compares the driver from the manufacture. If an update is available it's just a click of the button.




Here is some information if you want to start an FRamily. It's a good idea because it keeps billing separately and if one doesn't pay, they get kicked out and give the opportunity for another individual to join up. There are only a few companies that are worth using these plans with no contract and no termination fees. Check it out if your interested in it.



Screenshots via Win 8

Want screenshots in Windows 8, check out what built in features they already have and how you can easily access them while using Windows. It will save you time, if you learn these steps now so you can always be ready to use it on Win 8.



Car Parts

Looking for deals when it comes to buying car parts. Here is some information you should know before you haggle or buy that specific car part online that will save you money



Free Computer Help

Looking for computer help for free. Here's a great way to get valuable information from this website. All you have to do is visit this site and hopefully it will answer and resolve most of your computer problems.



Attach Drives via Remote Desktop

Need to know how to attach a drive via remote desktop. It's quite simple as long as you follow these instructions. Now connecting drives will be a thing of the past.



Seagate Drive Problems

It's unfortunate many users are still complaining about getting new hard drives with performance issues. One big issue is that the hard drive run's slower than their old one.
In some cases it could be a firmware update, but buyer should beware.



Air Help

The next time you travel, you should get help via this application. It not only tells you what your entitled to but also helps you achieve what you should get legally.
It can also be done online as well but I believe the quicker you file your application the faster you'll get results. Great application for the frequent flyer.



Android Magic Senors

I've seen this a few days ago and was very interested on controlling my cell phone in a very different way. It also doesn't require using more battery life so why not tweak your Android phone.
Just install the app called Gravity Screen and Android will be tweaked to your settings.



Bing Saves

Looks like Microsoft is onto a new feature that saves links to it's popular Microsoft account. It's nothing new but re-designed to make it look different. But what really took them so long. It's not like you can't do the same thing with Google already.



Want to Stream

Want to stream, well these two contenders are back to back giving users the ultimate stream viewing that was limited to many for sometime. Now will modern technology streaming content is a thing of the past. See who the winners are and if streaming is for you.



Free up Gmail Space

Need to free up some space from Gmail. Here are some helpful tips to get more out of your Gmail email.



Gmail new Unsubscribe

Gmail now has made it easier to unsubscribe to junk mail that I hope everyone will adapt to. All you have to do is click the unsubscribe button on the top right hand of the email and it should unsubscribe you. Hopefully this will end most of your spam mail.



Control Pc via Android

Tired of leaving your laptop or tablet at home with remote desktop to control your computer so that you can retrieve important files while on the road. No problem as long as your using your android phone.
These new remote desktop application is a must have for the technician who always wants to be portable. Each software is unique and it's up to you to decide which one works better. Your choice.



Click & Grow

Want to have a green thumb while your still online. Try click and grow and easily have a green thumb while still being able to do the things you love to do.


NSA Proof your phone

I don't know if it works, but it beats not knowing that it doesn't work. When you have the NSA listening and watching your every move. Who knows if they already found a way to undo this tweak.



Slow DSL speeds info

Having slow DSL speeds this is what you should be looking for when your having slow DSL problems at home.

1. Check your computer
        -Reboot by turning your computer and modem/router off and then back on again. Simply rebooting solves most connection problems.

2. Check your web browser
        -Clear the cache (temporary internet files) in your web browser, clear the cookies in your web browser.

3. Check for electromagnetic interferences
        -Relocate the modem about 2 feet from anything electrical.
        -Make sure no speakers, cordless phone bases, subwoofers, or big screen TVs around the modem
        -Move, unplug or turn off any halogen, neon, and/or florescent lights nearby.

4. Check your connection
        -Make sure DSL line filters have been installed for all devices using the phone line.
        -Measure your connection speed at our speed test site. You can run speedtest using these websites: www.speakeasy.net orwww.speedtest.net. After running speedtest, compare the results you are getting with the level of service that you subscribed to. Below is the acceptable download and upload speed for each plan:

            - DSL Lite (up to 768)
              download speed: 224 Kbps down
              upload speed: 64 Kbps up

            - DSL Ultra (up to 1.5)
              download speed: 800 Kbps down
              upload speed: 128 Kbps up

            - DSL Xtreme (up to 3.0)
              download speed: 1.56 Mbps down
              upload speed: 256 Kbps up

            - DSL Xtreme 6.0 (up to 6.0)
              download speed: 3.04 Mbps down
              upload speed: 320 Kbps up


More Remote Software Link

Tired of the looking for the right remote software online. Here are some more wonderful links that can some day be useful to you and others.



Auto Sign-in after Updates

Here's a great way to enable or disable the sign-in automatically after Windows forced updates. This is a great idea for those user's who hate always to be interrupted doing Windows updates, or for any user who wants to secure their computer, your choice. 



Phone Charger with Case

I always love to go portable and every once in a while when I discover a new item on the market, I let everyone know. This device is a keeper because not only does it come with a handy case. But it has a built in charger where ever you go. I just hope it's durable enough to withstand being dropped on a daily basis.