Ransomware Doubles

Looks like Ransom-ware is getting very popular with online user's recently. Besides the attacks being most often, the chances of you getting infected as double and will increase as time goes on.
Just comes to sure you how unsecured some user's are getting when they surf online.




Check out the new future for SSD's not only is writing to a hard drive going to be faster but transfer rates will go up to 4K. It's the future for hard drives going forward and it looks like this time it just might be worth the upgrade.
I would suggest user's not to jump a get one soon, but wait until the bugs are sort out before you buy your new computer.



Cancel Windows Update

A lot of user's keep on telling me that they want to cancel their Windows 10 Update and here is how easily you can do it. It's unfortunate for some user's that their computer may not be capable and be up gradable and the only choice they have is to buy a new computer if they want to even see Windows 10. So here you go.



Microsoft Limits Free One Drive Accounts

Looks like Microsoft is capping down on file transfer limits to free One Drive accounts and user's will eventually start looking elsewhere. It's another big giant move to remind user's that you have to pay to use Microsoft. In the long, I believe user's will just wake up and move to a better provider.



Bluetooth 5

Looks like Bluetooth is being upgrade to version 5 and you'll be surprised on what new things it will bring users. It's the Bluetooth that everyone has been waiting for in years like easier connections and larger transfer rates for files. Get ready and expect the update by year end.



Wireless Network Management

Tired of having Wireless network problems with your laptop. Here are some great techniques to get your Wireless backup and running as usual. It's requires you entering Dos commands but in no time your Wireless problems will go away.



Chrome Breakup

Chrome continues on annoying users. They all seem to complain about it's power consumption, browser updates and extensions. It somehow slows down and disrupt the browser's normal operations. No one knows if it's a simple bug or software compatibility will fix the problem, but everyone is aware of the issues. As for the future of Chrome is still uncertain and only time will tell if user's will will continue to use Chrome.



SD Bad

Phones in the past came with SD cards and now manufactures are telling everyone that's it's a bad idea to have SD cards on high end phones because they simply found a better way to make more money for you. The argument is that SD cards are made of poor quality and they usually corrupt files and video's, but I must admit I have yet to see a SD card to do such a thing. And if there is one the margin is very small. I have taken SD cards that were put into the environment by being dropped, stepped on, and handled by all types of services and these cards function exactly as they did when they first were purchased. The trick is to just format the card when your getting errors.
But unless consumer's start standing up and complaining, it looks like the SD card is doomed.



SD Good

SD cards have been in the market for sometime and I must admit there handy devices and you should always include one with the purchase of a phone and here is the reason why.
Manufactures recently started noticing that they can make more money by charging you data space on the cloud. So if you have taken pictures or video's on your smartphone. You phone has special apps that stores them in the cloud so that your phone will never run out of memory, which is good. The bad is that when you run out of memory in the cloud, now your forced to purchase more space and manufacture's love you even more.
Now by installing an SD card you eliminate the extra cost of the cloud monthly and your overall savings will be in significantly less than if you had stuck with your manufacture to purchase more storage.



Spreadsheets Online

Here's a site dedicating to share spreadsheets online. It's great for businesses who don't want to share accounts with anyone.  With the ready made templates all you do is login, pick a template, put your information on that template and share it with anyone. Quick, simple and easy to use.



Win 10 Number Keyboard Problem

Windows 10 has a number keyboard problem and the fix is a little tricky as long as you follow the instructions carefully below. It's another Microsoft bug blunder and they keep on coming.
Real soon I am going to recommend all user's shut down Windows Update until Microsoft starts being more responsible and more proactive before they push their updates.



Win 10 WiFi Problem Fix

Windows recently did an update and now your WiFi can no longer connect. Well Microsoft was sloppy again doing it's update and not testing out the patch before it got to it's users. Here is the fix and I suggest you keep this information on hand because I feel sorry for those user's who get this problem and are stuck now with a computer that is no longer wireless.




Here is a great way to take take your storage to a new level. Just get a Lima plug it to your WiFi and install the application on your phone. Now you decide what files you want to transfer to your drive and what files you want to make available. It's an easier way to get access to your files where ever you go.



Security Patch Info

Looking for a site to education on what security patches are out there and if you need to deploy them or not. Check out the CVE database and keep you clients satisfied.



