Remove Bluetooth Device via Win 10

Having problems removing an old Bluetooth device on Windows 10. Here is the simple fix to get that device out of your Bluetooth list so that you can easily connect.



Accounts without 2 Factor Auth

Here are a few popular accounts that need to have two-step authentication so that the accounts are more secure.



Find a Job through LinkedIn

Need to know how to use LinkedIn to find a job. Here is a good start and how to use the quality professional site from the experts.



Apple App Cleanup

Looks like Apple is cleaning up an application that appears to be Adware from it's Apple store. This is is not the first time and we can see this continuing as time goes on. But if your adware and want to be added to the app store, think again.



Sticky Notes 3

Looks like Microsoft Sticky notes had a major update and get ready for what new things you can do with the new Sticky Notes 3.



Shop with your Voice

Love shopping? Well, maybe it's time to change your shopping experience by now using Google voice and take shopping to a new level. Watch out Amazon.



Google Cheap Flights

Google just launched a new program to find cheap flights called Google Flights and it's worth looking into if you want to shop for the best flights for your next trip.



Time Sheet Tracker

Looking for a better way to track your employee's who work remotely. Here are T Sheets from Quickbooks and it will simplify your way of doing time sheets and works with several other payroll software. Worth to try.



Win 10 Problem

Looks like the software giant is having problems patching it's OS and users should just hold off on doing any major updates until they get their act together.



Windows 10 Update Stuck

Have Windows 10 Updating and it gets stuck. Well if you run into this problem here are some great ways to fix your problem.
Please note that you are at your own risk regardless of the advice given.




What's the major difference between an SSD vs HDD? Here are the specs and performance for each and what a user can experience if they decide to upgrade their hard drive.



Fix WiFi IP

You usually get this error with Windows 10 computer, when trying to connect to the WiFi. Here the steps to take to fix this problem.



Google 2FA Titan

Looks like Google has a new two-factor authentication aimed at IT administrators for security conscious users. So now will be a good time to secure your passwords.



Tmobile Internation Data

Amazing on how a family amazed a $13,000- international data charge on a flight over Vietnam with airline mode on. User's should be aware of what feature's should be turned off just in case.



Firefox new Browser

Looks like Firefox is listening to user's when it comes to privacy. It's new browser with automatically stop advertisers and third parties. Let's see how well they do.



LinkedIn Coverups

Makes you wonder how agencies can hire a spy and post it with ease on LinkedIn and get results. This is what some other countries did and from the looks of it, this is bigger than what anyone can imagine.



Tablet that rolls and scrolls

Looks like some cool scientist came up with an easier way to carry a tablet that rolls and scrolls. I must admit, it has me wondering how this new technology will be used in the future.



Get Verified on Instagram

Looks like a lot of companies are getting verified on Instagram to confirm their identity and that you are dealing with the right company. It's a great way to make your viewers feel secure and safe.



Reactivate Windows

Getting messages that you need to reactivate Windows when it's already active. Here is how to fix this on going problem.



Sound Problems with Boot Camp

Although Boot Camp is a nice option for having it installed on an Apple computer. It's not the best way to use Windows.
Here is some help to get the sound back in working order.



Win 10 Scanner Problem

Having scanner problems with Windows 10 there here is the quick fix for getting the scanner back to work again.



Fix Win 10 Errors

Doing Windows updates and getting errors. Here are some fixes for the current Windows 10 errors that user's get when they cannot do any regular updates.



Chrome with Bitdefender Problem

Chrome users using Bitdefender have quite a problem. Looks like Chrome has a new application that prompts users to remove them if they're incompatible. And there might be more incompatible software to come.



Website Filters

Want to prevent others from going to websites that are not approved in your household. This is a difficult topic to talk to with family members. But if you want to restrict these sites here are some great links to help you filter out these websites.

Covenant Eyes
Extra Watch


AVG Antivirus or Malware

I have known this for a while from AVG and I stopped recommending the software a long time ago to users. But some user's are still convinced that it's still worth the risk. You decide.



Stop Google Tracking

Tired of Google tracking you where ever you go. Just because you disabled Google tracking doesn't mean that it stop tracking you. The key is to pause the Web and App Activity. For more information see link below.



IE not working in Win 10

Want to stop IE from not working in Windows 10. Here are the steps to get IE up in running in Windows.



Stop Google Ad Tracking

Tired of Google ads tracking you. Here is the solution to stop these annoying ads from consuming your pages. You can either remove the ads or disable advertising. Your choice.



