Old Pc to Chromebook

Here's the scoop on how to convert your old computer into a Chromebook. It uses some cloudready software for users who enjoy using the Chromebook experience already. Worth to check out.



Hack your Floppy

Have a floppy drive but limited to how much space your can put in it. Try this hack and extend your floppy drive to 128 gig with help of just a few items your probably already using.



Signs Pc is Failing

Here are five great signs that your computer is failing. Now I will not say that for all it's time to buy a new computer. But most of these failures can be resolved to reformat your computer to it's original state. If after that you still get these failures. Then your computer might be at it's last cycle of performance for good for you.



Cheaper Cable

Cable is getting cheaper all because of these three companies that are changing how and what we watch on television. Get ready for new cable service that will revolutionize how we watch television.



YouTube Verdict

It's about time that the court now is able to believe that pirating are not acts of companies becoming famous. New court ruling for YouTube cleared the way for the big giant to be sued by the music rights for pirating. This could somehow be overturned, but I highly doubt it as long as the company continues to fight against pirating. Let's see what the future holds.



Windows Cache

Need to clear up your Windows Cache, here are great ways to clear the cache via Windows using various tips. There is no right or wrong way to clear the cache and when all goes wrong you can always reboot your computer.




New delivery software will make it easy for user's to track their deliveries from any major carrier. There have been companies in the past that tried to achieve the same goal only to fail because of software incompatibilities and failure to keep their software up to date. Hopefully Junecloud will do better and succeed where others have failed in the past.



Malwarebytes New Software

Malwarebytes is fighting back with it's new ransomeware software. It's about time and I hope there able to make a difference. It's not everyday a malware software company moves in the right direction to help user's gain back control of their computers.



Microsoft Edge

Get ready for Microsoft new browser. Not only is it different from the old Internet Explorer, it has advanced features to take your browsing experience to a new level.
Microsoft is changing it's ways and the Edge browser is Microsoft's way of being different.



Buying Used Items

Here are great ways to get more out of your money when buying used items. It's not for everyone and for those user's who want more for there money. This is a must to do list.



We Fuel

New company that will refill your gas tank with a monthly charge and keep you away from the gasoline station.
It's a great way to fuel up when your always on the move, if you estimate the time it takes someone to go to the nearest gasoline station, refuel up and get back to work you'll see that this can be very time consuming. It's not for everyone but for those individuals who are always on the go and don't want to bother with getting gas.



BMW ditches Mirrors

Very interesting concept but still unknown feature on the BMW automotive, in which they remove their mirrors and are incorporating camera in the side and in the rear to do a three dimensional mirror that can take the sides and rear cameras and put them all in one place. Must see to understand why this new feature is a plus for automotive and hopefully for the future of video monitoring.



Stop Win 10 changing Printers

Keep on getting upset that Windows 10 every time you start it keeps on changing the printer default to something else. Here is what you need to do, to stop Windows from changing the printer every time your restart your computer.



Clear clipboard Shortcut on Win 10

Here's the easiest way to create a clear the clipboard shortcut on Windows 10, by following the instructions below.

Right click on the mouse and create a shortcut. On shortcut write the following %windir% \system32\cmd.exe /c "echo off l clip" enter clear clipboard as the name and Finsih


Enable Admin in Win 10

Have a Windows 10 computer and can't seem to find the administrator account. It could be that the vendor or manufactured that you purchased your computer from disabled the account.
Here's the easiest way to activate the account so that it's no longer hidden.

Open command prompt as administrator, by just right clicking on the mouse when opening up the program. Then type the following in the command prompt menu. "net "user administrator / active: yes" and then press enter. Now when your restart your computer or sign off and sign on again, you should now, be able to see the administrator account.


Disable Win 10 Update

Most user's have been upset for a while how Microsoft wants to upgrade your computer to Windows 10. If your one of those user's that didn't know any better and don't want to move forward with the upgrade. Here is the fix to disable the annoying update.



Gusto Payroll

There is a new payroll software around that suppose to save time and money. I love to see what new things people are doing now-a-days to make payroll simple. So far ADP stands the highest and very pricey. But that doesn't mean that there the best. It's always a great idea to see what other companies are doing now.



Safer Sideview Camera

BMW has introduced a safer sideview camera system and it's very impressive. It removes side mirrors and puts everything on the rearview mirror with a technology twist. It's just a new concept and there are still no plans for deployment. But I can say that this is a sure way to go in the future.



