Meal Deals

Looking for a meal deals for the day? Check out this website for discounts on the foods you love to eat. You'll get a savings coupon to help you save money while going out.



Email Checker

Sending emails but they keep on coming back? Here's a great way to verify if it's the email or your email server not responding.


Reliability Monitor

Here's a hidden application that many of Windows 7 & 8 user's still lack in using. It's called the Windows Reliability history. If you having computer problems all you have to do is view what's causing Windows to crash and hopefully it will narrow down your problems.

It's in Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Action Center -> Reliability Montior

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Encrypted Google Drive

Want to encrypt your Google Drive files. Here are two ways to help you just do that. You can either use Fogpad or Tresorit. Both programs help you encrypt your files on your computer then import it to Google Drive. It's still an alternative than leaving a file unsecured.



Facebook who view my page

I always wondered about this with Facebook and here is the results on who view my page. As per Facebook, they do not track who views you. And as for third party software telling you they do this. Well it can only occur if they add this application to your account and I if you do so, you might be risking more than you bargain for. So take control of your privacy and don't be fooled with third party add on's.



Repair Corrupt Windows Image

Here's a great way to fix a corrupt Windows Image. It may or may not work, but it's still worth the effort than installing the software all over again.

Open the command prompt and copy and paste the following commands one by one, then reboot your computer and try to restore.


net stop wuauserv
cd %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
ren Download Download.old
net start wuauserv
net stop bits
net start bits
net stop cryptsvc
cd %systemroot%\system32
ren catroot2 catroot2old
net start cryptsvc



Learn Linux

If you haven't tried Linux, I suggest you give it a try. You don't have to install the OS on your computer. Just install vmware player and give it a try. You'll be amazed on how similar it is to Windows.



Reset a Computer

A while back I talked about resetting a computer back to clean slate (Deep Freeze) and it's still a great option for public computers but the software was eventually discontinued for new versions of Windows.
Now Reboot Restore Rx is following Deep Freeze footsteps and taking it further in Windows 7 and 8 version. But it comes with a premium price that's reasonable for now for public machines.
Steadier State is another option to take but it only works for now on Windows 7.

Steadier State
Reboot Restore Rx


PC 101

Want to learn more about computers? Here's is a great site to start and it will lead you in a better path of understanding how these electronic devices work in our daily lives.



MAC Anti Theft Device

Tired of loosing your Apple devices. Here's a new anti theft device that will help you find the lucky person who now owns it. Besides GPS tracking, you even get picture of the new owner. It's worth the money to protect your devices.



Logo Designs

Looking for a new logo or starting fresh and need a logo. This is a new logo design and concept in which you  ask developers a few questions with the current business your in and they design a logo for you within minutes. If you like the logo all you have to do is pay a fee and own the the logo rights.
You can also hold off and see how long other developers take your logo to the next level.
Great idea, good designs and at a reasonable price for lifetime ownership. Give it a try.



Mobile Browser PC

Want to verify that your Mobile website is working correctly. You might want to install the Mobile browser PC software onto your computer and verify all the sites and links work correctly. It's a great software for mobile website builders.



Logmein Free be gone

If your one of those Logmein users be ready for the not so free LogmeIn service. Not only did they cancel everyone's free subscriptions. But they gave current user's seven day notice to upgrade or loose remote login privileges. So sad to say good bye, you will be missed.



Rescue Time

Want to know what applications you use regularly and monitor where most of your production work lies. This software monitor's that and helps you evaluate how you can be more productive.




Great cross platform application that helps you easy launch your files and programs easily. It's a must have if you always want to get certain files opened immediately.




Want to protect your children Kidzy can help by safeguarding your children search and online results. It even comes with browsing limits so your children can be limited to what they do online.



The Truth on Internet Speed

Here's the final truth on Internet speed. Not everyone get's the actual speed that's advertised. If you look at the National Broadband Map you'll see what in pink are areas that have poor speed. Big companies blame your computer hardware but in the end we all know the real truth now. So before you call the computer guy to fix your internet problem. Check out the map below for a listing in your area.