IE stop working in Win 10

Internet Explorer stopped working in Windows 10 and you want to know what you need to do to get it up and running.
Well here is a great start to getting IE back and hoping that Microsoft repairs this soon.



Win 10 Update / Restart problem

There is an ongoing problem with the Windows 10 Update and Shutdown / Restart not working the way it should be and here is what user's need to do, to get the problem resolved.



Malware on Google Play Apps

Looks like the Google Play store has been hiding malware. If you are downloading these applications, user beware that you can also be downloading malware.



Iphone Dongles

Looks like iPhone is stepping away for providing dongles to users. I guess Apple is starting to figure things out and see that there is now a market for these dongles and maybe it's time to cash in on these.



Car key with Foil

What's the real reason why people are wrapping their car keys with aluminum foil? Well, it looks like there are a concern security breach keys from automobiles. If your an owner of keyless cars, you might want to watch this.



Fix Wi-Fi valid IP

This is the most annoying problem with Windows 10 and it's unfortunate that Microsoft still hasn't fixed this problem.

Here is the fix.



Active Monitoring in Ccleaner

Looks like the new version of Ccleaner is causing an uproar with some users. If you are already getting annoyed with this feature here are the tips to disable it.
Ccleaner should have thought twice before enabling this option and I hope they quickly fix their application before user's start thinking twice about having this software on their computer. 



Flickr Alert

If you have a Flickr account, now is a good time to start looking for a replacement. Flickr looks like is having some financial issues and this is the start of maybe the end of the company.



Win Update Problems

Here is a good article on why Windows updates mess up computers. This article is great for user's who have constant computer problems after updates are installed on to their computer.



Google Phone Number Search

Looks like some user's think there is always a better way to search the phone directory without using Google. Now you can try others, but here is the real information on why some searches come back unknown or not found. So before you pay for premium service, read this first.



MAC Adware Doctor

If you have this application on your MAC its time to remove it. The software looks like it was sending information to a third party on browser history, the software you use and your iTunes history. It's unfortunate that even when security experts tried to tell Apple, it took months for them to respond back and remove it from the Apple store.
Apple is slowly but surely losing control of its famous App store.



Owl Car Alarm

Put neat device and the future of car alarms. It's only a matter of time before car manufacturers start incorporating these devices into cars.



Restore App Folder

Looks like for some reason the application folder disappears in Win 8 + and users are confused on how to get it back.
If you are one of those users, then there is useful information.



Google Analytics Opt-out

Want to keep your data safe from Google and other websites. Here is a great Chrome add-on to keep your information secure when you are online.



Cab Files

Want to know what Cab files are, how to create them and install them. Well, this site will get you up in no time to be able to create and install these files in Windows 10.



Amazon Part Finder

Looks like Amazon has a simple parts finder application for your home improvements. No need to go crazy and search everywhere to find these parts.
Now hopefully Amazon will have these items in stock and at an affordable price to get you what you need when you need it.



iTools for Windows

Have an iOS and want to get control of the device's applications and backups. This handy Windows software will give you the upper hand in access the user's old data files.



Alexa Cast

Looks like Amazon Alexa has it's own cast and you will be surprised on what you can do with its devices. Looks like Alexa is slowly but surely paving the way for more things to come.



Block sites with Chrome

Here are the techniques used by many to block websites with the Chrome browser. Most of these require add-on extensions, but they are well worth it.



Dropbox for Gmail Add-on

Here is the Dropbox for Gmail add-on and how it's used. So if you always wanted to add this feature to Gmail, just know that it's possible.



Win 10 File System Error

Windows 10 has some good features and bad features. One feature I hate is when things go wrong for user's and you start getting File System Errors when opening pictures.
If you have encountered this problem, you might want to take a look at this site for the fix.



Microsoft Store Apps

Tired of using Microsoft Store Apps and wished you had a link to the site directly. Well, you don't have to wait anymore. Here is the link.



iOS 12 Security Settings

Here are a few iOS security settings you need to change as soon as you can so your phone is protected. Apple is pushing out updates but some of these settings still need to be changed, so that your phone is secure.



Gmail Design Risk

Looks like some user's are challenging Google's new Gmail design called Confidential Mode.
In Confidential Mode a user get's a sensitive email and the email is activated by clicking a link inside to read the mail. This is where the risk is, and I could understand why some security experts already dislike this feature.

In retaliation, Gmail response was simple by saying that this new feature poses no security threat.

Now you decide?



