Google SMS fix

Let's just say that Google is making SMS messages cross-platform and carrier friendly so that everyone can easily read text messages. In the long run, it's only a  matter of time before SMS disappears altogether.



Monitor Testing

Have a monitor that you're running into problems with the way it displays certain things. Well, sometimes it's not the video card or the software but it can be the monitor itself.
Just run these monitor test and confirm that your pixels and display are correct.



Lenovo Diagnostics

Have a Lenovo computer and trying to find out the error code that the computer is telling you so that you can troubleshoot the problem and repair the computer. This program will simplify things for you. So give it a try and see if it works for you.



Google Maps Problems

Looks like these people trusted Google Maps so well that it almost cost some their lives. The next time you plan on taking a road time. Do your research and make sure you double check the directions. Until Google Maps gets their kinks together. Things like this are going to be the usual.



Warranty Void Stickers

Here is some great information on those warranty void stickers. Let's just say if for one reason or another you remove the sticker, guess what it's no big deal. If the company tells you otherwise, you then educate them and tell them what they are doing is illegal. And here is how.



Calibrate Win10 Laptop Battery

Here are the instructions on how to calibrate a Windows 10 laptop battery. It's pretty simple and good to know just in case you need to go portable with your laptop and need the battery to last as long as it can.



Donate with Alexa

Now you can donate to charities with Alexa. Amazon has made it possible to use your voice to donate to a special cause or event. Just say your favorite charity and have Alexa do the rest.



Logout of Win Server 2016

Want to know several ways to log out of Windows Server 2016. Here are some simple tricks to get in and out of servers the easiest way possible so that you can do more productive things.



Win 10 Emulator

Don't still have Windows 10 and want to try the emulator. Here is a great link to get yourself ready for Windows 10 using the navigation screens. Take your Windows 10 experience to a new level.


Win 10

Looking for the best price for Windows 10, here are some sites to consider when looking for recent OS online. I am glad someone did the research to help user's buy the latest OS.



Screenshot Capture

Taking screenshots can be done with minimal effort using this simple program. And the user's has less of a hassle creating screenshots.



Login without Keyboard

Want to log in to Windows without a keyboard, here is the easiest way to do it using the Windows on-screen keyboard. Now logging in is simplified, when problems arise.



4K Tv for Monitors

Looking to use a 4K television as a monitor, no problem as long as you choose the right monitor for your computing needs. It's only a matter of time before monitors reach the 4K mark.



Rant on Networking

I feel this writer's frustration on current network problems and understand where he is coming from. After all these years, the problem is still there and no one is really doing anything about it. Maybe one day someone will listen.
As from this article from Leo, his frustration has been noted by others.



More about AI

The future of AI looks very good and existing Network Administrators should be getting prepared for systems to go fully automated with AI, into their work environment. Get ready for AI in an environment near you.



Amazon Facts

Just when you think you know everything about Amazon, something like this comes out and you even learn more about the company, it's employee's and the CEO.



Delete FB Calls & SMS

Want to remove Facebooks Calls & SMS forever, here are the instructions how to do it and take control of your account.



Surge Protectors

Want to make sure you get the right surge protector for your electronic devices. Here are some useful information and benefits you need to know before you make your next purchase.



Anti-Bullying Tool

Here is a great tool for parents on how to treat bullying in schools and what options you have as a parent to stop this from continuing for your child. It's a resource method to be more proactive on the current problem. Hopefully, we all can make a difference.



iTunes Key

Forgot your iTunes password to your files, no problem with this handy file recovery software for iTunes now even though you forgot your password. You still have options.