Sci-Fi Reality Inventions

It's amazing to believe on how these out of the world technologies became reality with the mindset that anything is possible. 

So the next time you see a Sci-Fi movie remember this, if you can believe then you can make it possible.

Here is a flashback on items that came to reality. 



AI Regulation

Everyone knew when AI came out it was only a matter of time before some technology regulation came into effect and the EU looks like is leading the way that other countries will eventually follow.

Since AI is currently in the wild west it would make sense to have some type of protection to citizens and how the tech giants complies to these rules.

It's only a matter of time before the EU start's slapping fines to these tech giants for rushing to create AI applications without filters. 


Wendy's airdrop

It looks like fast food Wendy's has begun using drones with DoorDash testing out the service to some lucky residents in Virginia. 

If all goes as planned it's definitely going to change food delivery service as we know what it is today. Not only will it revoluntionize the industry but open doors to instant deliveries.

I can't wait to start seeing this in my area. 


Neuralink Info

It's a futuristic idea with a high risk when you talk about implanting a chip to a human brain. Kind of reminds me of a hollywood movie called "The Lawnmover Man" with Pierce Brosnan. 

The sifi movie had similar futuristic ideas similar to what Neuralink is doing.

Now it's beyond me who would want to risk brain damage but Elon's goal is not to to save paralyzed volunteers but somehow incorporate it with AI and this is when it get's scary.

Now I already know how the movie ends and maybe you too should watch the movie too. 


HP Rental Info

HP recently started it's printer rentals and if you want them to manage the hardware and ink supplies it might be a service that you are looking for but here is the catch.

Their privacy is a nightmare and your personal data could be at risk. The more you read into the service the more concerns you should have about your privacy.

So I would caution users who subscribe to read their contract carefully and understand that whatever you are going to print is going to be in my terms public domain. 


FCC Quad Band

It looks like the FCC has increased broadband speed to 100Mbps. And hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the internet providers provide this access to all their users. 

Hopefully now with the new speed it will give users the oportunity to cut their cords and subscribe to all sorts of internet services. 


TikTok Ban Coming

It looks like we got again another TikTok ban and this time if Bytedance does not sell it's going to be very interesting to see how American's react to the new law.

It could definitely challenge everyone's constitution right on what the government can and cannot control. 


Copilot Update

Copilot is going to get a free GPT-4 Turbo upgrade and it's going to be free. With more info, more pages in a single prompt and improved performance. 

It's going to definitely be something to compete against and I just cannot wait to see with Copilot's competitors do next. 


Palm Size Drone

Let's just say that the military is getting advanced with this Black Hornet drone. It's going to innovate how teams are deployed into the battlefield by having another set of eye's map out areas of uncertainty. 

It's definitely a game changer and will change the future of warefare. 



Video Doorbells Hacked

It looks like a list of vendors who sell video doorbells can easily be hacked. And those home owners who were trying to protect their homes now have another threat to worry about. 

I would suggest that users be very cautious when buying security devices for your home. 


HughesNet Loss

It's no secret that satellite provider HughesNet is losing subcribers with the popularity of Starlink. I guess customers are starting to piece together old technology with new technology and Starlink does make a difference when it comes to download speeds. Take a look at the comparision and see who is better.

Now if HughesNet does not catch up, it's definitely going to go under very quickly. 


Project Kuiper

It's looks like Starlink is not the only company trying to connect the entire world via broadband. Amazon is currently testing hundreds of prototype dishes to do the same.

Hopefully both companies will be smart enought to form an alliance to connect the world and then figure out how to compete against each other. You can accomplish more and bring down the costs with unity. 



Apple Car Failure Update

The truth comes out from former Apple employee's who worked on the Apple Car and why the research and developement team failed to deliver.

Besides going to four team leaders and different ideas of what the car should be, the project looks like it was going in circles on what type of vehicle it should be.

It's no wonder Apple dumped the project all together. Maybe as time passes on, some of it's ideas can be incorporated into their products. Only time will tell. 


Lenovo Transparent Laptop

All that I can say is that it's out there and it's going to be a beauty to see these devices perform in the real world with AI. I feel like your it's not going to be that great security wise since everyone can see what you are doing but I am amazed to see what other manufactures are going to do now that this has come out.


Siri Can Do This

If you have an iPhone here are some tricks that Siri can do for you just in case you did not know. You will be surprised on how easily things can be done if you know these simple commands with Siri.

If you play nice with Siri then it will do more than you can imagine. 


Facial Smart Locks

I can see this company definitely going places with it's smart lock that can recognize your face. This high end technology has been out for sometime and now it's affordable to anyone who want to secure their homes. 

Imagine living in a world where your access is granted by your face, how precious that can be. 


Apple EV Cancellation

It looks like after going back and forth Apple is scapping for now it's autonomous electric car. It's no surprise that building something like this takes massive expertise to get to the end result. 

This is not for everyone and maybe it's just better to look into some other type of project that will benefit them better.  


ChatGPT Tax Filing No No

I never even thought about this but with AI hitting all types of markets it's no surprise someone would want to try ChatGPT to do their taxes.

Along with that here are some great examples why not to do that and first most is hackers. It's right now the wild west for AI and ChatGPT is just not ready to safe guard your information.

So before you decide to use ChatGPT for your personal finance, read this. 


Google Pay Sunset

It looks like Google is shutting down Google Pay in June. The application that was replaced by Google Wallet is being cosolidated. It's only a matter of time before Google Wallet becomes the standard for everyone to use. 


X Audio & Calls Rollout

It looks like X aka Twitter will be rollingout audio and video calls for users and it put's them in straight competition with Meta's messenger chat features.

It's going to be interesting getting calls from users using X.