MegaPixels Chart

What do all these digital camera MegaPixels mean. It's simple. If you want to take a picture and print it. Well this is how big it will print. But that doesn't mean that you can't make them larger by using a third party software. Now think about it. How many times will you really print anything larger than 4x5.33?

MP Print Size at 300dpi Potential Enlargement
2.1 4x5.33 10x13
3.2 5x7 16x20
4.1 >5x7 20x24
6.1 7x10 26x40
8.3 7.8x11.7 32x49
10.2 8.5x12.7 33x50
12.4 9.5x14.3 40x60


Never burn bridges

Talk about stupid. Sometimes in life when your at a no win position. It's better off to learn what you learned and move on. But this employee had other plans and took this too personal. He should of just left.


Video Surveillance

If you are concern about video surveillance. Here is an user friendly surveillance product that's affordable. No need to understand the technical terminology needed to install and operate your surveillance unit. Just follow the instructions on installing the cameras and receiver and your done.


Google gets into website registration

It's a good move for Google just in case it's search engine profits slow down. I just hope they are able to implement new web base ideas.


AVI Codec Help

Downloaded a movie or video and your having problems viewing it. Well AVI Codec Help is here to solve your problems. Although I can't guarantee that this will work for every movie or video your download. This is a start on figuring out what video format you need for your player to play the movie.


iPod DJ

Now you can mix like a profession via iPod. I don't know if this item is going to be a hit but just to show what the future holds for iPod.


Solar Ports

I've been doing some research on these items for a few months now and it's practically affordable if you can narrow down on how many items you can use this solar charger for. The only down side I see, is the solar cell life expectancy. But if you use it on a regular basis, then it's priceless.


Wireless Recharging Pads

This product guarantees your wireless and laptop device can recharge wirelessly. I just hope that this will work for everything. That way I can store away all my recharges.



I've seen it all. But I do think this iPod Accessories are getting to everyone's head now. What do you think?


The New Windows Vista

It's here. Want to know if your PC is Windows Vista Ready.
Make sure you read on the minimum requirements.
For most users it will be just better off to buy a new PC with Vista built in.


Windows New Anti Piracy Tool

We know the that Windows is spending lots of money validating it's licensing copies. I just hope this new Anti Piracy tool is not one of those new Window headaches.


iPod Video Transmitter

I don't know how long the iPod phase will last. But I must admit they do have some great accessories to want to make iPods a part of your life. Keep it up Apple.


Fabric Keyboard

The nice thing about this product is that it can easily turn into a carrying case for your favorite portable device. I just don't know how long lasting this product will be. So stay tune.


McAfee Nightmare

Tired of McAfee and your now using another antivirus software. Well if you haven't noticed carefully. McAfee suite may still be on your computer. If you already tried the un-install button in control panel and get an error that you must uninstall all McAfee programs. Follow these few steps and hopefully you'll get to remove this annoying suite. The MPFCleanupTool.exe will help you remove some of the McAfee programs that will not go away. It's a pain un-install process but McAfee suite will be history.


Google Teaches Teachers

Google shares it's wealth, by offering premium services for free. Teachers and children now have the opportunity to use word and excel via online for free. Now everyone can enjoy the premium services that Microsoft controlled for years.

Gmail - Google Teaches Teachers About Software


Xerox Erasable Paper

If your printing confidential information and want to make sure your papers don't become public. This will control your privacy concerns. It's erasable paper. This product claims to erase in 24 hours. Let's put privacy to work.


iTunes on any music site

If everything goes as planned this kids hack will be a new feature for all music sites. The hack doesn't interfere with Apple copyrights on it's iTune player. But it gives download music sites the ability to sell iTunes music for the iTunes player. Hopefully Apple will not bite back.


Zero Gravity Chair

I wish to go to space soon. But I will prefer to have the gravity chair first. Ideal, unique and I must admit creativity at it's best.


Google Caller ID Service

This new caller ID service from Google will hopefully change phone service in the future. Now it's only a matter of time before everyone gets caller ID for free.



Need free webhositng and a blog site all in one. Well Blogeasy may be your answer. Although the service is unreliable. It is free and you can't be freebies.


