Microsoft Support Abuse

Looks like there is a flaw in the Microsoft Support Portal for users with non-business accounts. And with this hackers were able to get access to user information.



GPS Hack

Looks like some hacker is getting into the GPS software's of vehicles and killing the car's engine. It's unfortunate that manufacturers are not taking serious patching up their GPS software security problems.



Virtual Clone Drive

Here is a great way to add a drive to any computer without using hardware. This handy utility makes it easier for the user to access the media quicker and faster.



Convertor Standalone

Want to convert a server to VMware, then it's a good idea to snap an image of your current server so that it can be converted to a virtual server when things go wrong.



Life Expectancy

Pretty cool site showing the life expectancy of people throughout the United States. And if you look closely you'll notice that no matter where you are at, you will most likely live life to the normal life expectancy age in your area.



RDP for Home Uses

Here is some great information on RDP for Windows Home users. It is possible to install RDP on Windows Home computer even though the application is blocked. There is a software called RDP Wrapper that lets you run the software similar to the regular software.



When Office is not activated

Curious what happens when Office is not activated and your trial is over. Here is some great information on what you can do with your expired Office software if you choose not to activate it.



Apple Facial Lawsuit

Looks like a teen is suing Apple for their facial recognition software when Apple used the teen's facial identity aginst recent thefts from the Apple store.

I don't blame the teen for being upset and now it brings under controversy the techniques use for Apple's new facial recognition software.



WIndows 10 LTS Channel

This is the option setting for businesses who have special devices with Windows 10 and do not need major changes on their devices because it's an out of the ordinary component. These devices are not available for consumers so it is important that they are updated differently. Ex. MRI, CAT scans, air traffic control devices and so on.

Here is what you need to know and how it works.



Windows 10 cost

Windows 7 has a short number of days to end and even if Microsoft extended the time frame, you still have to be a concern when you plan to upgrade and what is the new OS cost. Here is your guide to buying Windows 10 and it's cost.



Youtube Transfer

Want to transfer one account to another in Youtube. This is how to do it and there is no need to redo your account all over again when you have this site to help you.



Preinstalled Scripts

Looks like some manufacturers are having problems setting up their laptops and if you are doing a deployment, you should look on reading this article.



WHQL settings

Looks like some OEM have a bios setting called WHQL and this stand for Windows Hardware Quality Labs. It allows you to run some tests when it comes to drives when enabled.
This is what you should know about these settings and why they are being used.



Retro Aracdes

Looks like the retro arcades never grow old with time. Pac-Mann has always been a favorite for many and to this day it's always being downloaded more often than others.

Now here is a great way to install it on your Android or iOS.



Google Backup

I wrote about this service a while back but here it goes again for those user's who are concerning with backing up their Google accounts.

Gmail Backup


Excel Formula Problems

Hate it when Excel formulas do not update correctly. Well, here are some great reasons why this is occurring and hopefully it will resolve your ongoing headaches to your calculations.



Social Media Bans

Looks like these list of countries forbid users from social media accounts and makes you wonder why there are so critical in the first place.



Apple TV Plus

Looks like Apple is finally beginning it's streaming service and soon it will be competing again rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime. Get ready for another subscription service plan. Let's see how they do.




Looking for a unique Task Management tool for notes and communication. Take a look at Taskade and see how powerful this task management tool can be to you and your colleagues.
It's so powerful taht it will take you a while to get used to the tools they have to offer.



Office Suites Comparison

Which is better when you compare Open Office against Libre Office against Microsoft Office. Well, you already know who the winner is going to be of course. But it's great to know how similar each suite is with each other.



Make Online Videos

Here is a great way to make online videos with premium templates. It's almost as close as the professionals but good enough for the basic individuals.



Test PC Monitor for Gaming & Motion

Want to test your computer monitor for gaming and motion. Here is a great way to make sure if your monitor is up to date with gaming and motion handling.



Have Win 10 Troubleshoot Automatically

Windows 10 has some great new features and with this comes with the option of fixing automatically problems when they occur. It's not for everyone, but if you have a user who just wants to have their computer running smoothly daily. Then this is a great option for them.



Generic Win Product Keys

Here is a great site to install Windows 10 generic product keys to activate Windows 10. It's a great way to get better use of the software without activation.



Best and Worst Airlines

Here is some great travel information the next time you book a flight to your favorite airline. It's good to know who is doing their best to keep passengers happy.
So before you book your flight, get to know the airline responsibility performance.



SSD Info

Here is some great information for SSD drives for users yet not sure if they can switch. It's the Pros and Cons of SSD. In the end, it's still worth upgrading and getting data faster to you when you need it.



