Blue Screen of Death

Getting the Blue Screen of Death here are some solutions that hopefully will narrow down the problem to what's going wrong.
After you get the blue screen of death. Take a look and write down the error codes and driver problem that's causing conflict with your personal computer.

Bad Driver
Use the Driver Cleaner to remove the driver you having problems with. Go to Safe Mode by pressing F8 when your computer boots and install the driver cleaner program to remove driver your having problems with.

IDE Cables
Open your computer and check to see if IDE cable are loose. If your still getting an error message for a particular hardware either change the cable.

Memory Test
Download and save on a bootable CD the Memory test software from memtest86. It checks and confirms that the current memory you have installed on your PC is functioning properly and that the memory is good. Make sure you do this test and let the program run over night to get a good reading. Memory sticks do go bad.

Do a system check on your hard drive
by clicking Start -> Run -> type cmd and type chkdsk /f /r and reboot the system if prompted these /f and /r switches fix file system errors.

CPU Caput
Try taking it to a PC repair center to see if your motherboard is not fried or if your processor chip has gone bad. This occurs alot and the few bucks you spend saves you the extra time while your trying to isolate the problem. But this is a last resort if all other methods fail and your PC now will not boot.

PC too hot
You would need a PC monitoring system to check this. Try speedfan to make sure that everything is running at par. PC's should be always running below 60 degrees Celsius at all times.

Check your setting with a suitable standard by using Prime95. Hopefully your setting are stable.

If you still are not sure of what the problem is then check out the event viewer in windows. Go to start -> Run -> cmd -> Enter then type in command prompt eventvwr.msc and Enter. The event view log will appear and now all you need to do is view the Application menu. Any error codes can be found via google or microsoft knowledge base.

Known Blue Screen of Death Problems:
Page_fault_in_NonPaged_Area - this is a faulty hardware including RAM (sys vide or L2 cache)
Inaccessible_boot_Device - caused by reconfiguration of jumpers on PATA hard drives, boot sector or incorrect IDE controller drivers, wrong chipset
Video_Driver_Init_Failure - caused by installing the wrong drivers for a videocard or rebooting before driving installation could be complete.
Bad_Pool_Caller -caused by faulty or incompatable hardware driver, particulary when upgrading Windows XP
Pfn_List_Corrupt - caused by defective RAM
Machine_Check_Exception - a bad CPU or a too aggressive overclocked or under powered or faulty power supply

These are just a few tools to help you better understand what's going wrong.

Download Links
Driver Cleaner

Memory Test



Microsoft knowledge Base
Event ID Errors


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