IE Favorites Alpha Fix

How to have all your favorites in Alphabetical order using Internet Explorer.

Be careful editing your registry keys. If you delete the wrong one. You PC will not operate and you have to re-install Windows again loosing everything.

There are two ways to do this:

One is to delete the key in the Windows registry

1- Go to run type regedit and find this file and delete the order key


the new key is made and your favorites is in order.

2- copy/paste the following in notepad and make a program to do this.

Type in notepad :


then so that it is recognized as a registry key name it "NoMenuOrder.reg"
make sure it's in quotes otherwise notepad will make it a text file.
Now what this does is that it deletes the file in the Windows registry because it has a minus sign in the beginning of the file. And then it creates a new file order for your bookmarks.
This program can correct the bookmarks every time you update the list, by clicking on it.