Learn Online Programming

This site is a must if your ready to learn a new programming language. Usually you would have to download a lot of plugins and add-on's. No need with this site. It's coding made easy.



ContaCam Free Security

Looking for camera security software at home. ContaCam is a great freebie if you have a web camera and you can get a piece of mind knowing that your assets are secured without spending a penny. It's worth to look at if your concern about home security.



ZyXel's AC2200 Wireless

Talk about a wireless fast router that's powerful. Not only is it affordable, but you can get up to 1.733 Mbps on the 5 GHz and 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz side. The multiple input and multiple output device is a jump from routers that are over ten years old. The multiple antennas allocate bandwidth efficiently between users that it's hard to pass up. The setup is simple and will do the work for you to get up and going in no time. It's router's like these that make a difference with you connecting to the world.



UVK Ultra Virus

This software is out of this world. It's a great little device that gets you back up and running when a disaster strikes. I can't tell you how many times I have used this program to get things back.



Password Reset Caution

If your one of those user's who keep on forgetting your password, this is a must read article. You need to be cautious on password resets. For user's who use the same password for everything that's good for you to remember. As for the hackers, well lets just say now that have your password for every account you get email for and they can now steal your identity.
The only safe guard is to change your password every 3 to 6 months and keep your new password information in a safe place but that might not be good for everyone. So get a backup plan now, before it's too late and your identity is stolen.



Online PDF

Here is a great online PDF converter. It lets you do so much online that there is no need to install software. It's great if you want to convert to PDF or export from PDF.



Chrome Cleanup Tool

Having problems with Chrome, here's a great cleanup tool to fix the problem. It's unfortunate that everyone has software problems and Google is doing it's best to make things perfect.



Do you have Malware

Here are great ways to tell if you have Malware on your computer. It's unfortunate that the world now has changed for Virus to Malware. But here are the sign's to see if you need help.
Don't forget to call PcMaestro.us for support.



Comcast cuts caps

If your a heavy download user, you should be happy to know that Comcast no longer caps it's internet downloads. Great for gamers and individuals who love to download almost anything and everything.



Upgrade your old Pc's

Here's a good way to get free license's of Windows 10 by just upgrading your old hardware. You'll be amazed on how many computer out there qualify for this upgrade and who knows if the hardware can handle the new OS, it's still a great way to get Windows 10 for free.



Get Win 10 and roll back

Here is a great way to get Windows 10 on your computer and roll back before 30 days so that you get the license for free from Microsoft. Once you've done that your automatically locked in to upgrade your computer later on.



Virus Help

Have a virus but don't know how to remove it. No problem with the use of this website to direct you to what you need to download and do to remove that virus.
Have patience and remember that there are several different ways to remove a virus.



Win 10 Backup

Want to do a quick Windows 10 backup of your system just in case you one day need a recovery image. It's a good idea and a great way to use the system image in Windows so that you prepared for a disaster.




Going back and forth to work today is tedious and this is your traffic information from the U.S. Census to show how busy the Interstate is getting. It's good know how to be informed if traffic is either getting better or worse in your area.



QuickTime No More

Looks like Apple just shut down Quicktime without saying goodbye. The video player that's been around for sometime just became a high security risk, that some websites recommended you just uninstall it altogether. As for the other software's that still require it. we'll we are just going to have to wait until some comes up for a fix for this. Thanks Apple.



Revive a Hard Drive Theory

Remember a while back when I posted that if you had a hard drive that failed and you will freeze the hard drive, chances are that you can still retrieve the information on that old hard drive back. We'll let's just say this theory is now out the door because of the new innovation in hard drives.
We'll I guess we now have to go back to the drawing board.



Home WiFi Fix

Having WiFi problems at home, well here's a great map to help you out and fix your connection problem. The great thing about this map, is that once your done. Your signal boost should be greater than what it was before. Sometimes fixing the hard problems is just a little fix.

WiFi Extenders


Classic Games

Some of my user's have always complained about not having the same games in Win 8 and 10. Now here's an easy way to enjoy the games you love and take them with you in your new computer.



Google Echo

Move over Amazon, your not the only one who has made a bluetooth speaker with steroids. Google is getting ready to unveil it's new device and may the best device win.



