USB Power Outlet

Here's a great travel friendly USB power outlet. It converts to USB power by tapping into another appliance electricity. It's alternative to always be connected.



Here's another great Malware detector, similar to Malwarebytes. At least now you have a choice and a way to fit new Malware online.


Recharge iPod Touch

Here is a great way to always recharge your iPod touch when your on the go. At least you get rid of the worry on plugging it in.


Save Money with Bill

Need to cut back on expenses. Here is a great website to curb your new year expenses. Although you can still shop around for a better deal. It's worth to give this website a try to see how much money you can save.


VirtualDek Pro

Looking for DJ music mixing software, where you can mix your favorite hits exactly like a DJ. Here is an inexpensive five channel DJ mixer trial version. I promise that you'll enjoy the full version price.

Software Spec's


My Ditto Portable Network Server

This has got to be the easiest way to connect to a home server from a remote location by using just a flash key. This is a great solution for home user's who need secure security to their personal files at home.


Nexus One teared down

Here is the new Nexus One teared down. We know can go into detail on what makes Google's gadget so great.


Turn your Laptop to a Wifi

Now why would anyone want to do this. Well let's just say it your laptop will now act like a wireless router, you can now share your broadband speed with other computers. The only catch is that it looks like it now just works with Windows 7, but hopefully in the future that will change.


Get Ready for 67 Gig Blue Ray Disk

It's already developed by Panasonic and Sony, they just have to finalize it. And the best part about it is that it will not require you to get a new Blue Ray player if you already have one.


Finger Charging

Need to charge your batteries, check out this new finger charging concept. All you do is use your finger to charge your battery. Now this shouldn't take long.


Why would anyone want to unlock a cell phone

This is a great article advising cell phone user's the pro's and con's of unlocking a cell phone. Unlocking a cell phone is not for everyone, so you should read this article just in case in the future you do decide to purchase an unlock cell phone.


Excel 2007 Shortcuts

Here are some great tips for Excel user's in version 2007

Alt+Shift+F1 — inserts a new worksheet
F6 — switches between the worksheet, Ribbon, task pane and Zoom controls
Ctrl+F6 — switches to the next workbook window when multiple workbook windows are open
Ctrl+’ — alternates between displaying the value of a cell and the formula
Ctrl+shift+: — enters the current time into selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+$ — enters the currency format to selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+# — enters the date format using day, month, and year
Ctrl+; — enters the current date into selected cells
Ctrl+D — applies the fill down command to selected cells
Ctrl+R — applies the fill right command to selected cells


Weirdest College Scholarship

Here it goes. If you have ever been turned down for a scholarship. Don't worry because you might be able to qualify for these special Scholarship awards.


Black Ink Cost

Here's a weird graph showing the price of black ink when compared to human blood. It's funny on how black ink is more costly than other types of liquids.


Mobile Card Reader

I don't see this going any where soon. But it's a good idea for secure online transactions.


24 Port USB

Now is this still not enough ports for you. I can't see why you would need 24 ports. But it's not a bad idea to have them readily available.


Mixxx Digital DJ

Looking for a Mix Digital DJ software for free. No problem and very simple to use. Now you can create your own mixes.


Christal Disk Info

If your in search for a freeware to tell you your hard drive disk life. This utility is a must have. Gives you health status and SMART monitoring information.
There is also a portable version just in case your rather not install the software onto your computer.


Kingston Security Flaw

If you have anyone of these Kingston data traveler flash get ready for a security flaw. Your best bet is to return it to Kingston for your money back. If this is too complicated then just ask for the current security fix. But at this point it's probably useless.


Map our World of Languages

Ever wonder what countries around the world have the most languages that were produced. It makes sense to keep track to update history books and confirm how the new language was developed.


Can my car remote open another car

Let's just put it like this. If it happens it's like winning Lotto. But the odds are well against you. Here's why?


MLB in 3D

Get ready for the next televised 3D broadcast of baseball. This is the start of 3D programing and I wouldn't be surprised that sports stay broadcasting in 3D forever.


Icon Organizer

Have several icons on your desktop and always get confused on which one to open. This great software will make you job easier by making a transparent folder onto your desktop in which you can see all of your icons and distinguish which folder's to use. It's a useful idea for eliminating the clutter of having so many icon's on your desktop.


Google Voice Invites for Students

If you are a current student and have an .EDU email address, Google Voice is giving out free invites for it's free phone service.
I've been already using the service for almost a year and I must admit, it's impressive. It's like having a dispatcher forwarding all your calls, wherever you go.
Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.


12 Key Blackberry Apps

Looking for some great Blackberry applications to help you do your job better. These handy applications will help you get focused.