Import Old emails and Contacts to Gmail

This is a tough one if you don't have computer experience, but hopefully I can make it simple for you.
To import your contacts to Gmail go to your contacts and export them using CVS file format and save them on to your computer. Open Gmail click on Contacts in Gmail and import the CVS files into Gmail. You'll have to locate the files from your computer and click the import button and your done importing your Contacts from your old email account.
You can use the help of these alternate softwares to make your life easier

For Outlook Email export try this program, the only bad thing is that it will change your email date to present email import date. But it will get the job done.


Gmail Impersonator

I've been using the service for quite sometime already and I just love the way it works. Gmail let's you impersonate another email address. Very simple to do. You go to email settings in the forwarding and pop link. Just type in the email address you want to impersonate, wait for the confirmation email to confirm account and your set. You then choose the email you want your emails to come from. It's a great solution for someone who want to use their job email address and personal email account via one email account.


Gmail Online Storage Vault

If your currently using the Firefox browser and have a Gmail account. Here is a nice extension for your browser to make your online storage vault more accessible. It bypasses the 10 mb attachment limit and gives you the ability to drag and drop files at ease using your current Gmail account.


Cell Phone Extender

Getting poor signal from your Cell Phone. Well the Cell Phone Extender is here to the rescue, if you can afford the pricey product. These little gadgets are slowing appearing around as a solution for cellular dead spots. I just hope that the prices will drop so that everyone can easily afford this product.


CD Destroyer

Right now it's only available in Japan, but hopefully it will hit the U.S. Markets soon. Think of possibly owning a unit that can shred a CD, similar to a document shredder. No more fears from people getting sensitive information.


Virtual PBX

Want to create an inexpensive PBX system but also keep overhead and maintenance low.
Check out these links for do it your self. It will cut down monthly expenses and get you familiar with PBX technology.






Music Lyrics

Love that favorite song that they play on the radio but still want to know all the words. Well if you haven't figured it out already you can now find out what an artist is saying by doing a simple google music search. Just type the name of the artist and music single and sure enough it will give you the music lyrics. I can't vouch that you'll be able to find all of your favorite songs. But at least it's available online for free.


BlueAnt X3 micro

Think of it as Bluetooth getting better. You not only get a choice of different colors but can pair three devices without having to disconnect from them. Once you walk out of range of your handset a melody plays, so that you don't have to worry if you loose connection. Although there is some draw backs when using VOIP. It's only a matter of time before they correct it's little bugs. But besides that. It looks like bluetooth is going in a great direction.


Cosmic Connections

The French space exploration is working with other companies to broadcast a TV show to another cosmic connection. What they see will be all up to you. The public is getting an opportunity to join in on the fun to submit text, images, and art work to another galaxy. What will you send?


Mobile Video

If you take pictures and videos via mobile phone, then you should be aware of these new sites on the net. You can easily post pictures and video on there site and if you want you to link them it's as easy as posting an html code.

Juice Caster





Incident Alert

Want to know what's going on in your area. Check out the RSS incident blog. It promises to update you on any know incident that you should be aware of. You can either check out the website on a day to day basis or setup email settings to advise you when an incident occurs via email. Don't be the last person to know what happens. Be the first


Another Bookmark Sync Manager

Yes Firefox is ahead of the game and taking care of those detail everythings that make life easier. Next time your looking for a Bookmark Sync Manger. Make sure you have the latest Firefox browser and then decide on which bookmarks extension works with you.


Firefox bookmark solution

If you have Firefox installed and looking for bookmarks solution to being able to access it on any PC. This could be what your looking for. Just install the extension in the Firefox browser and put every bookmark on Simply. Now your bookmarks are portable.


IE 7 Headache

Somethings are better left alone.
Installed IE 7 and are excited to see what's new. But guess what. Many things are now missing and you hate it that your system now seems to crash. IE 7 is not what you expected and you wished you never did upgrade. Guess what now. You have two choices. Either put up with the new IE 7 problems, or revert back to IE 6.
If you decide on sticking with IE 7 good luck. But for those of us who learned from Microsoft past problems. Your best bet is to revert back to IE 6. This is simple. Just go to Control panel and click on add and remove programs and remove IE 7. After you reboot your browser settings goes back to IE 6 and your done. It's that easy.


What to do with old games ?

If your tired of selling your old games to a retailer who just makes a bundle on your investment. You might want to take a look at Goozex. Now you can trade off games to other gamers direct. No more hassles and no high prices for games.