More Info
National Broadband Map


Tossing Tax Returns

Worried about an IRS audit? Well this advice from Kiplinger may just put your fears to rest. It's been know that if the IRS does not initiate an audit, three years after the date of return.
So if you failed to file or record anything, you could get away with it, but the other reason's not to toss a tax return has to do with social security benefits, depreciation on home office, rental and business equipment, home mortgage and disability insurance. It can also maybe one day back you up from identity theft.

If you need to re-order tax returns from the IRS, you can do so using form 4506 at a current cost of $57- each. You decide if you want to keep them or not.

Form 4506


Waze FAQ

Recently Waze was purchased by Google and you can just imagine how now Google is going to integrate it's Google Maps into Waze. But for those new comers. Here is everything you wanted to know about Waze.



New Windows Tools

Purchased new Windows 8 and wondering what tools you no longer need. Remember them and be happy that you now don't have to install them.

3-Security Suite
4-Partition Manager
5-ISO and Imagine File Mounting
6-Disc Burning
7-PC Cleanup
8-Startup Manager
9-Multiple Monitor Utility
10-File Copying
11-Advance Task Manager
12-System Information Utilities
13-PDF Viewer
14-Virtual Machine
15-Backup Tools

I'll hold my breath to see if all these applications really work. Remember this is Microsoft.




This new application will help now New Yorkers find a parking place for the vehicles. It's not free but comes with a price. But it's a start of something better to come.
I just wish they had this application free for malls, shopping centers and schools.




Looking for the newest router in town? Well the 802.11ac is out but I would buy it just yet, until everything is finalized. The new 802.11ac is in pre-draft mode and if everyone remembered a few years ago when 802.11n was available. There were a lot of problems with computers connecting with the pre-draft version. You could expect it soon in 2014.


Facebook Pipe

Facebook new Pipe application is going to change the way people on social networks share files. Now anyone can share a 1gig file with just a few clicks of the mouse. Now I just wonder what illegal activity user's are going to transfer now. Get ready because it's coming to a Facebook near you.



Facebook & Instagram Backup

If you need to backup your Facebook and Instagram pictures here's a software that comes to mind and it does a pretty good job of it. Works also with Twitter as well.

More Info
Social Downloader



WiSee is going to change the way we use electronics in the real world. Once things get squared out on how WiSee will be used in the household. Things are just going to change for the better.



Upgrade to Win 8 or 8.1

Need to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1 and can't seem to find the link to get the update. Well Microsoft is making it difficult for users to get the software and update so that user's don't easily hack it. But regardless we made the link easily available.
You must have your Windows Key available to download it so that you can download or make an ISO of the software.



Win 8 rescue news

Wanting to rescue your Windows 8 computer now that it's infected. Well unless you have a secure boot software, it's going to be hard to rescue your computer. Secure boot new technology will not let rescue disks, live boot and live usb work unless they have been verified by Microsoft.
They say it's the only way manufactures can stop viruses and illegal copies of the software, go figure?
Looking for a secure boot rescue disk copy, then check out FixMeStick.

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Win 7 credentials error

I've seen this a few time and I hope Microsoft addresses this very soon. It's the Windows 7 credentials error when signing in to a network server. It looks like the computer looses it's identity and you either have to re-join the computer back on to the network or reset the computer in active directory.



WD slim drive

Talk about shrinking 1tb of hard drive in the palm of your hand. Western Digital is taking drive storage to the next level which make it very portable.



Copy files Quickly

Here's is a great way to copy files quickly. It beats other similar programs like tera copy and hopefully you'll be able to move files quicker now.



Gmail new Tab

Gmail recently introduced it's new tab menu that will hopefully change the way everyone reads mail. It's pretty easy to activate and deactivate and if you use it effectively, it can make your life easier when reading mail. The new tabs are in beta but hopefully all the kinks will be squared out by the time you read this email.



Win 8 Password Reset

Here's an easier way to reset the Windows 8 password via installation disk. It does the trick but you still can't guarantee that all your encrypted files will be saved.