Full Body Scanner's

With the recent terror plots that continue to occur throughout the United States. Everyone wonders what's next and with this comes the new full body scanner coming to an airport near you. They say it's for our protection, but I just know it's going to be another privacy issue to violate.


Gulf Oil Spill via Google Maps

It's just amazing on how much damaged this Gulf Oil Spill did to our environment and it's going to take years for recovery. With the hurricane season on it's way next month, who knows what other disasters lie ahead.


Test Drive Windows 7

Want to see what's new in Windows 7, better yet test drive it before you buy the product. This link helps you test drive Windows 7 with any browser. It's a virtual machine of Windows 7. At least now you can decide if Windows 7 is really for you.

Microsoft Direct Link


Ax & Dunkin Donuts

Great offer from American Express and Dunkin Donuts. Let's just say it's an offer you can't beat if your always craving for their breakfast specials.


CD / DVD Repair

This software is made available to help those user's in need of repairing their computers that do not recognize their CD or DVD drives. There's no guarantee that it can fix it, but at least someone created a fix for the annoying missing drive.


System Explorer

Here's a handy utility to help you trouble shoot problem computers. It's like a task manager with extras.


US Debt Clock

It's very interesting to see the US Debt Clock. You'll be amazed on what items are increasing as we speak.


UFC targets online Piracy

This has been going on for a while and I just don't understand why some people just don't let just things be. Even if you stream the event, you still have it's down falls on seeing the event as if you payed it via pay per view.
Instead of fighting it, they should be promoting it and making money on it via advertisements.


What is Cloud Computing

For all those individuals who still don't know what Cloud Computing is, here is your answer. So do your homework.


XCopy Tool

Need to copy files from one folder to another. Or better yet need to copy files from one hard drive to another. This handy software simplifies your life by copying files fast and easy. Don't waste time make file copying a thing of the past.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Here is some great information on Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup. Bottom line is that it's not free and it's going to cost you. But that doesn't mean you can't find the information that your looking for.


Office 2010

Looking for Microsoft Office 2010. Here's is the link so you can try it before you buy it. It's on a stable platform with new features that you just can't wait to enjoy.

Download Link


Google TV

Get ready for Sony to launch Google TV in May. With Youtube's new movie feature. It would look like Google is trying to be the new Netflix online. Stay tuned.


McAfee free subscription

In order to compensate for the virus update bug that affect many Windows XP machines. McAfee is offering free two year extended subscriptions. Who know's if this will compensate for damages that were already done.


Apple Tablet

Apple's new Tablet is on it's way and we all hope it's going to be a big seller like the current iPod's.


Directv iPhone application

Now you can program your DirecTv DVR while on the go with DirecTv iPhone application. You'll never miss a show or another Pay Per View Event because it's already programed to record to your DVR when your not at home.


Bluetooth 4.0

The new Bluetooth 4.0 is not only more powerful but uses less power. It's going to take Bluetooth to a different level.


Online Family Norton

Here is a child monitoring software from Symantec that monitor's your children's computer uses. It's another great way to keep an eye on your love one's before it's too late.

More Info


Android 20k apps

This is amazing mark for a cell phone software that still new in the market. You would hope that iPhone would have adopted these ideas in the first place. Too bad iPhone, hello Android.



Need a program to shutdown remote and local computer's. This standalone program helps you do that with other specialized perks.


Map of True Names

Here's a map of the World with true name meanings. It's a very interesting website that takes you back into history.


Motherboard USB Expansion Slot

Here is a great solution to add more USB ports to your computer. It also solves the extra dongle problem one uses to connect a wireless mouse and a wireless transmitter.


WD Giving you more Hard Drive Space

Western Digital is taking steps to change current hard drive space so that you can use your hard drive to full capacity. The unknown hard drive space that manufactures fail to talk about is left on reserve for the hard drive. Eventually one day, manufactures will change the way they price and display hard drive space.


The New Media PC

It's super skinny, fits behind your television and it has a hefty price. But if your willing to put out the bucks it's currently available.
This is going to change the future of television and it's only a matter of time before the prices become affordable.


Social Networking Made Simple

Like to connect to various social networks. Here are some great sites to combine your social network accounts all together, making updating easier.



iPhone inappropriate

Here is a great flow chart to help you understand the appropriate use of your iPhone


Smart Pen

You can't imagine a pen like this until you try it. It's a pen that will take you to the next level. It records, writes, and replays.


Nuclear Explosion Around the World

Here is a map of Nuclear Explosions around the world. So at least now you know where you want to live.


USB Deview

Need to view what types of USB devices were recently added to your computer. This software comes in handy with the date and time each device was added.