SSD Life

Want to check the life of your SSD drive and warranty information. Here is a sweat software to help you diagnose hard drive problems before it happens.



Public Apps

Tired of installing software on your computer to rarely be used or take up space. Here is a great site to go online and just use the software application when needed. The easier way of installing application to any computer.



Android Recovery Software

Looking for an Android recovery software, here is a start with FonePaw. It's a great software to help you retrieve valuable information that many take for granted.



Lock Android Phone

Here's a new way to lock your android phone. No more worrying about trying to lock your phone or dialing by accident people who you didn't want to call. This neat application is going to make it simple to use and lock your phone after each use.



Share Video's

Here is some information on how to share video's, this is just for educational purposes and it will help you to easily setup a network for the entire family for enjoyment.



Win 10 to Pro for free

Yes it's a great way to check out and try Windows 10 Pro on your computer if you have Windows 10 Home. Not a bad deal for Microsoft to show you what you've been missing out on.


Win 10 Home to Pro Key


Best Free Antivirus

The market for Antivirus software is changing and if your tired of using software and getting no results, your best bet for now is to install something free and wait. Right now there is no right or wrong answer to install antivirus software or not.



Windows 10 Cheat Sheet

Windows 10 is here to stay and if you wish on tweaking the OS here are some great tips and tricks to customize Windows. Thanks to ComputerWorld for this great reference.



Pc Mysteries Resolved

Computers sometimes have minds of there own, or do they. Well here are some great solutions to the everyday computer problem that still haunts you and you want answers too.



Chrome Extensions

Every now and then Chrome has these great extensions that everyone enjoys and here is some good reasons why you should install them.



Microsoft Visual Studio

Here's a great way to get a Microsoft product for free. This software is not cheap and is a great opportunity for user's to get this product for free from the big giant. It's not every day someone gives you something for free, so enjoy it.




I was shocked to see this new technology come out recently and I most definitely know that it's going to push forward for touch screen technology on all computers. It's a great buy to have that ability for user's who want touch availability where ever they go for a small price.



Best Dashcams

Your driving daily and now want to record your daily activities just for fun or in case you might want to use it for legal reason. Now which cam should I get and why should I be concern. Let's just say that you can buy something good or something bad depending on what you choose. But if you want to know which dash cam best meets your needs then this link should be helpful.



System Audit Tool

Here's is the best system Audit Tool that makes sure you have the latest drivers on your computer. Time and time again it's proven to make my life easier and keep my computer up to date.



SmadAV Antivirus

If you always trying to be ahead of virus you might want to look at this software to help you remove it. It's not the best, but it's worth it as a freebie.

Other Virus Removals


Music Link

Want to download the latest music clip from Youtube. You got help with this online video converter. It's taking music and adding it to your personal library.



Windows Wallpaper

Every now and then I get users looking for the old Windows Live Wallpaper that existing years ago as an add on for Windows. For users who want this look, look no further. Here's a similar software with enough wallpapers to make you happy for days to come.



Active Directory Permission

Want to review your active directory permission report and verify if it's working correctly or not. Here's a great way to analyse what you do along with power shell.



Free Ebooks

Every now and then I get links to sites where you can download free ebooks. If you haven't heard yet, your hearing it now. There are hundreds of places that you can download free ebooks and learn something new each day. The mind is a beautiful thing.

Google Store
Free Ebooks


Network Diagnostic Tool

Here's a great network diagnostic tool to help you troubleshooting existing network problems. It's a great software to scan your network with a simple command line.



Identify Medical Pills

Want a easier way to identify medical pills using your phone. These handy applications are a must for those individuals who always want to know what they are taking. It's always good to know more and know the side affects of each drug.



Stick Mount

Want to store an ISO on your Android phone so that you can install it on a computer to install a program. This handy application make it possible so that there is no need for a flash drive when your always on the go. A great way to be portable where ever you go.



Android Uses

Want to know what exciting things you can do with Android. Here are a few tips just in case you don't know on what you can do with Andorid devices.
You'll be surprised on what you can do and how easy things can be with an Android.




Here's a site that offer's free bookkeeping services for individuals with tax ready financials. Prices are pretty steep but if you need these types of services it's nice to know that their easily available online. You can find other companies local or so feel free to email me to recommend affordable solutions but the price is fair as long as your volume is low.



