Dorsey Exits BlueSky

In so many words lets just say that he is repeating his mistakes from Twitter and he are the main reason's why he left BlueSky.

I guess when a founder leaves something he is passionate about, it's going to take a while to replace what he is really looking for especially if you have and extra 1 billion dollars in your pocket. 


Chinese EV Ban

It looks like the Chinese EV ban is on the table because they way they are connected. The U.S. feel is somehow concerned with how the sensitive information gets delivered to Beijing.

I think they should just be straight out and say that they just fear that they will once again make a better vehicle and build cars that meet consumer expectations.


Hertz selling EV Fleet

Hertz is trying to sell off it's entire EV fleet after realizing that their expense and damages are greater than the vehicle expected value and since consumers are no longer requesting it, it would make sense for them to bail out on the EV adaption for now. 


Solar Reflective Pain

 Recent test where done in Los Angeles California to use reflective solar paint on it's roads and this is what occurred.

Long story short, the paint reduced the surface temperature and this could be a solution in the near future on how to respond to global warming worldwide. 



Spring Tires

This simple theory of spring tires sure does put to the test tough terrain driving in snowy roads. Besides they being durable and airless this is definitely an alternate for off road driving.

I definitely believe with more research we can achieve a better way to drive most off road terrains. 


Sparkles Robotics

This is definitely going to bring a lot of joy to many users who love the robotic dog but can seem to adjust to the new device. The cosplay dog version just shows how easy it can be made adaptable to our everyday lives. It's only a matter of time before they come up with the right costume for the dog to become adaptable to everyone. Now you can have a long durable pet by your side. 



How VR Changes Startups

New startup companies have now a great weapon with virtual reality when it comes to advertising. They have a great way now to connect with their audience in a deeper way than other companies by showing their demos, telling their stories, admiring events, and tailoring marketing campaigns. 

Earlier adopters to VR are going to be the smart ones who profit successful to take their company to a new level. 




It looks like soon more underwater drones are going to invade our ecosystem to carry out different support missions. In time this definitely will catch the attention of many other companies to follow suit and this will definitely be in the radar of many other countries to adapt as a military defense.


FCC Fines

The FCC recently fined wireless carries for sharing user locations without consent. This is definitely a great move for consumer privacy against geolocation histories.

But in the long run I believe carriers are just going to include this with it's along with it's deceptive advertising consents. 


iPhone Pss Resets

If you do not think that iPhone password resets are real then brace yourself. It's nothing new but hackers are getting clever in spoofing and trying to present themselves as Apple employee's.

Just follow the following steps and hopefully you wil not fall for the trick. 


G Drive PDF Pass

Curious on how to add a password to a PDF document in Google Drive, let's just say you need to add Document Studio and it opens you up to so many things that you were not able to do before with Google Drive. It's definitely worth in looking into before you start your next project. 


Hexa Lift

This single drone can help teach anyone to easily drive and I must admit it is super futuristic if it takes off and because the new consumer transportation.

Not only will flying be simple to do, but imagine how much time you can save by going from one place to another. 


Next Gen WiFi Router w VPN

This has been slowly but surely coming out in the last few years and maybe this time it's going to hopefully stay for the better. WiFi with built in VPN are becoming the norm for many routers and because privacy is not concerning for many, this may just start making sense.

Let's hope that more consumers start practing this policy going forward. 


Fix Macbook Lagging

If your Macbook is lagging try these few steps below to see if you can resolve the computer problems. 

As times go by it's not unusual to start seeing the computer performance change especially if you have a lot of unnecessary software installed on the device.

Give it a try and at least it will narrow down the cause of your problems. 


Save Storage on Macbook

I have long been using this tip for the longest and your first option should be the cache, after that let's just say your trash bin would be my second option, the rest is sort of depends on what you have installed on your computer. 

Just remember if you have a software installed and you rarely use it, do you really need it installed on your computer?


Android Find my Device

Android users should be excited to know that now if they lose their device they can locate their phone even if it's offline. 

The application is designed to work with Bluetooth tracking software made possibe by third- party vendors. 

Here is more information about the application and I would advise users to install it as soon as possible just in case. 


Russia Starlink Access

It looks like Russian's are using the Starlink network dishes for a counterattack against Ukraine and regardless of the legality they are being used for illegal purposes.

I am unsure how Starlink plans to restrict access but one thing is for sure is that it is definitely keeping this terminals active. 


Elon's Worst Predictions

As a forecaster pridicting the future is a tough job and if you are Elon Musk well let's just say he has an unrealistic reality when it comes to timing. If he would just choose his words carefully he would be a true believer. But that's not likely to happen any time soon and it's just another broken promise. 

Time is running out for Elon and if he does not get his act together, he is just going to be another voice in the wind. 


TikTok Count Down Begins

It's going to be roller coaster ride for this social media company once the lawmakers force ByteDance to sell again. This is not the first time the company has been under scrutiny and this time around it will be interesting to see who is still interesting on buying the company.


Cellular Trail Camera

If you have a lot of property and always want to be notified when predators are in the area, here is a great camera for the critters to notify you via cell phone, when something is spotted. 

It's a slight upgraded from other products that are in the market but at least it will save you the trips of checking images every few days.