US Green Card Lottery

Although you can do this for free, this website bypasses all the mumbo jumbo and helps you do it for a fee. Creative idea on something that everyone wants worldwide.


Common Most Used Software's

If you recently purchased a computer or reformatted a computer. Here are some links to softwares that your going to need sooner or later.

Adobe Reader
Flash Player
Windows Media Player
Real Player
IE 8


Install Bluetooth with Windows 7

Bluetooth not only is good for headsets. But you also can do the following as long as you have another Bluetooth antenna attached to it.

Other Bluetooth uses:
1- transfer pictures from phone to phone
2- transfer pictures and files from phone to pc
3- print pictures from phone to any printer with a USB front connector
4- print from laptop to printer without any cables or wifi

Here are some useful links if you bought a Bluetooth device and don't have the software.
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4


New Online Marketing Flash Key

Online marketing is going a step further with paper like flash keys. These keys are easily inserted into magazines or periodicals so that people can visit their websites. It's a great marketing technique that is sure to take off.



Want to share pictures on Twitter. This is the site that's going to make your life easier. You don't need to do anything except sign in and start sharing pictures.


TV Guide Online DVR

TV Guide is now offering online DVR guide so that you can easily record your favorite shows. You can now receive messages when the shows you are interested are posted. It's just another way to make programming easier the TV Guide way.


Google Search Sidebar

Use Google search in real time by activating the Google search sidebar.

Want to enable the Google search sidebar. Here's how you do it. First go to www.google.com and type a url "any url" and at the end type hl=en-US


Wipe Disk

Here is a sure way to wipe out your hard disk of any valuable information it may have. It's the easiest way to erase a hard drive.


Cell Phone Carriers Termination Fees

Curious on which cell phone carrier has the highest termination fees. Here is the list and you should be surprised.


First Wireless USB external HDD

Something tells me that this is the start of many great things to come. Now you can easily transfer your files up to thirty feet via USB. It's quite pricey now but soon to drop once it's in high demand.


Memory Test

If your ready to buy memory, just bought a new computer or just finish over clocking a computer. This software helps you to easily monitor your computers memory. It's a great tool for user's who are always running out of memory.


Drive Manager

Easily identify drives of the same type and volumes with Drive Manager software. Now identifying drives is a thing of the past.


Google Talk

Talk to family and friend over the internet for free. It's only a matter of time before Google Voice, Google Talk and Gizmo5 combine these services together.


USB Scrub

If your having problems with your computer recognizing USB drives, this utility is a must have. It cleans up old USB registry drives that are slowing down your computer when in use. Take control of your USB performance by using USB scrub.


Report Stolen Goods

Had your goods stolen and hope that one day you just might recover it. Here is a start if it ever comes up. It's worth a shot for your stolen merchandise.


View All Windows Keys

If your Missing your Windows product keys and are afraid to reformat your computer because you don't have them readily available. This handy software does the trick by now retrieving them and saving them for you.


Pet's YouTube

If you love pet's and also enjoy watching YouTube video's, you'll like this website. It loaded with lots of funny pet video's to watch.



Looking for a way to save money around the house. Try then Saveology. It takes your current services and let's you compare rates. And then when your ready, you just sign up and start saving money.


Unlock Symatec LiveUpdate from a PC

Need to unlock the Symantec Antivirus Live Update from an XP Computer. Here is the little registry edit to help you do updates when you want to do them.
It doesn't remove the old schedule, but it does help you update your computer when you want to.



right click on LockUpdatePattern and change value from a 1 to a 0.

That will unlock the live update button.


Secret Door Lock

If your one of those individuals who always lock yourself out of your home or apartment. You might want to consider this secret door lock. With a special door lock combination, the lock opens.



Need to do a Power Point presentation and lack the software on your computer. With Preezo you don't need any software. You do everything online for free. And the best part about it is that after you finish your presentation you can even post it online. Try it out and let the web do all the work.


Fix Avi Files

If your avi files were corrupt usually one would delete the files and download the files again. Or you can try to fix the files yourself using DivFix. Your choice.


World Most Common Passwords

The most common passwords in the world are:

1. password
2. 123456
3. qwerty
4. abc123
5. letmein
6. monkey
7. myspace1
8. password1
9. link182
10. (your first name)

Ap per PC Magazine, you might want to change your passwords after reading this.


Asus Motherboard

Get ready for the Asus Motherboard with USB 3.0. It's said to be able to transfer 20gig movies in just seventy seconds. And for MP3's it only matter of seconds. It the start of faster USB transfer motherboards to come.


Facebook Password Stealer

Here is the Facebook email stealing password virus. If you get this email, my suggestions is to delete it immediately.

Subject: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support

Dear user of Facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed. You can find your new password in attached document.

