Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks

I've been waiting for this fix for a while because at first Google Chrome only let you just import bookmarks. Now you can at least export them too. Just follow these easy instructions and don't forget to backup your bookmarks.


Make your PC look like a MAC

If you enjoy MAC applications and wish you could have them in Windows. Well it's possible with the help of two wonderful programs. Your PC will emulate the MAC OS X's desktop features without disabling any Window functions. Download and install them today.



Microsoft VP reply on the Google OS

It's a very interesting article on what approach Microsoft has on Google's new operating system. Microsoft see no threat because they are the leaders in Office and main operating system products. Google is just adding decoys to confuse it's competitors.


Windows 7 USB installer is Here

Like they promised, Microsoft did indeed ship Windows 7 via USB installer. Now let's see how good it's copyright protection is?


The Next VCR Tape

Yes the next VCR tape will be a flash drive. Like if we didn't know that this was coming. If you think about it, it makes sense. It's portable, light weight and it has no moving parts. With an endless shelf life of memories to save.


Samsung 1.8" Drive

Samsung keeps on pushing the limits to make it's drive bigger and better. This results in less power usage with quicker and faster results. It's only a matter of time before these small drives reach 1 tb.


Google New Operating System

Next year if Google is able to produce it's new open source operating system. Google could be the new Microsoft on the block. It will be a difficult task, but all that have to prove is that it can be done. Stay tuned.


Media Monkey

Need to organize your music library. This software will get you organized and entertain your guests. It even syncs with iPhone, iPods and most MP3 players.



Never be left out in the dark knowing that your zip utility can zip just one format. Now you'll be able to convert a zip file into 72 different formats instead of just one.


Windows 7 Upgrade for $100-

If your looking for Windows 7 Upgrade bargain, your best bet is to pre-order it with Amazon and only pay just $100-. (reg. retail price is $199.00) It beats paying the full price.



Free 3 Credit Reports

This website guarantees three in one service. It gives you three credit reports with three credit scores for free. It's about time.


Windows 7 for $30-

Yes you can get Windows 7 for $30 dollars and even though it's just an upgrade, it's better than buying than paying for the full price. The only catch is that you must have a school email address. So hurry up, because no one knows how long this offer is going to last.


Excellent Firefox Add on's

Here's a great add on for FireFox to convert a page to PDF format.
PDF Link

Browser Background
This add on changes the background of your FireFox browser.
Background Link

Crop Web Images
This add on helps you crop web images from your browser.
Crop Images Link

Capture Fox - Makes Video Screen Shots
This is a great way to view step by step instructions on installations and computer tips.
Capture Fox Link

Search better online with a Juice. It helps you search more content than you are already used to.
Juice Link


Windows shorts Vista Ultimate Users

It's old news that Windows sold short to it's Vista Ultimate Users. They promised this and that and in the end because of the new operating system Windows 7. Microsoft decided to look the other way and incorporate it on the next version of Windows.
My theory is that if it doesn't already come with it, forget it and you should have known better.


HJ Split

Need to join or split files. This multi-platform freeware does the job so easily that you wish you used it early.


Microsoft Planning Toolkit Beta

Need to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server edition. Before you go for the upgrade make sure that your hardware is going to work. This is where the Microsoft Planning Toolkit Beta software comes in play. It helps IT professionals to see if hardware, peripherals and applications still work. It always pays to plan ahead.


Outlet Wall

It seems sort of ironic but in this day in age it makes sense. Just think about it. You can plug the outlet anywhere it looks good.


Comcast Hi Speed to go WiMax

Get ready for Comcast Hi Speed Wireless service. It's not going to be cheap but it guarantees that you'll be connected where ever you go. If your city is not yet mentioned stay tune until it is.


Google Voice

Google Voice is coming soon and when it does get ready for a new type of online voice mail service. One number to reach you where ever you go. For a better explanation what Google Voice is, watch the video.

Google Voice


Sony PSP Phone

Let's just say if Sony does have it's way Cell Phones gaming will go to the next level. Now parents will have no excuse not to buy their children PSP cell phones. It's like getting two for the price of one.