Acorn investing great for people who want to invest but know very little about it. They invest your money after answering a few questions for them and they make the money for you.

You can start as little as $1- or $5- a month by setting up the automatic monthly deduction from your bank account and even though there is a $1- monthly charge for investing, it still a low fee to pay to have your money work for you. There are other plans, but I would recommend at first, the basic plan.
The company purchases fractional shares and you can easily buy a $1- stock on a company that you would not have the money to buy that share easily.

Now the only downfalls are that you cannot but your own shares, they do this for you once you choose your investment profile. And all dividends from the company go back to your cash account for use or reinvestments. So dividends are always paid in cash which is still not that bad.

Now they do have a charge card that you can use and I would look into it but there are some monthly fees to consider. But you cannot beat the no minimum balance or overdraft fees, unlimited fees or reimbursed ATM fees. And money reinvested for you for using their card. So it could be worth it.

Besides all that the company is protected by SIPC ($500,000) which is like the FDIC that insures your bank. Partnered with Lincoln Savings Bank.

Some other things to consider if your money is beyond $5,000- in this case, you might want to look into a premium brokerage account but the fees are still reasonable at $.25 % fee annually.

Google search info:
As of 2019, Acorns had over 4.5 million users and over $1.2 billion in assets under management.

As for now if all stays that same, this company is still worth looking into and investing, until their fees or plans change.

If you are interested click on the $5- Startup link to get free money to invest and give them a try.


$5- Startup Link


Free Remote Access Tools

Working from home and need access to your work computer so that you get the most out of your workday at your convenience.
This is where remote access tools come in play and here are some great alternatives to premium software.




Looking for big savings on a mobile phone service plans, check out Ting and see if it works for you. It sounds pretty neat, I am just unsure on the coverage area. But in this day and age, anything is worth the risk.



Moz Academy

Moz Academy is giving out free courses to access SEO through May 31 so if you want to update your skills, now may be a great time to get started.



WiFi Trojan

There is a new WiFi trojan that can infect networks called Emotet. The trojan is able to infect machines and jump across WiFi networks to infected machines connected to hijacked networks. The stop to it is very simple but like everything else in life, we will not know until there is an outbreak.




It looks like Sony is doing it's best to keep costs down, but chances are that the device will still be pricey because they are more powerful gaming units. Who knows maybe they will hold down the prices so that they can make the difference with user games.

It's still on the table and hopefully, we will know more information soon.




Here is a great antimalware scanner for Windows and at this point, it's best to have something protecting your computer than nothing at all.




Here is a free diagram and flowchart software that can help you easily organize your ideas so that others can understand your workflow and thought process on how things are done.
Great way to teach others the process of flow charts, for noncommercial use.



Farming AI

Here is a great link for farming AI in how it's slowing changing the farming industry and how useful it's helping farmers make their jobs easier. The world is growing and we need technology to help these farmers feed the world.



Standard Charger for Phones

It looks like the EU is now pushing for a single standard charging port for all smartphones hoping to reduce electrical waste. This will hopefully force manufactures to make a universal charger that will work with any device whether it be old or new.



Disable Search

Tired of resources eating up your memory. If you hardly use the search function in windows, it may be a good idea to disable the search function so that it can free up your system memory.

Here is the link on how to do this.




Here are royalty-free images that anyone can use and not have to worry about if they violated and copyright agreements. It's the way the world should always be.




Stuck during quarantine, here is a great way to cook up a great meal using this website. This website puts down all the ingredients you have in your pantry and gives you the recipes you can make with what you have on hand. Great idea and it's putting all your resources to work in one place.




This is the best way to get rid of old accounts from the internet. It's a great way to clean up accounts that you just want to remove out of your life because of the ongoing spam and emails that people keep on sending you.




Here is a great way to send private notes to anyone and automatically destroy itself after the person reads it. Pretty nice to eliminate any email of existence, I just wonder if it really works well.



Google COVID Search

With the CoronaVirus increasing, Google set up a basic page for users to get information and knowledge of the virus so that their search is easily improved.

I am happy to see a good deed for many in this moment of crisis.



Advantages of an Electric Car

There are pros and cons of buying an electric car and here is some great information if you are ready for the sudden change. It basically comes down to what type of driver you are and if you can afford the upfront costs.