Chrome on a Stick

Looking for an easier way to deploy software for your business. Why not try Chrome on a stick and see if your business can make use of the new OS. Chances are that it might just work for your company.



Win 10 Hidden Features

Wonder what's in Windows 10 that most users don't talk about. Check out these new add-on's that's already included in Windows 10.



Win 10 Fetch Files

Windows 10 has an simple fetch file way using OneDrive and you'll be amazed on how easily it is to get folders once you set it up on a computer.
Now you can easily access your files where ever you go with a simple click of the mouse.



Chromebooks Surpass

Looks like Chromebooks are becoming very popular among users. They now have sold more Chromebooks than Apple notebooks and eventually everyone is going to take notice when it's head to head with regular laptops.
As a Chromebook user I must admit the tablet is solid with great battery life. A must for internet users.




Here's a new way to keep your customers. It's called RingByName and you'll be surprised on what it can do for you. Not only re-connect you to the last person you spoke to, but advise them that you called and that you need to follow up with. It's a great service that brings up customer history and customer notes so that you understand your customer needs. Worth to check out if you want your business to grow.



Save items on Facebook

Here's a great tip to save items later on Facebook. Does not require a lot of energy, just the know how to so that you can see it later or save it later.
The great thing about this tip is that you can create an endless list with no due date for your personal viewing later on.




Malware software is everywhere and I strongly suggest you protect your computer immediately if you don't have any. For those user's who still prefer not to pay a premium price for subscription software. Here is a substitute on the fight against malware.




Looking for a stable free remote desktop software to login remotely when your in a hurry. This is a great replacement when compared to premium remote desktop software.



Google Cell Phone Service

Not only has google rolled out it's cell phone service project but it only costs $20- with a catch. Not a big deal if your in the market for cheap service with an unbeatable price. Let's see how far ground Google will reach with this service.



Google $10- Phone

Google looks like is keeping it quiet on it's new fiber phone service which cost only $10- a month that's tied into Google Voice. The service requires having a fiber phone service and still may not be in your area because of the area, but it's something to keep at watch in the near future. Google paving the way to connecting to others.



Intel Mobile Meltdown

Let's just say this was a game of craps and in the end Intel's big research and development just went down hill because they just couldn't meet their mark. So much for 10 billion.



WiFi Fix

Here is a fix to those users who are tired of reconnecting to a WiFi when it's done. The device automatically re-boots if the internet connection gets funky. Great device and I hope to see more items like this in the future. Or how about a router that does just the same.



Win 7 Boot Problem

Looks like Microsoft had a bug in it's update software and told everyone about it and for one reason or another made the update recommended so that everyone who had automatic updates on, installed it. The result was after a re-boot, computers crashed.
I don't understand why Microsoft even pushed the update, and if they keep on playing this game. I think it's about time to start a class action law suit to teach Microsoft a lesson on what to do and what not to do. That's the only way the software giant is going to understand their wrong doings.



Remove Win 10 banner Upgrade

Most of my customers in the past few months have been complaining about how to get the Windows 10 Upgrade. For most user's the software will do the rest once you click on the upgrade banner. And for some, well let's just say that all computers are not alike. And just because you qualify for the upgrade does not necessary mean that your computer can be upgraded.
Manufactures have made most of their hardware obsolete or non Windows 10 compliant. And the reality is for most is that you can't upgrade, but no one will tell you that directly.
If you just rather keep your old version of Windows and want to remove the Windows 10 banner, here is how to do it and it just requires you removing a windows KB update item KB3035583. Once you remove the update and re-boot the computer. The banner should be gone and you should be able to go on with your life without the regular version of Windows.



Printer Tips

Printers today have a short life span when compared to the printers your purchased in the mid 90's. If you have a printer today, there should be some measures that you should do occasionally so that you can extend your printer life. Now all printers are made the same and for most user's this will be the standard care and maintenance for most.



Income Comfort

Need to live comfortable in the city near you. Well if your in these designated cities, this is what your going to need to make in order to live comfortably.



Wrong with Cable

Here's is what's wrong with cable and why the cable companies don't want to free up their service. It's been a long wait for cable to free up it's service and the future maybe here for cable.