There are many ways to reset a forgotten admin password. There are free and commercial tools that all essentially do the same thing. However, as a proud DevOp or cool hacker, it is against your honor to use third-party tools. The guide below describes how to reset a password on a Windows 8 machine where you have no administrator password, in an easy way that even a typical iPad user could follow.
Before I start, I have to add a warning. Resetting a password of a Windows account always means that data that has been encrypted by Windows tools, such as the Encrypting File System (EFS) or stored Internet Explorer passwords, will be lost. You can avoid this by resetting the password of an account that hasn’t been used. For instance, you could enable the built-in administrator account to be able to secure the encrypted data first. If you used BitLocker to encrypt the system drive, you first have to unlock the encrypted Windows partition. If you didn’t use any Windows-based encryption you are save to reset your password with this guide.


  1. Insert your Windows 8 boot DVD or boot flash drive, turn on the computer, and wait until you see the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Follow the instructions precisely and press any key. (Note: If you don’t see this message, you probably have to change the boot drive order in the BIOS and/or disable Secure Boot. This usually is nothing for post PC users. Ask someone with a solid computer education.)
    Press any key to boot from CD or DVD
  2. Well done! The most difficult part is behind us. Windows 8 Setup will greet you and encourage you to configure your language settings. Press SHIFT+F10 to open a command prompt. (Note: I could shorten this part of my original post thanks of the tip given by PCFreak. See comment below.)
  3. Here you are. The unlimited possibilities of the Windows command prompt are now at your fingertips. Type copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\. (Note: If you get the error message The system cannot find the specified path, you probably have an unusual drive configuration. Replace “d:” in the command above with different drive letters until the error message disappears.)
  4. Now comes the real hacking. Type copy /y d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe. This replaces the Sticky Keys app on your Windows 8 machine with the command prompt. More later about this.
    Reset Windows 8 password with the Sticky Keys trick
  5. Close the Language setup windows by clicking the X in the upper right corner and then confirm that you want to cancel the Windows installation. Yes, this guide can also be followed by post Windows users.
    Cancel Windows installation
  6. Wait until you see the Windows 8 Lock Screen.
    Windows 8 Lock Screen
  7. Hit the SHIFT key five times. Yes, we are doing magic here. No wand is needed, though. We replaced the Sticky Keys app that helps people who can’t press CTRL-ALT-DEL easily. You should now see the command prompt.
    Hit SHIFT five times
  8. Type net user. This will produce a list of user names on the Windows 8 computer. (Note: The Windows 8 Lock Screen will reappear while you hack along.)
    List available user accounts
  9. Choose the user name for which you want to reset the password and type net useruser_name new_password, where user_name has to be replaced with your user name andnew_password, ah, I think you will figure this out yourself. (Note: If your user name or password contains blanks, you have to set it in quotes: net user “Tim Cook” “I will never forget my Windows 8 password again”).
    Set new password
  10. Congrats! You just reset your Windows 8 password. Close the command prompt (I hope you remember how) and log on with the new password (I hope you didn’t forget it again).
You might want to restore the Sticky Keys app (sethc.exe). For this, you have to follow the procedure above again until step 6 and use this command in step 7: copy /y d:\sethc.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe.


Win 8 F8 Key

Need to know why the F8 key in Windows 8 doesn't work. This is Microsoft's way of hiding the command key that's been seen by user's for years. It is not recommended to show the F8 key. But if your one of those user's like myself who want full control of their computer. Here is how to do it.

Go to the command prompt (admin) and type the following

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

To then return the boot command back to normal you then enter this in the DOS prompt

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard



Drone Alarm

Thieves beware of the new drones that are going to take a bite out of crime. These devices will arm themselves once you break in. It's inventor sure has enough tricks under his sleeves to keep you detained until the police arrive. Better run.