Win 10 Start Menu Icon's

Looks like some users are experiencing Windows 10 start menu files from disappearing. If your among one of those user's here is some help with your ongoing problem.



xFer to OneDrive

Need to transfer files to OneDrive. This software called KFM is here to simplify things for OneDrive users. Now there is no reason to take your files everywhere you go.




Looks like Waymo has a new partner which is Walmart. And if all goes well now this could be an easier way to bring people into their stores. Stay tuned.


Adobe on iPad

Adobe is launching Photoshop on iPad and it's about time and long overdue. Now the user's can be portable and have a powerful iPad on the go. Eventually, all of iPad's functions will be iPad accessible.



Office 2019

If users want to purchase Office 2019 this is what it comes with and how much is going to cost you.
Users should be cautious before than buy any Microsoft Office products in the future.
Microsoft is changing their packages and unless you sign up for O365 user's are going to see a lot of new changes in Office. 



Apple Core i9 Trottle

Looks like this is not a good year for Apple. Try buying a new MacBook Pro with poor performance and overheating problems. This is what new Apple computer owners got when they got their hands on the new improved MacBook Pro.

This is just the beginning of the end of such a beautiful company.



Great Search Master

Here is a way to become a Great Search Master in Google. The classes are simple and it will help you get better at being able to search websites on the internet. Great course to master Google's great searching capabilities.



Android to iPhone Sync

Need your Android phone contacts synced to iPhone. It's not that difficult to do once your watch this simple video and use the Gmail console to do most of your hard work.
The end results are so rewarding.



Chrome 67

Looks like Chrome is updating its browser in version 67 and now the browser will have a security feature named site isolation. Making it difficult for hackers to steal your data. But new features come with a heavy disadvantage which is more memory consumption. So not many users will be happy with this feature.



Amazon Privacy Tips

Want to secure your Amazon privacy online. Just make sure to review these settings to confirm that you keep your privacy private.



Win October Update

Looks like this new Windows 10 Update is causing a lot of problems for users. If you were going to try the new update. Stop, wait and read this article first. This will save you hours of trying to figure out what's wrong with your computer after the update.



Chrome Malware Cleanup Tool

Want to fight against Malware. Well if your a Chrome user you already have some good features in your favor and this utility will help you and assist you in removing your current Malware infestation.



MultiMonitor Tool

Have more than one monitor and having problems adjusting the monitor settings. This software will make things simple and easy to do.



Cam Filming

There is a new way biologist are getting more information on how animals live in the wild. Let's just say this is a new generation of learning more about these animals and their habits.



Router Auto Update

Router security is changing drastically and now the future of firmware updates will be a thing of the past, once these applications are setup correctly. It's the best option for making sure home user's and business are protected day in and day out.



Amazon Voice & Video Calls

Here are the simple steps to have Amazon devices make voice and video calls. You will be surprised at what it can do for you and how simple it is.



Bracher - Bisual History Manager

Here is a great way to view your browser history in Chrome the way it should be for all user's who have a browser. After this update, you will never want to go back.



uBlock Origin

The perfect ad blocker for your Chrome browser to save CPU and memory. It does so much that you will be amazed and the things it can do.



Win 10 October Update

User's who have 32gb of flash storage should be aware as well as the user's who don't have at least 10gb of space on their computer.
Microsoft new Windows 10 update this October will cause a problem for users to update if these requirements are not met. You do have choices, but it will not be the norm for everyone.



Netflix Downloading Smarter

Looks like Netflix is speeding up their movie times by doing it smarter by letting user's download their movies to watch at a later time in areas where there is no internet. It's a great move for the company and a better way to watch movies on the go.



AI is growing

Talk about Artificial Intelligence getting very human-like and very personal to users. Get ready for the new AI assistant coming near to you. It's only a matter of time before it takes over in our daily lives.

Here are some great examples.



Office Mac vs Win

Want to know the differences between Office Mac and Windows. Here is a great site that points out the differences in each and what users should know.



Driver Magician Lite

Here is a great back drive software for your computer so that when you reinstall the OS, you can easily restore the original drivers for the devices on your computer. The easy way to get your computer up and going.



Pc for Dummies Ebook

Here is a freebie while supplies last of Troubleshooting & Maintaining your Pc all in one for Dummies ebook. It's a great way for user's to keep your computer trouble free.



Win 10 Rollback

Want to know how to rollback Windows 10. Here is a great way to turn back the clock if your tired of taking chances. The only bad thing is that there is just a ten-day period to do this.



