I recently purchase a Chromebook and to broaden my computer skills and this is what I discovered. As for the price, platform stability, streaming and performance it's worth every penny. In a world were Microsoft rules you just need to find the right extensions and it can work, but nothings perfect.

If everyone would be open minded and take a challenge to new ideas, Chromebook and other OS will succeed eventually. The only problem is that most people are stuck in the Windows world and it's hard to change bad habits.

Windows was never an effect complete operating system, and this can be seen with it's ongoing update fixes. The only reason why this became a Windows world was because of great marketing tactics and the monopoly power it played when it became the big player on the block. And like everything else it controlled on what platform the world was going to follow.

Now-a-days Windows ideas and models are failing short and it's only a matter of time before we say goodbye to the big giant, but in doing so there has to be a replacement. The only way technology can move forward is by creating new ideas. Chromebook is nothing new but the Linux kernal it's been around for a while. The only problem that exist is having developers make software for the OS.

Chromebook is a sweet platform with a battery life that beats all it's competitor. In a mobile world where everyone is going portable, this is going to be a laptop of choice for the future. Don't be surprised when this OS blows up, now it's the time to upgrade your portable devices.