Map Alternatives

I am not a fan of map alternatives but if you really dislike Google Maps then here is a site to other alternate maps.



Next Gen Tv

Let's just say it's broadcasting going to the next generation. Now you can watch personal tv on all of your devices. It will be rolling out soon and the plan options are going to vary from location to location. The only things that users will have to give up are there privacy views.



AI is Listening

Looks like your friend Alexa is listening to your conversations and yes how it's affecting your privacy. It's Amazon's way to improve Alexa's voice service.

More Info


Office Deployment Tool

Great tool to use if you want to control what applications Office installs on your predefined settings. It will save you time and undesirable software that is not needed.



Router Update

Looks like there is a major router flaw and users are advised to update their router firmware immediately. Regardless of your make or model, I would from time to time check to see if there are any new firmware updates to keep your router safe from these unwanted hacks.



Magic Jack

Yes, this article is true regarding Magic Jack. I have pushed this product to family and friends for years and to their surprise, I have been able to cut down their telephone expense dramatically. The service does what it promises and if you just need a home phone around, this is a great solution. I am amazed at how the users prefer to pay for Vonage, or Verizon Fios and not understand it's the same service that Magic Jack offers, the only thing is that Magic Jack is cheaper and to the point.
Stop paying for phone service that should be cheap. Buy Magic Jack Go today and be free of your landline.



Microsoft Teams

Windows is competing against Stack and if you are interested in getting Microsoft Teams for free, now is the best time to get your hands on this great software.



Windows New Edge Browser

Here is a great way to try out Windows new web browser that is Chrome based. So if your tired of Edge browser constantly crashing, then maybe it's time to try the new Microsoft Edge.



iPhone Face ID

Looks like iPhone Face ID has some great identification tweaks that users should be aware of. If you are ready to spend the big bucks on the new iPhone you should at least know if Face ID is something you want to use.



Alexa move to Healthcare

Looks like Alexa is moving into health care rooms and it's only a matter of time before it starts replacing people. Now when you need something Alexa will be there to help.



Office Software

Now as per Microsoft you should be able to download the software from here should you still obtain the software serial number. But if all fails then your last stop is to hope you can still buy a replacement disk from Microsoft at 800-360-7561, good luck.

Alternate Link


Easily Boost WiFi Signals

Here are simple things to do to boost your WiFi signal. For most user's it requires a few tweaks and the rest relies on understanding how WiFi signals work.



Test your Bootable Devices

Need to test your bootable devices online so that your Flash drive, or CD, the DVD drive is formatted correctly and you do not waste time. This handling device will help you check your device easily and simple.



Lost Crypto Code

Looks like the CEO of Crypto exchange died with the sole password for the code and let's just say kill the currency. I guess he did not plan for a successful backup recovery option and now who knows about the future of the company.



The Real World Offline

Great information on the reality of offline life and the world around you. It's amazing how much you can learn from reading this article.



Check Bootable USB

If you have created bootable USBs and want to confirm if your device is working properly, here is a handy software to help you check your ISO image on your flash drive. Will save you a lot of time when you just need to get the job done right.



Boston 78rpm Collection

Looks like the Boston Public Library has available to download or listen to its large library of sound. If your interested in hearing songs from the early 1900s this is a great time to cherish the moments.



Run as Admin not working

If you are having problems with run as admin in Windows, then this is your solution to get the application running back as normal.



Win 10 Screenshots

Here are a few ways to take a windows screenshot in Windows 10 and hopefully it will save you some time to get the information you need to others.



Gmail 15

Looks like Gmail just turned 15 and with this anniversary comes improvements to its products. Like Smart Compose and new email scheduling. Enjoy the new features.



Microsoft New Browser

Looks like Microsoft's new browser is going to have new features for the enterprise that might interest some network administrators.



DirecTv Changes

Looks like DirecTv may change the way it views programming by eliminating the dish altogether. The new programming will be delivered over the internet and let's just say the change will end all their satellite service as we know it.



Rotate Screen Win 10

Need to rotate your screens in Windows 10, here is how you do it and hopefully, it will change your viewing habits.



Windows 10 CheatBook for Gamers

Here is a great way to get the best out of Windows 10 using the CheatBook. You'll be amazed at the simple tricks that can make a difference.
This is the best way to take your gaming skills to the next level. Give it a shot and see how far  you can go.



Ransomware for Chemical Co

Looks like a chemical company had a scary ransom attack recently that it had no choice but to replace hundreds of computers for new ones.
It just shows you have simple and easy it is to take hostage of a company with ransomware.