Laptop Kit for Pi

For a while I have been reviewing Raspberry Pi and was waiting for great ideas from builders and programmers to use the Pi and now I see a lot of potential when it comes to building a Pi Laptop. Not only worth it, but think about the endless things you can continue to do.



Login to Win 95

Have a Win 95 computer but can't remember the login name and password. Here's a quick tip to help you get into the computer so that you can access your files. Good luck.


Get into window 95 without login credentials. Without network access. When login in hit cancel to get into OS, then hit start, find search all files with the .pwl extension then delete them. The next time u login your password should be blank.


Sexuality Terms

These sexuality terms will show other's that how in touch you are with yourself and gets them better educated on the meanings of these terms. You'll be surprised on how many people don't know the true meaning of these terms.



Improve Online Experience

I've know this for a while now, but I still have yet to experience a faster DNS trilogy because of the ongoing setup it takes to change the DNS and for some people, if problems arise. It's easier to see and troubleshoot when your getting the same experience as other users on the network.
But if you want your speeds to go faster, this is a must read and a must research because in the long run it will pay off to customise your DNS settings.




Open source office is in beta and get ready for a similar Office365 look-a-like service. And we still don't know how great it will be when all is done, but check it out if you still refuse to go the Microsoft subscription way.



Top Tech Support Info

Here is some good information when it comes on getting help from top tech support companies. They all usually follow a systematic pattern of support and it's good to know who you are talking to so that you don't get frustrated and get to the bottom of your problem immediately. This is my so called cheat sheet to get the right guy to fix your problem. Doesn't mean that your problem will be fix, but at least you know that you have someone with more experience getting the job done.



Run Win in Virtual

Ever wanted to learn how to run Windows in a virtual machine, well look no further, there are instructions to help you run Windows on a virtual machine. The great things about virtual machines is that if they get infected by a virus or malware you can delete the virtual machine and start over again. Worth to check out.



Delete the undeletable

Ever wonder how you can delete a file that you simply tried several times to delete. Now if it's a operating system file, I strongly suggest that you don't delete. For all other files, just follow these instructions and hopefully it will delete these files.



Hiding a Router

Great ideas to hide something that you don't want others to see. If you interested in hiding your router, here are some great tips to be hidden.



Uber Facts

Looks like Uber is giving out the facts for individuals whether it's better to own a car, get a taxi or use Uber. You'll be surprised on the results from Uber. I guess it will make sense for some and others not, you decide.



Reason's not to buy a Laptop

Here are some good reason's why not to buy a laptop anymore. There use to be a time where majority of the user's purchased laptops for portability, that's not the case anymore. Tablet are easily portable. When it came to entertainment having a laptop was easier to watch your favorite movies, but now all that is changing thanks to Roku and Firestick. The laptop portability options are changing and if it keeps on it could be the end.



Head phone beating

If your reading this your not surprised that Apple for a while was trying to better their product by still using it's phone concepts to make things simple. Well it looks like this Chinese company beat Apple to their idea by using their phone. Not only can you connect headphones to the power cord easily, you can also listen to music, with the same jack. Great idea that combined together to give anyone the delight they need.



Smart IT

I don't feel sorry for this bank heist. Not only does it show that firewalls are a must for bank security, but with all the money that this bank was bringing in, it would of just costed pennies to the dollar to get simple firewalls and switches to protect their infrastructure. Sure shows poor planning with lack of security. What were they thinking of, when they decided to go online.



Feds pay to cheats

Interesting how the federal government waste money every year. This great article tries to understand why so many people cheat on their taxes. It's amazing that they had to do a study on this when maybe it just could be that they just don't want to pay any taxes.
The federal governement should of just gave me the money and I would have brief them easily on why american's don't want to pay taxes. It's that simple.



Stop using HDMI

Looks like HDMI is being replaced with Miracast and the future looks amazing. Not only will you be able to broadcast what you want others to see but opens the door to other new things that people can now use this technology for. Check it out and get ready for the future.



Setup iPay

Have an iPad or iPhone and want to know how to setup iPay. No big deal as long as you follow these easy tips. Now paying for items because so simple to do when your on the go.




Tired of someone trying to bypass your phone password. Regardless if it's for the good or for the bad, this application takes care of those peeping toms the easy way. If you try to hack a cell phone password then don't be surprised for the application to take a picture of the abuser. It's a great software to keep others out of your business.