Glowing Power cord

In order for people to understand power conservation. A new group is developing glowing power cords to show people how much energy they're wasting. Hopefully the world will adapt to not leaving items on when not in use.


Microsoft Still hasn't learned

If you've ready to upgrade to IE7 read this first. Microsoft still hasn't learned it's lessons from the past and it looks like it's just more updates for the incomplete software giant. You figure with all that extra cash lying around they could easily build a better browser. Better yet, why don't just buy a competing software browser to end your headaches.


Free PC with broadband

Here's the catch if you can afford $19.99 a month for three years this might be a nice deal for you. You get 8mb of broadband a 17 inch monitor, 160 gig hard drive, 512 mb or ram with Window XP media center and an upgrade voucher for Vista, when it comes out.
It's not for everyone but it's a good start for an affordable PC that's priced at $500- with broadband.
Sign up Link


Firefox 2.0

If you have the latest Firefox, it maybe a while before you can get the 2.0 version because of certain software extension updates. If you want you can install it directly and it will for the time being disable any extension that is not currently working with the 2.0 version.
Here are the links:
Firefox with Extras



IE 7 is Here

Ready for IE 7. Well let's just say Microsoft now has a new tab browsing browser that hopefully will change your mind on how you surf the web. It's about time that they caught up with technology.


Vista Requires no Activation

Microsoft is saying that with Vista there no activation for now. But we all know that it's only a matter of time before that changes. But I would just wait to see how the operating system performs, before going out and wasting your money on another incomplete Microsoft product.


Fossil Bluetooth Watch

I have to say I never saw this thing coming. Who could ever think of a Bluetooth watch. Well at least you could find out who's calling you. But I don't see what other uses it can do. Can you?


What's Better IE or Firefox

It's no contest for now. Microsoft is playing catch up but they haven't done really anything great besides doing what people have been wanting Microsoft to do for years. Stay ahead of the rest download Firefox here Link


Game Copy World

This is a start for everyone to be able to save there games and prevent any future damages to the Game CD or DVD. It saves all games in ISO image so that if the CD or DVD game gets damaged you still can play your games.


Popcorn is not what it seems

User's beware. They're have been complaints that they install pop up programs via your trial subscription. And they make it difficult for you to uninstall the program after your trial period ends. It's a tricky EULA agreement that you agreed on when you downloaded the trial program on to your computer. In the end it's the consumer who deals with these annoying pop ups that they can't get rid of.
If your a victim. Keep on complaining and hopefully someone will listen.
Here is a site that can help you remove the software.


Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is the new Frontpage. It's suppose to be easier to do webpages using CSS. But good luck on getting to learn the database, RSS and advanced features that it holds. I just don't understand why Microsoft couldn't just keep the Frontpage alive until no one is interested in buying the software anymore.


Mini Travel Iron

I would never believe that anything so small can make my day, but when it comes to wrinkle shirts. This does solve the problem easily. At least I now can hide this in my shirt pocket.




If your getting ready to buy a large capacity USB key for your computer. Hold on and make sure your read all there is to know about U3 and then go out and purchase a new USB key. Prices have been dropping lately and you could now get a good bargain for a large capacity USB. Your next purchase should contain a USB with the new U3 capability.


D - Link Pocket Router

D-Link has always been on top when it comes to wireless access. Now they are ahead of the game with their new Pocket Router. Giving full wireless access to the business traveler.


MTV's new Urge

MTV has joined the music band wagon and now everything will have a price tag on it. I believe this is a positive move for MTV since they are the Music world and generating extra profits will do just more for them.


Google Doc & Spreadsheets

Google has had it's spreadsheet software working for a while and it's exactly what many of us wanted. Free online software. Now recently they added there Document feature which enable you to do Word Documents as well. Now there is no need to install office on your PC, since Google now offers it free. Microsoft now will have to compete to see if it's office suite could remain on top.
For those of us who already have a Gmail account, it's a simple as looking at your top left hand corner of your browser and searching for the keyword spreadsheet.


Abandonware Games

Want to still play those games that you just can't find anymore. Well check out these two websites and track down your favorite games that you always loved to play.

The Underdogs



Clipboard Recorder

If you hate copy & paste using clipboard. Now there is no need to worry with clipboard recorder. It saves you time by storing the first 99 clipboards to your computer, so that you can use it repeatedly. No need to worry that you deleted the wrong clip board again.