Credit Freeze are Free

The credit card agency is not happy about this but it's a great control over identity theft. Here is what you need to know regarding putting a credit freeze on your credit card. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/09/credit-freezes-are-free-let-the-ice-age-begin/



Shutdown or Wake a PC

Here are simple steps to shutdown or wake up a pc on a Lan. Please note that this only works for some devices and you can try to install the Wake on Lan software to make it work but it really all depends on the hardware.



PPT videos with no Internet

Here a great way to show those perfect PowerPoint presentations without video. It's going to take some work for you to convert it, but the end results are that you can play your presentation where ever you go, with or without the Internet.



More on Intel AMT

Intel AMT has some wonderful features, it's just to bad that they can somehow secure the feature from hackers. But it's great to know what it can do and how Intel is positioning itself in the future for upcoming chips.



Apple Support

Confused on what's new updates your Apple device is missing. Here is a great site to keep you posted on Apple updates on all its devices that they support.




Great way to remotely control your pc in the event when it crashes. The only bad thing is that not all Intel processors support it. But if your does, you need to activate it and in the long run, it will save you hours of headaches on troubleshooting the computer problems.




The internet is full of threats and with this comes to a commonly mentioned threat known as Potentially Unwanted Programs known as pups.
These programs bleed your computer of resources by slowing down your system and in some cases infecting your computer with unwanted programs and software.
The threats are very real and not many antivirus and malware companies consider this a problem yet. Here is more information on why pups exist and the reason why you should always remove them from your computer.



Free Apple Repair

I don't know how long this is going to last, so hurry up and repair your old Mac book as soon as possible. Look up to see if your current model is available for a free upgrade.



Make your WiFi Stronger

Here are some helpful tips on how to make your current WiFi stronger so that you get the best performance out of it. In some cases, it can extend the life of your wireless router.



Best Antivirus for Mac

I don't know how long this is going to last but it will be worth reviewing until another software company catches up on protecting the everyday user.
Right now it looks like Sophos is the software you should be reviewing.



Snap Assist Win 10

This great software comes built-in with every Windows 10 computer and user's should be aware of what it does and how it can be useful to many.



Alexa for Hotels

Looks like Amazon is moving into the hotel business and this could change drastically on how we order room service and get guest information when we are traveling away from home. Not only is this going to make Alexa great again, but definitely going to make room service much quicker.



Amazon Cube

This could be your next new remote control using Alexa. Now I am still sketchy on how good this product can really be without the use of a remote control, but regardless it's a great start for Amazon to get into the home.



Malwarebytes Test Results

The good and the bad Malwarebytes is still my favorite malware removing software. I just hope that they get their act together and make things right.



Microsoft AI Challenge

Looks like Microsoft AI challenge was not only done in a record time but smoothing out updates so that they are easily fixed and patched immediately. If all goes well, we could be looking at a better approaching in patching future systems in no time.



4G Dashcam

We have been long enough waiting for an elite dashcam and I must admit that this new toy will add more to your driving experience. Now we just need to get the manufactures to put them in our cars.



Gmail AI Email

Here is a great way to save time writing by turning on Gmails artificial intelligence and letting Google write your emails for you.



Access to Deceased Online Accounts

If you have a loved one who passed and would like access to their online accounts, this is a good start on how to get access to their accounts. It's not easy, but a good start.



SIM Swap Fraud

Everyone should know what this is and how they should stay safe while safeguarding their security against fraud. It's the next generation of theft, now that mobile phones are being used for everything.



Blue Screen of Death

Getting the Blue Screen of Death error and want to know what it really means or want to review the log so that you can resolve the problem. There are a few software that can easily read these errors like Windows WDK or SDK. For user's who don't have access to this software, there is a third party software that you can install to view these errors. BlueScreenViewer is all you need and it will hopefully help you to your path on fixing your computer problems.



FBI Crime Compliant

Are you a victim of Internet crimes, well looks like this site is a start for the Federal Government to investigate the complaint and direct it to the appropriate departments. 
But in order for this to work effectively, you need to have accurate and complete information. So gather all your evidence before you submit a complaint. 


Russian Router Hack

Looks like the Russian's are beefing up there hacks this year by targetting routers. Although there is no current fix for now, by the time you read this article there hopefully will be a fix. 
Unknown to how the hackers are hacking into your routers, authorities are just warning user's to just reboot their routers. 


App Guard

Want to protect Windows against malware attacks. Here is a great way to do this via the Edge browser. Just follow these simple instructions and your computer is protected when browsing the web.