Vendor Scam

Pretty shocking to hear that a vendor can scam Google and Facebook out of serious money and that they were able to get as far as getting the money wired to the account.

Just to show you that no one is safe from email compromise.



Micrsoft Teams Update

Microsoft Teams celebrates its anniversary by adding features. Its software seems very user-friendly than competitors and the future looks very promising for Teams. So let's hope that they can get it together.



Foxit PDF Editor

Looking for a free PDF editor that's not related to Adobe and it's software headaches. Check out Foxit and see if it meets your expectations on editing PDF files.



Frightening Emails

Looks like hackers are out again scaring individuals and this time its scary emails of accessing your webcams. Now don't be a victim and don't fall into these email scams.



Amazon Basic's

Looks like a lot of controversies is going over Amazon basics. For many who don't know already, it's Amazon signature brand against its competitors. It's a great bargain for consumers and a great loss for the vendors. You decide which side you want to be on.




Here is a new service with a better way to communicate with others. If you are looking for a better way to communicate with others without the Facebook nonsense, get ready for Telegram.



Cheap Games

Looking for Game deals, you might want to check out these sites and your favorite games that you still love to play.

Humble Bundle

Good Old Games


Money Management

Managing your finances can be tricky and it's always a good idea to invest in software that will help you understand your expenses and how you spend your money. If you can learn how to live on a budget you can then succeed on saving up to buy a car, house and plan your dream vacation.

Here are some great home financing software for everyday users.

Ace Money $40- handles exchange rates

Quicken $35-$50- depending on the version

You Need a Budget $7- a month


Norton Utlities

Now I haven't used this software for years but back in the days, it was a must-have product. Now if your not computer savvy and want all your computers to be at optimum speed, then I would strongly recommend this product. Besides you cannot go wrong on paying $40- a year and use it across 10 computers.




Here is a free online photo editor for free. If you want to get rid of the ads it's going to cost you $20- every three months, but it worth it at all cost.

Don't let Adobe Photoshop take you hostage give this site a try.




Here a great file organizer that helps you organize your folders and files on your computer. You will be amazed by what the software can do and how simple you can organize file folders.




Here is a great way to use all of your free online storage. Now you can sync all your cloud storages in one place, with just a few clicks.



On my drive

Want to know what's on your drive and speed up your computer processing capabilities. Here is some software that will help you see how much space is consumed on your hard drive.




Win 10 Sandbox

The new version of Windows will have Sandbox and let's just say it will be what Windows should be and better. Get ready for a better way to run Windows without the fear of messing up your system.




Looks like this ancestor registry is trying to connect everyone in the world one by one and eventually this will also resolve cold case files of missing people.
It's only a matter of time before we put the pieces of the puzzle together.



Make Believe Apps

These new smartphone applications are fooling a lot of users and in the end, they are just ultimately spying on you. Here is what you should know. User beware.



Win Activation

Want to verify if your Windows license is valid, then here is some great information to validate your Windows license keys.



Unblock Youtube

There might be several reasons why you would want to unblock your Youtube videos and regardless of the reasons, everyone should be able to do this without so many difficulties. Video content should be free to all and viewing discretion should be decided by the user.



Free Color Pages

Looking for free color pages from 100 + libraries and museums. This site is a sure winner and will help you keep in tune with history. Try something different and educational at the same time.



Test Internet Speed via Chrome

Need to test your internet speed with Chrome. Here are some great tips in developer mode that can help you test internet speed.



Win 10 Login problems

Looks like Win 10 has some login problems and entering your password will not still let you log in to Windows. If your having this type of problems there here is some resourceful information.



Mac Fonts to Win Fonts

Tired of user's sending you Mac fonts that are unreadable in Windows. Not a problem with the help of this font converter.



Fix IE in Win 10

Having problems with IE in Windows 10. Here are some great tips and tricks to get IE back to normal with Windows 10.




Here is the BSD fix to your Windows problems that's causing this ongoing problem. It's only a matter of time before someone automates this process and this will be a thing of the past.



UBlock Origin

Want the best ad blocker on your browser to stop those annoying ads. Then this add-on is a must-have for user's who are tired of pop-ups.



Blank Screen in Win 10

Looks like Windows 10 blank screen is annoying some users. If your having some problems then here is the fix.



Win Update Fix

Tired of trying to figure out why Windows updates will not work on a computer. Here is a handy software to fix those problems and get Windows updates to start working again.