Microsoft Goodbye to Control Panel

Looks like Windows 10 settings application could be the new control panel for Microsoft going forward. It's still under development but user's are excited on using this new feature to easily setup Windows settings. If then all goes well, it looks like this could be the new panel going forward, only time will tell.



Best Streamers

Looking for a streaming device to watch movies. Here are the top devices that are changing how we now watch programming. It's revolutionizing the world and expect more to come.



Win 10 Features

Just recently upgraded to Windows 10, now you can reap in on it's hidden features that takes Windows to a new level. No telling how far this new operating system will go. Only time will tell.



Project Manager

Looking for project manager software for remote teams. Here is an informative site to get you started and lead you into the right direction for using the best project manager software that works for your team.



Kickstarter Zano

Kickstarter is a great way for new company to show off their talents, but everyone must also remember that like the stock market, Kickstarter's are risky. Startup companies come and go like the wind as for Zano, good luck on contributors getting their money back. Great idea, but bad quality control.




Have a small business then you should be using Linkedin to network your business to gain more assets. LinkendIn is a resourceful tool in branching out your skills to other areas and opening doors to places that you were in the past limited. It's a business level social media site for people wanted to network.



Fossil Virbrating Watch

Fossil is revolutionizing a new watch not only to get updates without a computer, but to also wake you up daily by just vibrating. The watch can be easily worn when you go to sleep and wake you up in the morning without disturbing you loved ones.Plus it's going to do even more.  Great idea and hope it works well.




This new online delivery service is going to change the industry on how deliveries are currently being done. Will it work, only time will tell but great idea.



Automate Network Diagrams

Here's a great way to automate your network diagrams no matter how complicated or how fast they change. The software is great add on to keep your network layouts current on a daily basis. You'll have no regrets doing these layouts automatic.




Here's a free software to keep a journal of Windows software. It's an excellent way to keep all your information in a place where you can always access it online or offline via password protect.



Reset Windows Update

This is a nice fix to reset the Windows Update to default when how you do the Windows Update on version 10, just doesn't  work for you anymore. It's a great way to easily update your computer whenever you want to do it.



Sharing Streaming Accounts

Here's the scoop on sharing streaming accounts to friends and family. Currently most of companies just look the other way, it doesn't mean still that's it's alright to do. And what also some of them are doing in the long run.



Install Windows in 10 Minutes

This little hack save you time installing Windows on computers. By pushing the process in priority of tasks. Installation time can be reduced so that you can use your resources for something else. Unfortunately it doesn't work quite well with Windows 10 upgrade. But that doesn't mean that you can't help to speed up some processes.


Tips Shift + F10 
at the command prompt type taskmgr 
and go to process and on the setup.exe program 
change the level to make it priority. 


Play to Roku

Have a Roku and want to easily play video's, clips, movies, etc on your player. No big deal with the help of this Android application. It's a great substitute for cable television if your ready for the switch.



Separte Us

Need to get a divorce, but don't have the time and don't know where to start. This new company is going to revolutionize how divorces are done online and you better believe it that's it's going to be quick and fast.



Print Job Stuck

Can't stand when your computer gets stuck on a print job. No problem with the help of this handy software to free your printer from the stuck printer job. Print Flush is here for the rescue.



PDF to Excel

Want to export a PDF file to excel, no problem with Wondershare. The software is easy to setup and convert PDF files to excel as long as it's under ten pages. Anything over than that you'll have to pay a premium price.



Software Updater

Here's a handy software updater for your computer to keep your software always up to date. It's a great software to make sure your computer is running efficiently daily.


Fix Parking Tickets

Pretty simple application to add to your phone and when you get a parking ticket you just take a picture, dispute it and odd's are that you pay a lower price.
It was a great inspiring application, until the Cities are united together and put pressure so that no one can use the application anymore. Pretty unfair but not to say that this idea is dead. Let's see who wins.

Get Dissmissed
More Info


Macrium Recovery

Your hard drive died and your in need of your special files that it contained before everything went wrong. Here is a great recovery software to save the day and revive your lost files.



NYC Years Ago

Want to see NYC through the years. Here is an interesting site to view New York City development from then until now and how much improvement and changes have been done through the years.