Purchased a new LCD monitor for your computer and want to make sure you got your moneys worth? Well install UdPixel and hope that your monitor passes the test and does not have to many stuck or dead pixels on the screen. If so hurry back and return your monitor or check out your monitors warranty issue for defects.



Want to easily install windows to a CD. nLite lays out the options for you the easy way. Now you can easily install Windows at ease along with the serial key and network settings. No need to monitor the installation.


All Peers

Looking for an easy share utility to share photo's, files and videos. AllPeers is here. But the only catch is that it only works with the Firefox browser. So if you don't have the browser, you'll have to wait until they make it compatible with others. Also be caution, it's still in beta.


Another Free VPN Connection

Hemachi let's you sign over the internet to your PC automatically and helps to make your life simpler. There is a premium service but you still can use it for free. This site was recently acquired by LogMeIn and it's only a matter of time before both sites link to each other.


Drive Key Boot Utility

HP sure has made it easy to make a USB key bootable. All you do is install the software into your USB key and install your Bois updates or any other bootable updates so that your USB key can install it at ease.
Then you just have to make sure that your motherboard supports USB bootable drives.


Belarc Advisor

Here is a nice utility to keeps your pc up to date on what components, devices and software's you have installed on your PC. It also will generate missing Microsoft hotfixes for your machine.


Program Unlocker

Hate it when your trying to rename or delete a program and you can't complete the task because the program is locked. Say hello to the Unlocker. It let's you disable the lock feature in your program and gain control.



There are so many harmful programs out there and not too many good programs help you find them. Hopefully Blacklight will catch them before they catch you.



Here is a new anti-spyware software that helps you track down those Trojan horses. There is always no guarantee that you'll be safe. But it's always good to have one of these utilities to protect you from the inevitable.


Which Programs takes all of your space

Want to know which program is eating up all your hard drive space. Well this program will just help you narrow down the programs in color code.


File Recovery Software

Here is an excellent file recovery software that helps you to rescue data when you need to make sure you need your information back.


Running out of Hard drive space

If your running low on hard drive space here is a free utility to help your regain space that's on your hard drive. Take control of your computer, now.


Monitor your Kid's Driving

If your concern what your children do while driving your vehicle. Here is a new way to monitor there driving habits. It's a little pricey for the year but in the end it gives you a peace a mind.


Pierce your Car

Think that you seen all that there was of piercing. Check out Pierce your Car. It takes piercing to the next level.


New DVD chip to make illegal Copying difficult

To add more headaches to our already common Windows problems. The new DVD's that are expected to come out soon for movies will have radio chips in them to prevent illegal copying. If a DVD is placed in a non region player. It will automatically stop working. Let's see what other problems this new radio chip will create for the honest consumer.


Stupid Criminal

I love this site. It has good interesting Stupid Criminal Files. But these videos do make my day - for mature audience only.
I must admit we do have some stupid criminals out there and it just proves it that crime doesn't pay.


Sport Cams

Looking for a digital camera to record your favorite sport try these few exciting cameras.

Tony Hawk Helmet Cam

Viosport Adventure Cam 3

Oregon Scientific ATC 1000


iCarta iPod

Just when you think you seen all the iPod accessories you can think of comes iCarta iPod. It promises that you don't miss a beat in the most important room of your house. Now you can say your an iPod junkie.


Out of this world Vacation

Tired of traveling from state to state, country to country. The new Space Island Group promises much more. More than you can ever imagine. With experiences and memories that will last you a life time. Sign up and await, out of this world experiences.


Outdoor USB Glove Kit

If your an outdoor person and always enjoy using your laptop. This winter when the weather drops now you have a good excuse to stay online and keep your fingers warm. I just hope you have enough battery life.


Not just another USB

If your looking for a unique USB device. Take a look at these natural wonders that promises to get your attention immediately.


Google Transit

Want the fastest way to get around town via city transportation. Well Google is here to the rescue. It's still in beta but your city will eventually be there within time.


Wireless Amber Alerts

Want to make a difference in your life. Sign up for wireless amber alerts and be a part on saving lives.


World Wide Lost & Found 2

Here is another of those Lost & Found websites where you register your product and hopefully it will some day come back to you. It looks like someone is trying to see if they can profit from Lost & Found items. I hope these companies can stay in business long enough for someone to get some satisfaction.