USB C Tragedy

Looks like USB C would have been the ultimate universal adapter for all portable devices. But something went wrong with the process and to make a long story short, not all USB C's are alike. Which means if you are not careful enough you can damage your devices using USB C's if you do not purchase the cable from a reliable company.



Dangers of IE

Kind of catch 22 for using the IE browser. You just cannot win with Microsoft when it comes to using their browsers. It's unfortunate that some software force you to use IE because they do not make their applications accessible to other browsers.
Everyone should wake up and see the mess with IE and ban all Microsoft browsers moving forward.



VetPet Box

Here is a new subscription service for animal lovers who always want to get the best for their pets. Now you have a service that brings every month a surprise box with treats and toys for your pet.
If your looking for something different and special for your pets monthly. Look no more and check out this subscription service from veterinarians who know and understand your pets.



Galaxy Fold Breaks

Looks like our famous foldable phone has some manufacturing defects that just after a few days of use, the displays break. I guess they didn't really test out their product they way they should have.



Music to Inbox

Here is a new ambient music service for user's to hear music without the vocal cords. You can sign up for free and later decide if this service fits you.



People Finder Update

If you are trying to find people this coming year, you will see drastic changes since way back in 2006. Now because of identity theft and other criteria's searching for people is getting harder. From the looks of it, you will just have no choice but to pay for the service moving forward. 


Free file Transfer

Need to transfer large files for a short time and dislike that this service is considered a premium service for some companies. Then take a look at these four sites for file sharing.

Smash, WeTransfer, pCloud and Filemail




Here is a new site to sell and buy your home using the latest technology and getting the right person that fit's your selling strategy. Times have changed and now there new ways to sell and buy homes.



Chrome 72.0.3626.96

Chrome keeps are changing the game and getting sophisticated with simple UI to make browsing better. This is the beginning of safer browsing for many users.



Pro Flyers and Presenations

Need to create a professional flyer, presentation, poster or infographics. Here is a great site to get your message out to others using little or no design experience.

No creating great quality projects can happen in a matter of minutes.



Win 10 Startup Edit

Running Windows 10 and want to know how to edit and change your startup files. Here is the simplest way to change what boots up with your computer and how to adjust it, should you need any changes.



Optimize Win Pc

Looking for a utility to get the best out of Windows. Then Ashampoo WinOptimizer is your answer to your problems.
The software has some great utilities to optimize your computer.



Win 10 File Conversions

Here is a great program for Window 10 users who want a simple file conversion software. Not only does it simplify file conversions. But removes the complication of having several different software installed on your computer to convert files. 


Restore Win 10 Desktop

Having problems with Windows 10 desktop and want to restore the icons to where they were originally placed after an update or a software install. The best way to do it if Windows still cannot restore it is to use this handy software.
It's an ideal software to recommend for users who want to do things themselves.



LabChirp Sound Effect Generator

If you love making sound effects or want to create a special sound while gaming. This software is a must-have. Creating your special sounds makes gaming so exciting.



TOff Scheduler

Looking for a Power & Shutdown Scheduler for Windows. This software is a great substitute and has been around for some time. You can schedule specific times users will be away and the computer, and setup sleep and power save mode so that the system is not wasting electricity when not in use.




Here is some great information on how to delete the $WINDOWS.~BT folder.

It looks like when your upgrading to Windows 10 this hidden folder is created and it's where the root files of Windows 10 are stored. After the upgrade, the folder still remains there just taking space.
This folder is just there just in case you decide to rollback to an old version of Windows. But in the long run, the folder just takes up a lot of space.

If you want the best performance for your Windows OS, the more space you have the better.

Here is more information on how to remove the OS upgrade folder.



Microsoft News

Want to keep on top of the web with up to date news when it happens. Here is an addon for your computer if your using various devices to connect to the internet.
Most new computers already have this feature built in. For that user's who always want the news as it happens, then here is the link.



Fix Win 10 Reset PC Problem

Some users are encountering problems when resetting their pc in Windows 10. If you are having a similar problem. Here is some great information to correct it.



Ring Alert

Existing Ring user's should be aware of the new privacy concerns on how the product is used to adapt to Artificial Intelligence. Some developers have been granted high level access to view your device and monitor what comes and goes. Now should we be concerned?



Kaspersky thief caught

At a time where Kaspersky is not in good relations with the United States for ties with the Russian government. The company reported an illegal event to the U.S. and an arrest was made to stop an NSA contractor from stealing 50 terabytes of data.

Now let's see if the United States will retract their ban on Kaspersky antivirus.



500 Radio Stations

Want to listen to over 500 radio stations from around the world, well this cool site makes it just happen for you to start enjoying radio around the world.