Traveling Tips Secrets

Taking a trip? Here are some great travel tips to remember the next time you fly. You never know when they can come in handy.
1- If you don't accumulate a lot of miles use the miles to be first online or for a better seat.
2- If airline looses your luggage disregard current liability policies. The airline owes you the value of your bag and you clothes. Up to in some cases to $3,300 per passenger.
3- If your baggage is missing when you get to your destination, the airline has to compensate you for necessities on the spot. Not 24 hours. If your challenged then cite the federal regulations title 14 part 254. This also includes baggage charge for your suitcase when boarding.
4- If an airline tries to book you at a later flight auction the second option. Never go for the first and see the bonus get higher.



Task Manager Tip

If your using Windows 7 and want an easier way to get to the Task Manager instead of doing Ctrl+Alt+Del and then click Task Manager. The easiest way to open the Task Manager is to do the following:




New Years Eve Cam

Ready to party for New Years Eve this year, why now do it with an earth cam so that you can be a part of the celebration in parts of the world where the partying is just beginning. This year be prepared by downloading the New Years Eve Live earth cam.

iTunes Live
Times Square


Computer Repair Online

There are times in the computer repair business that you meet other competitors in the business and your fighting for best pricing. Although sometimes the best price might not be the best. You must admire other companies following suit and trying to compete. It's a rough business but with technology evolving daily. It's no wonder remote support is so affordable.



3gig Storage ffrom SkyDrive

If your a student and a user of SkyDrive, Microsoft has a freebie for you. Get an extra 3 gig of storage for free just by using your student email address. It's a nice jump in storage for getting your school project done. The only catch is that it expires within a year. So sad Microsoft is too cheap to give us this for free.



Win 8 Puts back Start Menu

It looks like Microsoft now realizes they goofed up and didn't listen to users. The upcoming update for Windows 8 puts the Start Menu back where it suppose to be. What took you guys so long?



Unlock your door

Tired of lending your keys to friends or family members and just want a secure way to let people in and out of your house or apartment. Check out this smart lock that opens your door with a push of a button. It's all done via internet and now there's no need to worry if someone made copies of your keys or your keys get lost.


Switching Accounts

Want to know how to switch to another user account via Windows 8. Well Microsoft changed this and now loggerw will have to use the "users" account to login to another profile.



Gift Bitcoin

If your giving anyone a gift bitcoin I will advise users to never try to take a picture of the gift certificate. As one news caster did to his fellow co-workers.
The story goes that the news caster was televising the gift card and a user who was online watching the program was able to record the segment and snatch the $20- gift card.
Just comes to show you that now-a-days nothing is fool proof.



New To Do List

Here's is a new To Do List via web. You just add on the tasks that need to be done and save the link where you later on confirm and check off the items that were completed. Nothing to install and download. Everything is online.



Safe Mode in Win 8

If your trying to login to Safe Mode in Windows 8 good luck. Microsoft has hidden the F8 key so that Windows can boot up quicker. The key to be able to go into Safe Mode is to disable Windows boot option.
Here's the tip below to enable Safe Mode booting but be aware that this will now cause Windows to load slower.




Looking for the best antivirus for your MAC or new iPad. Try Sophos and get rid of viruses before they happen. It's my experience that it's better using something than having nothing at all.



Win 7 Mouse Controls

Need better mouse controls for Windows 7 users. Try this little tweak and control your mouse the way you wish to control it.



Flickr Update

If you haven't recently checked out Flickr you should. Yahoo recently upgraded the online picture storage site and also upgraded it's storage. I believe they are turning up the heat with their competitor's to be the best  on the block. I just hope for Yahoo, it's not the final end for them.



Ghost Blogging

Blogging with ghost. It's a current open source Kickstarter project that will make writing pleasurable and easier to do. Wish them luck and hope current blogging gets updated.




Here is a web based free online Invoicing for user's looking to just bill, monitor and keep track of all their invoices online. It's very user friendly and so simple to use. All you have to do is signup and start invoicing.



Outlook Troubleshooting Tips

Having problems with Outlook. Here are a few tips that will fix your Outlook problems, if you use them effectively.