Amazon Tips

Get more of your Amazon account but incorporating some of these great tips. If you use them wisely they can save you a bundle in no time.
Take Amazon to the next level with these great tricks.



Speed for Stream

Ever wonder how much speed you need to stream? Well, every service is different but if you already have a streaming service the information below can be helpful before you upgrade your internet package.




This website lets you want thousands of documentaries for free. It's the best way to understand why things are the way they are in the world. Never spend a dull moment not learning something new.



Voice Recording Service

Need a voice recording service, check out this site and take your voice to a new level with it's share and save features.
Great place to sample voicemail messages and greeting messages for your friends and coworkers.



Cash App

The best way to get anyone to buy stocks and begin saving and making money. It's a great money management tool to get young individuals and anyone involved in investing, especially beginners.
It's a new fraction stock purchasing power that will hopefully be adopted by major trading companies. It's a great idea and it has a lot of potentials even though it's a fraction of a share with zero fees.

Just note this is a taxable investment account and it's not a day trading account.



BuiltWith Technology Profiler

This is the best way to review a competitor's website and see what tools and programs they are using that make their site so unique. It's a great way to learn how to build effective webpages.



Bing launches COVID-19 Tracker

Now I do not understand why they would want to replicate a site that others are already using unless they feel like they want to add more features so that people can easily follow.
I must say if you click on the State and cities it does give you news reports in that area.




Now anyone can learn any language for free. This website makes it possible to take your language skills to a new level.



Samsung Rotating Tv

This Tv connects to your smartphone and rotates to the orientation on your phone. You have to see the video to see how cool the tv functions mimicking your phone. It's a mobile generation tv.
Great tv to entertain your guests and friends.




Cool networking application and this could change how people can advertise to others in the future. The application has so many positive ideas that can take marketing to a new level.
It's a great way to show others your current products and to network with others. Hope this handy device catches on because it's a great idea.
Imagine never have to give another person a business card because, with this application, the user has all the information needed to be added to your phone.



Self Driving Cars

Ever wonder why most companies use just these three car models for self-driving. Well, it really has to do with simple computer hacks and because they do not require lots of retrofitting.




Need to get an Excel password removed, here is a great software to help you accomplish just that. I just love to see great softwares that will always save the day.




Here is a great PowerShell tool to take screenshots in Windows PE. Great software to capture or take a screenshot of Windows tasks.



Win10 v1909 for IT Pros

Here is the latest information on Windows 10 v1909 for IT Pros. There are quite a few new features for the IT Pros that should make our job easier to do.



Make your Own Hand Sanitizer

The new Coronavirus is causing mass panic because of media ratings and if you are tired of running from store to store looking for hand sanitizers and everyone is sold out then here is a quick method to make this product at home. The key ingredients are isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel and a pump bottle. So if you are able to get these products at the store then you are in luck and can easily make it at home.

Now I would keep this secret quiet otherwise everyone is going to buy out all the rubbing alcohol and aloe vera.

Combine in a bowl:
⅔-cup rubbing alcohol (99% isopropyl alcohol)
⅓-cup aloe vera gel.
Stir. Decant into a clean soap or pump bottle.



BitLocker Pin Attemps

Ever wonder how the too many pin attempts in BitLocker works. Well if you are in the dark with BitLocker all together this is a good source of information you should be aware of.



Bluetooth Flaw

Here is some great information on how to correct that current Bluetooth flaw that hackers have been using to get access to your phone.

The best option is that if you do not use it, then turn it off.



Best Tax Software

Have not filed your taxes yet and want the best software that money can buy. Check out the pro's and con's of these best know tax software's and see how far your money can go.



Apple Car Key

Get ready for a new application to open your car for you. Now it's not going to be smooth sailing at first but within time, you can see these applications showing up every where.



Electrical Drains

Here are some electrical power drains that consume your electricity. If you have these devices around your house, then they are bleeding your electric bill monthly.
With this you have options and it's all up to you to make a difference or not of things around you.



Gmail Advance Protection

This is considered the fort Knox of computing but if you are looking for a better way to secure your computer, then this is an option.
It's not for everyone but it's a good way to secure your computer and information when you access your account.



Yahoo Breach Settlement

They should be ashamed and something should have been done. But no one did anything and this is why the company is no more. Regardless if you had an account, you can still file a claim and should.