House Worth

Want to get help online to see what your house might be worth before it goes to market. These sites will lead in the right direction on getting a free house appraisal.



Monitor Data Usuage

Have an iPhone and tired of going over your data minutes. This little application could be the reason why your going over every month and if you were wise, you would turn this notification off and take control of your data bills.



Sophos Antivirus

Here's a great time to get something free because your at the right place at the right time. Sophos antivirus is a great solution for antivirus software, if your looking for an alternative software that the usual vendors that your use to. All you have to do is create a free account.



Call it the self destructing email that you can pick how long the email is to last before it self destructs. It's a great extension for Google to make sure your email are confidential and so that it doesn't go public. Great way to have secured mail.



Chrome Beta

Want a new Google Chrome daily as it's being developed. No problem as long as you use the Chrome Canary of Google. Great way to get updates as they are developed daily.



Epson Ink Cartridge Hack

Tired of buying ink cartridges because your printer said's it's out of ink, when in reality it's really not. Just in case you didn't know most ink cartridges stop printing when it has 25% of ink left. Now the manufactures will never tell you this and to prove that this is true, just try this simple hack and see how far you ink cartridge can go when you just do this simple trick.

Now no manufacture will ever recommend this because they'll insist that this will mess up your printer head. But who cares because now-a-days printer only last no more than five years. With this in mind it's still worth on doing this hack. And if all fails, you can still buy a cheap printer for just under $50-. Any case your still ahead if you listen to the manufacture or not.

The same works in a different way for other printer manufactures as well.



Reduce Chrome's Power

Want to reduce Chrome's power consumption, so that it does what it only needs to do when viewing webpages. This eliminates the excess memory usage and now memory can be used for something more useful.



McAfee Beta

This year before time is up download and install McAfee onto your computer. It's a great way to get a piece of the software for free while in Beta. Yeah it's still buggy, but at least your computer is protected.



Encrypted Chat

Anyone know can encrypt their chat messages so that information will no longer get out to the entire world. It's not a good ideas to be on the front page of TMZ, unless you want everyone to know your dirty laundry.



Torrenting under the radar

Don't want to be known that your always torrenting stuff. The best way to hide is to use a seedbox. You might have to pay maybe five bucks a month, but it's going to cost you if you don't want to get caught.

Other sites to check out are


Apps on Tv & Pc

Want to install your favorite applications on your personal computer or television. It's simple with the help of this software.



Canary Security

Security Alarm systems are changing dramatically. Now instead of hiring someone to monitor your house, you can do it yourself if it see that it's suitable and makes sense for you.
Technology is already out there for DYI consumers who want control and use of the devices they want in place. It's just a matter of picking the right product that works for you and your budget.
Canary is a great solution at an affordable price, see if it makes sense.



Free Antivirus Not

These free antivirus companies are not only giving their software to you for free, but sharing your habits to others and there is nothing you can do about it, because your using their freeware. If your concern that I suggest you stay away from Avast, AVG and Microsoft. Otherwise your information will be at risk.



Disposable Emails

Yes, I've mentioned this before and these links below will easily enable you to send unknown emails to others, for those individuals who you want them to know but can't tell them it's from you.

Guerrilla Mail


Conceal your IP

Browsing on the internet and want to not be noticed, then these sites below should help you easy go online below the radar.



Encrypted Mail

Yes you can encrypt mail these days and Hushmail still works. It's not cheap but if you are concern that all your mails are being monitored. This is the way to go with a premium price.




Want to hide your ip address for internet privacy and don't want google to remember or know your search habits. Here is a great way to search without tracking online.



Listen to Police Scanners

Not a favorite hobby of mine, but it will keep you entertain on what's going on every minute of the day. For those user's who need excitement in their lives.



Charge Android ASAP

Running out of battery life and need to charge your Android device ASAP so that you can continue doing what you do daily. Here are a few great tips to speed up that charge but you'll need to stay away from USB charging if you want to speed up the process even more.



Win 10 Reservation

Windows 10 reservation outcome. Here's the good and bad about reserving a copy of Windows 10. The good you get Microsoft next generation OS for free. The bad is that if you delay the installation, eventually you will be forced to do a Windows 10 upgrade. Besides forcing you to do an update you will stop getting all together Windows updates until you do this upgrade. Right now there is no on and off switch for the upgrade but we will see what eventually Microsoft will do to those reserve upgrades in the future.