1- Scan PST files. This will fix Outlook ongoing errors. 
    Just run scanpst.exe and it will take some time to run and hopefully it will fix those bad PST errors.
2- Archieve PST files every year. This will clear more space especially for those large PST files. And then after you archieve you run a scan PST afterwards.
3- Rename the OST file and let Outlook create a new data file. In cases where you have an old PST file just rename it "old.PST". 
4- If all fails then it's time to rebuild Outlook profile. I caution everyone to do this because if you do something wrong it can be the beginning of more headache's to come. 
   Just goto the control panel click mail and delete the profile. 
5- Disable Outlook add-ons. This is a must if your Outlook runs slow and you have several add-on's that your always using. 
6- Disable Virus scan on Outlook. In most cases this just slows down Outlook processing mail.
7- Run Outlook in safe mode. This just reassures that the program has been debugged and running efficiently.
8- Resetnav is done when a users has changed the control panel setting and user has difficulties changing it back to it's original setting. 
   Just go to the run command and type "outlook.exe /resetnavpane
9- Migrate PST from server. It's a good idea to always store PST files on a computer's c drive. Not doing so will cause Outlook slow downs because of the large PST file.
10- Adjust Calendar permissions. Open calendar and right click shared calendar to properties and then goto the Permission's tab. 

Lots of thanks to TechRepublic for their tips.


NVIDIA Memory Leak

Bad news for NVIDIA card users. It looks like it's new cards have a control panel memory leak. For some users it known to consumes at least 2 gig of memory.
I hope that for NVIDIA this is an isolated incident because as a number one video card manufacturer it sure puts a dent on their reputation.
The only good way to catch memory leaks it to monitor it's activity from time to time.



Invoice Free

Need to create an invoice but don't want to pay a premium price for something your just going to need once in a while. Try this free invoice maker and simplify your life.


Driver Packs

Installing a driver but can't find the software for the device. Here's an easy way to be able to install the software generic device without using the manufacture website. All you do is download the generic software for that device and it should work until your able to get the proper drivers for that device.



Waze Bid

The war is out on Waze and may the best company win. Waze not so long ago was a new application that kept you in touch with traffic conditions. Since then the application just keeps on getting better and better. Now Facebook and Google want to make them theirs and may the best company with the extra cash win.




Want to know what everyone is making in your area. Here's a new salary site for individuals looking to see if there salary is comparable to average salary in that area. This is basically a premium service for companies looking for the national average salary rates in your area. Something new is something better.



When SSD goes bad

Recent report on the new hard drives SSD failures are not due to because of the NAND but mostly because of a controller going bad. What that means for many is that on the new SSD drives, users must do the firmware updates so that it risks from the controller going bad is minimal.
If your out in the market for SSD? Your best bet is sticking with the best brands that are made from OZ and Samsung.



Here is a Chrome application to enable you to store files via cloud online so that you can easily view them or send them to friends and family. Now sending a file online via email can be easily done.



Win 8 Backgrounds

Looking for new Windows 8 backgrounds. Here is a site that you can easily download them or save them to your desktop to display.


Win 8 Verdict from Dell

Looks like whatever hype your hearing from Windows 8 is false. Dell is now confirming that most of their customers are just upgrading to Windows 7 and trying to avoid Windows 8.
Microsoft sure missed on this major OS and this could spell the end for the big software giant.



Rearrange your Windows

Here's a great way to rearrange your Windows in a non overlapping way so that you can get to the Window easier later on. It's a virtual desktop all in one and great for multiple monitor support.
Although on the downside it will take you time to learn, it's a plus for a software to do so much for displaying what you want daily.



Accept Mobile Payments

Want to try the new way to accept payments via mobile. Here are some great companies to choose from that are already making headlines and changing the way people buy online by going now portable.

More Info
Go Payments
ROAM pay
Google Wallet
Pay Pass
Pay Wave


Crashed Computer vs Sick Employee

Interesting to say that now-a-days a crashed computer is more important than a sick employee. We spend so many days worry about employee's that we take for granted when a computer crashes.
I can can tell you stories on crashed computer nightmares, but this time I will let Forbes tell you their story.
When in doubt and in need of computer support. Check out www.PcMaestro.us for monthly and annual preventive care maintenance plans.