Here is info on the settlement.



Microsoft Quick Start

Have the new OS from Microsoft and want to know more, here is a great resource for your new OS. Getting familiar with Windows 10 is just the beginning.



Plane Crash Survival

If you are concerned as a plane passenger on surviving a crash, then you should watch this video to see on you can change those odds. It's good to know as much information as you can so that you can live life longer.


Power Beats Pro

It looks like for a hefty price you can get fit tight headphones that are better than AirPods. Not only will they be hard to fallout from your ears when you are on the move but they will sound better than your regular Airpods. So if you have the extra money, they might be worth the cost.



Microsoft addon's to Chrome

Now that the big giant has a Chrome-based platform, you can expect more new features to be added to Chrome so that both web browser platforms can integrate other programs.



Macworld for Free

Looks like Macworld are offering their free magazine to user's so that they can see what they are all about and so that it can increase subscriber sales. Good move for them and a good move for us to review. Take a look at the February issue for free.



Amazon Liability Escape

Here is an interesting story from a buyer who purchased an Amazon product and the defective product cause severe damage.
Long story short, the insurance company sued the manufacture and Amazon and it's still lingering in court because they cannot identify what Amazon is. And because of this classification, they are able to elude liability.



Coronavirus Real Time

Here is an easier way to see why this scary virus concerns many people. It shows the origin and number of cases per country affected. This could be a real threat if the numbers start increasing quickly.



End of CDs and Downloads

The future of listening has changed and music now will be as simple as streaming. Let's take a look back on how in thirty years things have changed.



Gadgets with MicroUSB

Why you should stop buying gadgets with MicroUSB is because the technology is already outdated and it's only a matter of time before it will be discontinued. New advanced technology already has USB C ports and it's becoming the normal thing to do moving forward.
I am not saying that you will be out of luck if you buy a product with MicroUSB, but most updated gadgets now come with USB C ports and moving forward all your devices should have that port in common. If you want to buy smart, then moving forward USB C ports is the smart way to buy.



Stop Google Calendar Spam

The famous calendar application has now been breached with spammers. If you are getting spam on Google calendar, here is how to stop it.



Calendar Planners

Tired of your old calendar planner, here a better way to plan things using other free calendars that you can easily download and print.



Windows 10 Flaw

Looks like Windows did it again and this time, for some users it can break their computer. It looks like a KB4532693 patch corrupts the profile on the user's computer having the profile get stuck or mysteriously remove files, all caused by a temporary profile used for the update.
If you can rollback your computer hurry up and do so.



Bezoss Phone Hack

The Amazon CEO is not the only person who has to be careful with online security. This article just shows you how simple in sharing a video file, a mobile device was compromised and all the CEO life was made public.



Online Appointments

Tired of scheduling appointments with others. Take a look at this online calendar scheduling that makes things so simple to do.



Edge is Here

The long-awaited Microsoft Edge is here and now it's time to get it rolling. Edge is now based on Chromium which is the same backbone for Chrome. So get ready for a new change in browser history. 



10 Minute Email

Here is a website to give you a temporary email for ten minutes. After that, it's basically gone until the next time you want to use it.
It's great for testing another website that you do not want to give out your email address.


Who Invented Valentines Day

How weird this legend is way different than how we celebrate it today. Here is some info on Valentine's Day. Now it's strange how years went by things have drastically changed.
It's now a popularized idea and a traditional way to make money. Now would it be nice to create more days like this so everyone can enjoy it?



Gmail New Feature

Now Gmail user has a new feature which sends emails as an attachment. Now sending mail to others will be as simple as drag and drop.
It's a great idea and will save you time in the long run. Try it and see if it works for you.



Microsoft vs AWS

Looks like Microsoft is making a stronghold on cloud computing and sooner or later it will oversee its competitor AWS. Now this makes things very interesting since AWS has been the leader for years.



Phone Charging Info

Here is the truth about phone charging at night and why users should not worry when charging their batteries when they go to bed. Times have changed and so have the way you charge batteries.



Surge Seas Risk Zone Map

This flood map is just going to show you how easily your residential area is going to flood within the next few years.
The clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before some areas are underwater.



Robot Lawyer

Tired of License Agreements then using this robot lawyer will hopefully simplify future license agreements. It's a great idea and I hope that it helps clear a lot of complex information for users.