Asus AI Charger

Want to charge your devices even faster. Here's a great way to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPods, Android phones and tablets the quick way. All that was needed was just a quick charging software.



Windows 10 Help

Already installed Windows 10 but recently are having on and off issues with the operating system. No big deal as long as you use the Windows 10 help support menu. It's another easier way to resolve your computer problems when the newsgroups and forums are no longer useful.



Opera Max

Want to watch Netflix and Youtube movies without the excessive data. For most user's they just hitch rides on WiFi networks so that they don't use all there data plans. Now it looks like there is some new help with Free Opera Max streaming your favorite movies.



Handy Job Hunting Tools

Looking for a job, then you understand that this is a full time job. But thanks to these helpful applications, job hunting can be made easier with the help of these great tools. Not only will it narrow your search but lead you to the nearest job qualifications you already have on your resume. Check it out and upgrade your career.



Blink for Home

New Blink is a better home monitor than most systems in the current market. It's package is yet to be finalized but they already have interesting products available. Like the cordless 1 year portable camera that can be mounted anywhere.




Now free advertising can be accomplished buy customers signing into your WiFi and you control what advertisements you want them to see. Take a look at HotSpot for a new generation of advertising.




After the recent Ashley Madison hack, special sites just blew up with new business. Now it's none of my business what you do with your social life, but if you want the truth, here is an easy way to get it all out on the open so that you can make your choices.



Cheap Hosting

Hosting a website doesn't have to be expensive. There are alternatives and choices one can make when you decide to open a website. Don't fall for have it all sites when your still undecided on what you want. Build your site to successful.



Windows 10 Download

If you haven't noticed lately, Microsoft Windows 10 has already arrived and for most user's it will be a free upgrade. Now the rest is really simple and it all depends on your computer manufacture to do the upgrade to Windows new OS.
But if you are confident enough to move forward with the upgrade here is what you need to do.




Take a look at the next world of ovens and how easily you can cook now with a little state of technology added to it. It's still very pricey, but hopefully supply and demand could change that to one day be realistic with today's prices.



Bondic liquid Plastic

This little handy device is a life saver for those users who do daily repairs and DYI projects. You don't know how many times you can easily break something that's plastic and wished that you can easily repair it like this. Still pricey for the refills but worth to keep it in mind.



Online Invoice Maker

Here's a different way to make invoices online and take your invoices to a new level. It's great if you always on the move and don't have time to be in the office and are on the road. It's the next generation for mobile office.



New Cartridgeless Printer

Looking for a printer that will give you more prints, use less ink and good for the money. You might want to look into these new Epson line of printers that are changing how we print. Instead of cartridges it uses ink bags and ink bottles.



Windows 10 Bandwidth Thief

Installed Windows 10 on your computer and curious what else Windows is doing when your not using it. Let's just say there stealing your bandwidth by passing on the Windows 10 updates to other people. This is how you disable this feature and let Microsoft figure out how they want to deliver the update to others.



Windows 10 Serial

Recently upgraded to Windows 10 and want to know where your serial is, just in case you ever need it again to install Windows 10 back to your computer.
Your going to have to use a visual script to get it and here's how you do it.


Script Below
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
MsgBox ConvertToKey(WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId"))

Function ConvertToKey(Key)
Const KeyOffset = 52
i = 28
Cur = 0
x = 14
Cur = Cur * 256
Cur = Key(x + KeyOffset) + Cur
Key(x + KeyOffset) = (Cur \ 24) And 255
Cur = Cur Mod 24
x = x -1
Loop While x >= 0
i = i -1
KeyOutput = Mid(Chars, Cur + 1, 1) & KeyOutput
If (((29 - i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then
i = i -1
KeyOutput = "-" & KeyOutput
End If
Loop While i >= 0
ConvertToKey = KeyOutput
End Function


Windows 10 Upgrade Info

Want to know if the Windows 10 Upgrade is free for you. No problem with this simple graph. Just answer these few question and the graph hopefully will give you a good answer.



Disable Windows Password Expiration

This is a handy tweak to remove the Windows password from resetting. You will have to have administrative rights and it's best when done using the command prompt. If everything is successful you will get a successful message in DOS after hitting enter. To be done for all user's on a computer that has a user password.


CMD prompt code:
wmic path Win32_UserAccount where Name='username' set PasswordExpires=false