Social Safe

Need to save your friends list, posts, pins and photo's from your social sites in one place so that you can have them accessible to you wherever you go. No need to worry that your social life will be down now that all your posts are backup.



Network Password Recovery

Here's a premium network password recovery software to help you write down the important passwords left behind on local or network computer. It's a must have utility if you have several user's on your network and need to keep track of thier passwords.




How do you secure the new BYON devices on your existing network. There is no right and wrong answer right now but here are some companies below making security possible for companies offering these services.

Dell SonicWall
Lightspeed Systems
Meru Networks


Clean Master for Droid

Tired of running out of space on your droid phone. Check out this cool application that does a great job on cleaning history, application, and left over files that your droid no longer needs.


We Transfer

Looking for a better way to transfer files online. Well if your using already Chrome. Here is a great extension to add on to that browser.
All you have to do is install  the extension and anytime you wish to send a file that's at least 2 gig's and just transfer the file via email. So simple and easy to do.


Free Windows Recorder

Looking for a Windows recorder to go with your webcam. This software is a great add on and does wonders with your webcam. I enjoy finding software that works wonders together.



Hackers Breach

It's pretty scary to know how a few hackers were able to breach a big financial giant and get away with a lot of cash in just a few hours. Now can you imagine what they could do in a month's time.



Win 8 Bloatware

Today most manufactures when you purchase a new Windows 8 computer have trial software that are attached in one way or another to your system boot files. Although it's a great opportunity for user's to get a trial version of the software before purchase. It creates headaches for some because not every user's will  pay for the full version software once the trial version expires.
With this comes Microsoft new Signature program. Microsoft guarantee's bloatware removal, but it's going to cost you an extra $99- to remove it. You decide?


Help for Lost Facebook Passwords

Facebook recently did a different type of 2 step verification if your account for one reason or another was hacked and the current information was changed. It's different from other companies current verifications. But how many people are really going to use this service. In the past if I had an account and lost the password. I would easily just open another account. Do you really think social media needs a 2 step verification? I don't know but it's easier just to open a new account then to hype all this security on social networking. You decide?



Post Blog on Facebook

This changes from time to time and it's a little tricky depending on the recent Facebook upgrades. Facebook doesn't make it very user friendly to post feeds on your account because they rather you personalize all your feeds. But if you act fast this is the information on how to do it below.



Updates affect Win 7

Recently did Windows Updates and now your getting the BSOD. Chances are that Microsoft is to blame for your problems. The only fix for this problem is to use the Windows 7 recovery disks.



Rootkit Rescue

Noticed that your computer is acting out of it's ordinary and now you need a reliable Rootkit software to narrow down the problem. Here are a few scanners to look at during you search.

Malwarebytes Rootkit
Oshi Unhooker



Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is definitely different with it's new flash feature. Not only does it flash fill fields, it auto formats so each cell is exactly like the first. The entire program is made to recognize and auto complete.
Now I wonder whose going to kink out all those unresponsive flash website errors to be able to use excel effectively.




Love websites but hate that now certain sites limit you on copy certain images, objects, references, etc. Well with Websniffer your copying will be done much easier. All you do is install the software and grab all those files into a folder and from their you have your hard to get copies. 


Google Hangout Upgrade

Support Desktop just got easier via Google. Not only does it easy connect to other computers so that you can help friends and family. But you now can incorporate video chat. So remote support with video help should get you up and running in no time.



Better Way to View Windows

Need a better way to view Windows. Here's a great solution to help you view your applications going virtual. It's opening up Windows applications that don't overlap with each other. Hopefully this new design will save you time and money.

More Info


Wifi Installer

Here's another free Wifi Analyzer software that works with Java and no installation is required. All you have to do is accept the Java software and accept don't block. A great way to have a great utility software free.

More Info


Fix IE Crashes

Here is a great tip to fix that annoying IE crash or freeze. It might not work for everyone but it's a great relief to users who can resolve that ongoing problem.

The trick is to disable the following and see if the problem goes away.