More Info


Automate Rebates

Best way to get money back when purchase price drops. This membership is a must-have if you tired of always paying a high price for anything.
All you have to do is sign up and enroll your cards and the program does the reset.



TikTok Threat

It looks like this famous social media application is becoming a cybersecurity threat for US Navy officers. This is not the first time social media has been a problem with security threats.



OneNote merger

Like like OneNote is merging with code with the new framework and this would mean that the popular software will still be able to save your notes your way.



Apple code name "pie"

It looks like Apple is finally taking control of its cloud services. If codename Pie becomes reality, we can be looking at another new cloud service from Apple similar to AWS. Now I hope they change their minds on their new infrastructure and push for Mac VMware's. Stay tuned.



Safe way to lock your Smartphone

Thieves are now looking for new ways to hack your phone that consumers must be one step ahead when locking their smartphone. Will more users saving their personal information on their smartphones, it becomes a prime target for anyone wanting to do some mischief.
The best advice is to be cautious of your surroundings when placing your phone down and read the article below for more useful information.



Fax Free Machine

Tired of fax machines and want to take a to a new level getting emails for all of your faxes. Then there are some cool companies to look at to take faxing to the next level. Fax machines are almost obsolete and in this day and age, it has not yet gone away. But it's only a matter of time before some new technology comes along and puts the fax machine to rest for good.



Your Domain after death

After your death, your domain will continue running as normal until it expires and then become publicly available until someone purchases it.
You can put it in your will, or designate someone to manage it afterward but that's your choice.



Modern Car

Love your modern car, well you should be aware that's it's a privacy concern and what information they can share with others. Whoever thought how information could be easily accessed.



Ransomeware Goon Update

Looks like 2019 was a good year for Ransomeware goons with almost 1k attacks. Now the fault lies both on network administrator and poor budgeting.
This problem will not go away until companies come in terms of what needs to be done to ensure that everything is safeguarded within their organization.



Apple Satellite Secret

Apple satellites can mean trouble for ISPs and let's just say that if their dream comes true, there could be a better way to stream data to user's devices. As for the ISPs let just say that they can easily be cut off entirely because of the advanced technological breakthrough.



IE Bug

Looks like IE has a new bug being widely used by hackers and Microsoft will hopefully fix it soon. I guess they don't think it's that really critical yet. It's similar to the Mozilla bug found recently.



Flash end of Life

It looks like the end for Flash with nearly 95 % of the website without it. The once popular software that was every where will be dead soon and you can blame Adobe for not fixing it's sluggish software and it's constant vulnerabilities.So if you still have flash files you will have to view them offline because it's going to be even harder to find on the web.



iPhone Update

It looks like the next-generation iPhone may have no charging ports at all and it is believable because iPhone is trying to stay one step ahead from its competitors.
It's a great sign for phone manufactures because it's only a matter of time before everyone starts following the new trend.



Windows 10 Key Cmds

Looking for Windows 10 key commands, then look at the following commands below.

Window + I = to switch programs on the taskbar
Windows + Shift + 1 = open new browser
Windows + Up = to maximize
Windows + Down = to restore to previous style
Winodows + Shift + Left = move the current program to the left hand display
Ctrl+Shift+T = opens recent closed tab browser
Windows + I = bring up Settings programs
Windows + Ctrl + F4 = close current desktop


Google Activity

Tired of Google tracking your daily routines, click on the link below to go to Google's personal activity page for your user profile. You will be surprised at what information they have already stored on your profile.



Tmobile fails 5G

Looks like T-mobile's hype on 5G is not all that it's up to lately and the big giant looks like is failing on covering forty percent of the population. If this is true then they need to correct this as soon as possible and give it's customers the satisfaction that they want.
I am not surprised by the outcome by they should have known better than sooner that someone was going to find out the truth. There no better than At&t.



Microsoft Local Accounts

Setting up a local on Windows 10 is getting difficult. Microsoft keeps hiding the option making it difficult for users to create a private local account on their computer.
Your best bet is to select join a domain and remove it when the installation is complete.


Disk Rescue

Getting hard drive clicks and know that your drive is about to go but you need to backup all your files before it's too late. Check out Test Disk and try to salvage whatever is left of your drive so that it can be backed up.