Smart Mattress

This is a pretty insane application for your mobile device. I don't know what to say to people when it comes to finding out the reality. Regardless this application is out there.



Internet Facts

Facts about the internet that you probably don't know about. You'll be surprised on who helped shaped up the internet on how when know of it today. It took years of development, but the end result was a two way communication to the world.



First Fly from home Drone

Here is the first fly from home drone and if everything goes well, we can definitely see more of these in the near future. Now checking if you left the lights on at home, left an appliance or stove on can be easily checked via drone.



New World Insurance Agent

Here's the school on getting insurance online. Sooner or later someone is going to change the way we buy insurance and don't be surprised that the change will come sooner than you think. They just have to figure out the little pieces that are hard to link in together.



Aomei Backup

Looking to get an image backup using Aomei, no problem with the help of this simple tutorial online. You don't need that much information to do a full system backup. And if your not one of those users who backup your computer, I strongly recommend you do now.



Great Business Cards

This business card is not only going to revolutionize future cards but might even get you some new clients because of the benefits.



Tighten Windows 10 Privacy

Windows 10 can be a nightmare with it's privacy settings. If you just installed Windows 10 or have a new computer with Windows 10 and want to setup all the privacy settings. O&O Shutup 10 is a great software to setup your privacy settings once and for all. Check it out and be concerned on what information now Windows wants to get from you.



MAC cannot read Flash Drive

Here's an on going problem with MAC computers when you share flash drives across multiple operating systems. On Windows the flash drive works, then on MAC, you just can't get MAC to understand what device your putting in and to read those files.


It's simple, wipe out the flash drive completely in Windows, then go to My Computer -> click on Flash Drive -> Properties and reformat the Flash Drive to exFAT.  Once all is done put the file your trying to read in MAC back into the Flash Drive and then try reading it using the MAC. You should instantly see MAC recognizing the Flash Drive and the files and your all done. 


Skip and Upgrade Win 10 Now

Windows 10 has been a mess for some user's and let's not go to the user's who are still yet waiting to upgrade because of a software problem. If you still want Windows 10 and just don't want to wait you can follow these instructions, but just note that this will not be the case for all computers and sometimes it's just better to wait your turn.



The End

This could be the end of the movie business for me, not only are they going to allow cell phones, but it's definitely going to ruin the plot of all my movies. Bye Bye.



USB warning

Here are some key tips on what not to do when you find a USB stick. I caution everyone to do the same because, at times there are just people out there who would like to give you headaches and just mess up your computer. In the long run, it's just better sometimes to just leave things alone.



App vs Software

Why do people call mobile applications "apps" and not say that it's just software. This is a good question and here goes the logic answer and I hope you can get this.

A software refers to a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and it's documentation concerned with the operation of a data processing system. It's data that is stored on your phone or computer. ex. Microsoft, Android, iOS, etc.
You can update your system software which is already located on your device, but you cannot run it.

Whereas, an application or application software used to run and perform various tasks.

That's the difference and that's why it's two different things. One software runs, and the other doesn't.



XP in a virtual machine

Still not ready to say goodbye to XP, because of old software restrictions. The fix is simple using Virtual Box and you can extend your software life until your ready for the upgrade.



Tools for the Mobile IT

Keeping up in the computer world gets difficult daily and these great tools are here to lend you a hand and help make difficult things easier to do. If your a technician, these tools are not a bad idea to have around, just in case you need them.



Hide a Router

Here's a cool person making a difference in the real world by hiding his devices. I enjoy seeing these video's from people who have great ideas to make a every day device unnoticeable.



RAM Mystery

Ever wonder why we can't use all of our computer's memory. Well let's just say it goes back to having a 64 bit computer and the right hardware. But if you want some more information, this site will help you get to the bottom of your missing memory.



Bust S.O. Cheating

Cheaters beware, this so called site is going to put and end to your habits. I am not in anyone side when it comes to cheating for whatever reasons. But I am just stating the facts that this site is in the business for and to alert the public of the information easily being made available online. If your into Tinder, watch and beware.



Next Drive

Taking storage to a new level with Next Drive. This is certainly an advancement for user's who want control of their cloud services. There is so much that one can do with Next Drive that it's still un-thinkable and yet to be determined on the future of the company.
If you love cloud, but hate the fees, this is a sure best way to go.



