Transfer Files online

If your looking for an online file transfer site to send a file to a friend consider the following sites.

100mb per File
500mb per File
2gig Files
10 gig Files


Enth the Sports Search Engine

Want to know sports statistics this site will give you just that. It more like a sport query for all of your sports questions.


Belkin Wireless USB

Want to connect four devices wireless to your computer while only using one device. This is where the Belkin Wireless USB comes in. It solves the need for more USB ports and ends the cable clutter problem around your computer. I wouldn't rely too much on the wireless distance capability until new models come out. But it still does live to it's reputation. I just wished it was priced reasonably.


Firefox 3.0 Beta

IE will be in the dust again when the new Firefox 3.0 comes out. Think of having a browser with anti virus protection, pop up blocker and spyware all in one browser. Firefox is ahead of it's predicessors.


Breast Cancer Notebooks

CompUSA is selling the Sony VAIO pink notebooks to benefit the breast foundation. It's for a great cause.
If you in the market for a new pink Sony notebook, please consider the purchase.


ZoneAlarm Force Field

Get ready for a new type of Zone Alarm software. It supposet to protect you while your surf, shop and browse around the internet. Prevents people from stealing information from your computer and while you shop online. Let's hope that this company can stand behind this product beliefs.


Old Computer Cases

The next time your ready to throw out your old computer CPU. Think again. They're just might be new uses for that worn out computer boxes you've been using for years. You can be surprise on the things that you can use that old box for.


Windows XP License is coming to an end

Sad to say that the Windows XP operating system is coming to an end. Microsoft has come out with an end date to stop selling XP licenses until June of 2008. So you choices are simple. Stack up with copies of the old operating system until a new operating system comes out. Out switch to Vista, which will eventually be another Windows ME.


Portalbe GPS Jammer

Your friends are going to hate you for purchasing one of these items, but it does assure you that you can get rid of those annoying people talking on their cell phones.


More online Dictionaries

Here are more online dictionaries to help you understand the universal language.

Word Reference


Multi Language Dictionary

Learning a new language, then you might want to have around a multi language dictionary to help you understand words you still don't know.


A Record Player 20 years too late

Nice portable record player. It's a shame that it came twenty years late. I don't see why someone will want to purchase this mini player, but it can replace that bulky turntable.


Flashy Mp3 Clip Player

MP3 Players are getting smaller and fashionable. I am just waiting to see these little amazing gadgets increase in storage capacity.



Want your young children to learn about computers. This is where v.Smile comes in. It's an educational learning center for children to learn using computers.


Learn a Language online for free

Want to learn a new language. Then try it online for free. It's the best way to communicate with the rest of the world.


Coke Chill Factor

I've talk about this new invention a while back for beer. But I have yet to see any product on the market selling it. Now it appears that Coke is doing the same, with it's soft drinks. The concept is excellent, I just hope someone will make it happen.


Disc Painter

Tired of ugly disc labels on your favorite cd media. Here comes disc painter. It's said to be the future of label making.


Atdec Visidec Freestanding Double

Looking for a dual freestanding double monitor mount. Atdec is here to resolve your monitor mount situations.


iWear VR920

Virtual reality is finally here and the iWear VR920 is here to make your experience memorable. Jack in to virtual reality.


Office 2003 SP3

Office 2003 Service Pak 3 is just recently released. If your currently using Office 2003, it would now be a great time to update your Office Pak so that all the major current fixes are done.
It's about time.