Franz 5

Keeping connected with all social media applications is becoming difficult for everyone. I suggest looking into Franz 5 since it helps you keep connected with one application to all your third party accounts. Now you can easily be connected to several accounts via one sign-in login.




Want to tweet like a pro, then this is a great way to get real-time tracking and organize your audiences so that you can get more tweets and movement on social media.



Box Office Ending

It looks like the Box Office Ending is approaching sooner than you think. There has been some talk for a while on how Box Office is struggling to survive and now Netflix is not helping at all.
Netflix is now using all its connections to get the movies to you sooner than you think, let say 27 days after an opening. So this new trend will open the doors for other companies to do the same and the count down has begun.
So adore the moments now, before it's gone. There is no saving a struggling business in a cable cutters world.



Office Alternatives

From time to time users always ask me what are my alternative if I choose not to purchase Microsoft Office. And I basically say if you want something free stay with the free online versions from Microsoft. If that still is not satisfying enough then check out these links below.
They are really not that bad and there are free.

Open Office


Geotag Threat

It looks like the military is concerned about soldier security when it comes to taking pictures on their phones. The tags can easily pinpoint the team's locations and could be a security risk.
The same similar risks can happen for consumers when it comes to safety. So the next time you take a picture, it's important to remove the geotag from them.



Win PE Rescue Disk

Windows PE is still popular and if you don't know how to create a rescue disk, you should go over the steps just in case you ever need that rescue disk in the future.



Win 10 ISO via Chrome

Some users have problems downloading the latest Windows 10 ISO image from Windows and hate using Internet Explorer. If you are a Chrome user you are in luck that not there is an easier way to download Windows images using Chrome.
Now hopefully they will make this easier to do in the future.



Fix IE Performance

IE is giving your problems when it's on the internet. Then you might want to check out these troubleshooting tips to get IE working back to normal.
Until the new IE browser comes out this is your best bet for fixing IE.



PCmover Express

I have used this software in the past and it's a great software to move from one OS to another. If time is of importance to you, then this software is a lifesaver.



Reset Internet on Win 10

Here are some great tips to help you easily reset Windows 10, if you cannot get on the internet. This reference is a great start to know ahead of time before the problem occurs.



Social Media Management

Have a bunch of social media accounts and need an easier way to manage them. Here is a cool way to control this account in one place. Hopefully, it can take your social media to a new level.



Uber payoff

It looks like Uber has some serious explaining to do on paying off some hackers on a breach of confidential data. Now Uber should have advised every one of the recent hacks. Instead, the chose to pay off the hackers, have them sign a confidentiality agreement and delete the data and keep the breach quiet. I guess this was not a great resolution.



Robot Curtains

I can see this little guy making a difference in opening and closing the curtains daily. It must admit is looks quite simple and easy to do. I hope it has an automatic scheduling feature to the application.




New iPhone Concept

If this is the new iPhone I am excited to see what other vendors have in store coming soon. This could be the new reality for phones in the future.



Bio Gas

I must admit I have never seen anything like this before and it's worth looking into if you want to go green and help the environment.
It's a great idea and helping you keep on reusing energy in the best way possible.



Ransomware Infections Continue

Looks like Lousiana was recently hit with ransomware and the infection, unfortunately, took down more than two thousand state computers and servers.

The key to preventing these future attacks is end-user education.



Web Page Test

Need to test web pages over multiple browsers and OS. Here is a great tool to help you fix those compatibility problems across browser and platforms.




Firefox & Chrome Offline

Looking for offline installers for Firefox and Chrome, here is some great information for various types of OS that your are looking for.




Uber breach

It looks like the UK is well aware of Uber's breach and yet the company still refuses to fix their problem. Unlike the U.S.A. the UK refuses to let this breach be unaddressed and it's justified since the company now is growing.



Find Anyone

Use these great search tips to find you lost friends online. You will be surprised how quickly you can find anyone online. If the person uses social media you can hopefully easily find them, if they do not then you will have to rely on other sources to find them. Here is the info.



Reach an Operator

Reaching an operator nowadays is frustrating and can take a long time with these automated voice menus. Your best bet is to try services like GetHuman.com or FastCustomer to get in touch with an operator directly. Life should not be complicated speaking to a human.