Disable Preview Panel
Disable Thumbnails
Disable UAC
Disable DEP



Stunning Websites

Looking to make a stunning website. Check out Strikingly and take your website to a new level. Everything is pretty basic all you have to do is sign up and get started.



McAfee Rootkit Remover

Looking for a rookit remover to remove from an infected computer. McAfee is here to the rescue and hopefully it will help you restore your computer back to normal.



Free Backup & Restore

Looking for a free backup an restore software so that you can easily recover your files if a disaster occurs with your computer. This is a must have for user's who currently lack any backup software.

Current Download


Google Account Activity

This service has been out from Google for a while and somehow was over looked because it was a minimal service that Google put together. It looks like now it's taking a better security form to see how your account and profile is being used on the web. If you want to monitor your Google activity. This is a great start to begin. Don't forget to signup at the link below.



Pc Monitor

Need to monitor at least 5 computers or applications where ever you go. This handy application makes you life easier when your on the go and it keeps track on when a computer goes offline, computer battery is low, memory is low, running out of space and if an event log was created. It has so many features that it's just hard not to like this software.
The application is available for non commercial use but it's a great application monitor for the have to be on users.



Dictionary Software

Looking for a reliable dictionary software so that you can easily write those perfect letters to others. This dictionary software is the only one you'll ever need and hopefully will be the last.



Smart Power

Want an easier way to shut down a computer when a specific application has finished. Or better yet have the  computer wake-up so that you can easily use it on the hours you need it the most. It's a handy application with the tools necessary to save you power and money when not in use.



Quickbooks Replacement

Tired of Quickbook and want something different and new. Although Quickbook's has made a tremendous leap in the business world it's competitors are ready to take the lead if you give them a chance.

Check out
Account Edge ($299- Pro/$99- Basic)

Working Point ($9/month - $19/month)

CS Ledger ( Free )

JMoney ( Free )

Account Manager ( Free )


Todo Backup Free

Here's a free backup software for user's who are looking to backup their files for an emergency. It's a great replacement software for user's who currently rely on Windows to do their backup. If your in need of a backup solution. Todo Backup Free is a great start.



Sound Gecko

Now subscribing to a blog will be easier to do knowing that someone is reading to you what's happening. That's what this new service call Sound Gecko is revolutionizing feeds so that instead of reading, you know just have to listen.



Free Accounting Software

Looking for a free accounting software for business or personal use. Gnucash is what your looking for and it comes along with a portable application so that you can take it where ever you go. It's a straight forward finance software with perks.



Tweets Backup

Ready to backup your Tweets well TwDocs comes handy and lets you backup your tweets in multiple formats. Now anyone can easily backup their Tweets and import them to other sites where ever you go.



Driver Magician Portable

Tired of looking for software drivers. This time you can use the Driver Magician Portable software to find those hard to find drivers with a click of a box.



Nooly Weather

Want to know the exact weather were your at? Try this new application named Nooly Weather and get precise weather in the area that you in within .4 square miles. It's a must have device for individuals who are always on the road.



How to Copy of Find My Doc's

Want to know how to copy the My Documents file on any computer, but can't figure out which folder it's in to copy. Or just want to know where the My Documents files lies on the c drive.

 "c:\users\yourname\my documents"



Want to Sync files on multiple computers without trying to figure out what files are missing. Syncbackfree keeps your files available where ever you go.



Tonido Everywhere

Want to have your files, videos, letters, picture and music where ever you go. Check out Tonido and see why installing the handy application you can take your files anywhere without any limits.



Fax thru Gmail

Pretty easy way to fax through Gmail using RingCentral. They are other providers that do that same and I suggest you try them out before you decide to purchase them so that you can choose which provider works with you the best.



Consumer Online Convenience

Consumers are now evolving to the new portable mobile technology. What that means for home computer users is that your current technology is being replaced by the new portable mobile technology. Smart phones and tablets are taking consumers mobile and as time goes by more new mobile devices will take its place making the stay at home personal computer obsolete.
So if your a consumer who has not yet taken the plunge. Start moving into the mobile direction before you are left behind.