Here is an interesting online service for your emails. It suppose to protect people from stealing your email address and using it in non productive ways. It's sort of like a security cop for your email address. I don't believe anyone will ever really need this service unless someone uses it in an unlawful way. But the service is interesting enough to worth to try to see if it's for you.


Lost & Found around the world

Lost an item. Well now we have the Global Lost & Found around the world. At least now if you find something you can return it to the right person globally.


Banana Cell Phone Cover

Who ever said that you can't have a banana cell phone did not have the time to check out this website. It decorates your future phone and makes it enjoyable for anyone to use your phone.


Lost iPod's

This is your lost and found website for Apple iPod's. If your concern if one day your iPod maybe lost for $5- you can register it with the lost and found and pray that someone will return it if it's ever lost. Good luck.


Private Phone

Here is a great website to get a free phone number with voicemail. It's the type of free service for individuals who want to keep there phone numbers private. Now there is no need to give your phone number out.


Top 25 Worst Websites

You will sure be surprised what websites they named as being the worst.


Your Next Photo Viewer

It's a photo viewer for your computer with lot's and lot's of options. It's more like an RSS program for pictures that is used as a screensaver.



How do you add pictures from your Flickr account to your computer so that you never get tired of watching your favorite pictures. This is easily done with Slickr. It might slow up your system when loading new photo's, but the end results are rewarding.


Bot A Blog

Similar to FeedBlitz on sending you emails when your favorite blog has new posts. I see this as the future for being updated on what's new and new news.


iRiver S10 Smallest Player

I enjoy how everyone tries to compete with the iPod. iRiver does it best with it's new iRiver S10. In 1 Gig and 2 Gig capacity and even with FM. The best bet is that battery life is eight hours and yes it so small.



Who ever said that photo sharing was difficult had yet to see FilmLoop. The program is very simple. You download the player and drop and drag photo's to FilmLoop. No log in, no website to go to. Just sit back and watch photo's come to life. The more photo's you see depends on how many users you share you FilmLoop to others. Worth to check out and try.


Motion Box

If your looking for a nice editing player. Take a look at Motion Box it's more than your usual player and gives you a lot of editing capability to post almost anywhere.


Music Boss slams RIAA

I can understand that download music is illegal, but what I can't understand is why the RIAA keeps on suing minors who only wrong doing is catching up to what technology has created. The music industry has to understand that music has evolved around technology and music now is being reached by millions via the world wide web. It's up to the music industry to see how to make money with modern technology.


Car Backup Camera

If your in the market for a car backup camera be sure to take a look at this new product. It comes with a 2.5" LCD in color and it can easily be mounted by yourself with valuable time on your hand.


Get more of your Verizon Razr V3c

If you already own a Verizon Razr V3c you can following the instructions to get more out of your phone. It's sad to know that Verizon is holding back on how powerful this phone can be.


Take Your PSP to the Next Level

Take your PSP to the next level by installing software and other useful utilities. Now your game console will be more than just a game.


Take your Digital Camera to better Flexibility

If you love taking pictures with your digital camera. Here are good tips to master the camera filters that they come with giving you more flexibility when taking pictures.


Media Center Space Saver

Have Windows Media Center. Well here is an interesting way to delete commercials, the same features that TiVo and ReplayTV years ago had the capabilities to do. Hopefully now you can save some hard drive space.


Slingbox Easy Fix

Slingbox recently upgraded it's firmware to encrypt video streams. So if you recently purchased the product make sure you not upgrading to version 1.0.86 which added this encryption. If you already did then it's too late but you can download the old firmware by loading the older Slingplayer software. It will cost you $29.95 direct. But try before you buy to make sure it works. Hopefully they're will be other open source software to make this easier to do. For now this is your only choice.


Take your Roomba to the next level

If you recently purchased a Roomba vacuum cleaner and want your product to do more for you. See the easy instructions needed to get more from your iRobot.


PlayStation 3 Delayed

If your one of the millions waiting for the new PlayStation 3. I would wait just a little bit longer. Already they are delaying Europe's unleashed PlayStation 3 and what that means is that either their is a manufacturing defect or that Sony is having manufacturing difficulties. Any which way it's best to wait until they finalize the PlayStation 3 before you go out and spend your money.