Antivirus Help

Need help getting antivirus because you feel like your computer is acting up. In the real world you don't need it, because now antivirus is the least of your worries because of the excessive malware on the internet. But if you need something for the time being, feel free to use any of the sites listed on the link below to fix your problem temporary until Windows updates the fix.



Hello to Ryan's Law

Looks like a California law has put an end to your cable company holding you hostage to cancel your service. Now with a single click anyone can easily cancel their service online.
You better believe that Comcast is not happy about this, but puts the power of having cable or internet in the hands of the consumer. Hope to see this law go into affect every where.



Find Anyone's Email

Here is a great start to find anyone's email. It's not rocket scientist works, it just take s little patience and creativity to track down individuals online.
For user's who don't want to be tracked online, lets just say that's going to be difficult since public records already made that decision for you. In the online world your already online and it's just a matter of people putting the puzzles together to reach you.



Ready for the new Refrigerator

Looks like the future is ready for refrigerators. Try camera's on doors and links to Amazon groceries to replenish your grocery list. Buy building smart refrigerators your grocery shopping should be easier to do so that you can make time for better things.



Movie Swap

Netflix better be prepared, this new startup is going to change how we watch movies. Can you imagine how many movies people are now able to watch for free. It makes pretty well sense and we will see what the movie studio's have planned now for this new startup.



Digital Estate

What happens to all of your online accounts when someone passes away. This is something that user's should also add on to their wills or beneficiaries so that loved one's can be complete. This is not always true for everyone, but at least their will be closure for some families.
No one knows if the data will out our lives, but some companies are now offering solutions for user's. Hoping that your loved one's have already decided what will happen when their time is up.



Install without CD/DvD and USB

Need to install the OS on a computer, here is a new way to do so without a CD/DVD or USB device. The way to do this is to create a partition on the computer and boot from that option using the OS iso. Now installing OS can be a thing of the past.



Easy Home Security Options

Want a do it yourself project when it comes to home security. These handy companies are making it simple and easier to install home security devices so that you can secure you home in all modern ways. It's a new world and we are taking it to the technological error.



Hard Drive Info

Want to know the facts of computer hard drives, here it goes and you will be surprised what you'll already didn't know to date.



2016 Top Routers

Here are so far 2016 top router's in the market. That doesn't mean after this post, they will not make something better. But if your in the market for a faster better router, you might want to look at these first before you buy.



IRS Scams

Usually called the IRS Dirty Dozen scams. It's most likely that you will be flagged an audit if you attempt to try these scams and attempt to fool IRS. In my years of practice, this is a bad option and I would stay clear of being dishonest. In the long run it's better to sleep good at night that constantly worry when your turn is coming up.



Raspberry Pi Add-ons

Great things are happening to Rapberry Pi and it starts with other manufactures making products to work well with this new item. There's no telling what's next for the hot affordable item.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


Eating Right

In the past for years you might have seen several thousand of these companies pop up and still remain on top of their gain or just stay small and local. Here is a company doing change for people who just want to eat right. It's a ongoing world problem and it's a pro-active stance on how healthy someone wants to maintain. Check it out, it's not for everyone, but eating right will definitely change your life patterns.



The New Plastic

This card could possible change how many cards we carry in out pocket daily and you can even choose which card you want to charge with. It's revolutionize, but still fairly new and with all these identity thefts, just don't know if this device will make a difference. Sometimes things are better just left alone.



Get Win 10 not Installing

I have noticed this occurring for a lot of user's who were offered the Windows 10 upgrade, but Windows won't install. Now it could be a hardware or software issue. So before you try this tweak check your computer manufacture for recent software updates before you begin and hopefully this will resolve your installation problems. Thanks from the help of Techradar.


  1. Open Windows Update by positioning the mouse pointer in the bottom right corner of the screen and then moving it up. After this click Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery.
  2. Next, click on "choose how updates get installed" and on the next page choose the relevant option under Important updates.
  3. From there choose "give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" check box from under the Recommended updates section
  4. Under Microsoft Update then choose the "give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows" check box and click "Apply."
  5. Open up Windows Explorer to view the files on your PC. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and delete all the files that are in the folder (but don't delete the folder itself).