Your Facebook.

Instead of having a fake Facebook page to collect the victims passwords (phishing), the email is sent with a malware attachment. The malware is known as “Bredolab” which is a Trojan downloader. In the two computers I repaired today, Bredolab downloaded some rogue antivirus products. However, some sites are saying that it also downloads a password stealing trojan.

If you see it onsite, Malware Bytes seems to deal with the Trojan once you kill the main executable (at least the rogue antivirus variants). Be sure to tell your clients to change their passwords after the infection has been removed as well.

© Technibble - A Resource for Computer Technicians to start or improve their computer business
To get started with your own computer business, check out our Computer Business Kit. If you want to learn how to repair laptops, check out these narrated, high definition videos. These would pay for themselves in 1 repair job.

Facebook Password Reset Malware


Windows 7 Upgrade Family

Looking for a deal with Windows 7 Upgrade for you and your family members. This site will help you save a bundle when it comes to upgrading Windows 7 to you and your family members.


Broadband Speed & Prices

If your interested what broadband speed and prices look like all around the world. Here is an interesting chart showing those differences.


Speed Test Widget for Vista

Having internet problems. Install the Vista Speed Test widget and see if your problem stands with your provider.


Speed Test Widget

Looking for a speed test widget to see how fast your Internet upload and download speed are. Here's the code.


TRIM Support

Have a SSD Drive and want to know why you need TRIM support on that drive?
It's because with TRIM support, it helps to scrub blocks of deleted data back into that current drive. Without it, your computer will think that the hard drive is full and that there is no more space to write on that drive.
If your buying an SSD Drive, make sure it's TRIM supported or that it contains wiper.exe to restore deleted data from your hard drive. If you don't buy an SSD Drive with these options, your going to have drive slow downs.

Windows 7 TRIM info
Wiper.exe Info


Cigarette Lighter Phone

If your a smoker and are in need of a new cell phone. This is a great time to purchase a phone that will always come to your rescue. The cigarette lighter phone. Just try not to burn yourself while your online.


Flash Drive Horror

Are you one of those individuals who recently had a flash drive and by accident washed in the washer with your clothes. Now it's only a matter of time before this flash drive fails because of rust.

Here is your answer in solving a rusty flash drives. Just spray the famous WD-40 on your flash drive after you let it dry for 24 hours and hopefully it will be rust proof. There's no guarantee, but it's worth to try.


Backup and Restore FlashDrives

This great software helps you backup and restore your current flash drives. It's a great utility for anyone who has flash drives.

Direct Download


Buying a New Flash Drive

Looking to purchase a new flash drive. Before you buy first check out which flash drives gets you your moneys worth.


Flash Drive Benchmark

Need to benchmark your flash drive to see if your getting peak performance. This great utility is a great start for all flash drive users.

More Info


Donate Unused Flash Drives

If you have old flash drives and just can't find any use for them, why don't you just donate one. This foundation is making good use of all unused flash drives by supplying them to youngster's from age five to twelve years old as a portable learning device.
Make a difference to the next generation, donate a flash drive.

Download Sugar on a Stick

Otherwise Start Recycling

Send All USB sticks to:

Recycle USB
22521 Avenida Empresa, Ste 128
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA


what is 1U & 2U

This is computer gibberish. It's rack mount terminology used in most corporate offices to stack up a server, switch, power UPS, monitor, etc. and what it means is the following:

1U Server= 1.75" of Vertical Rack Space
2U = 3.5" of Vertical Rack Space
4U = 7.00" of Vertical Rack Space


Softperfect Network Scanner

This software helps you ping computers and shows the resources that are shared. A must have utility for the regular technician secure computers on a network.


Reset iPhone Passcode

This handy software will help you reset your iPhone lock code. All you do is to follow the simple instructions and you should be home free.


Fonera Free Wifi

Looking for free Wifi? With Fonera you just pay a one time fee and your Wifi is free forever. There is no guarantee, but you can't beat the price.

Wifi locations in your area


Backup Text Messages

Need to backup your text messages. Here is the simplest way to do it and what's great about it is that you can also organize them.


Tear down the iMac

Ever wonder what really inside the iMac. Thanks to ifixit.com you now can see what's really inside this great piece of hardware.


Windows 7 Themes

Got the new Windows 7 software and want to still have the latest theme's available. Thanks to Microsoft you now can download this free themes.


Pocket Ultrasound

Keep on going to the doctor to find out how your new born baby is doing. This device will keep your doctor visit short by going portable. Now there is no need to go to the Doctor's office, unless it's an emergency.


Bandwidth Monitor

Here is another bandwidth monitor but with a premium price. I guess it's worth the price if you always need to know the speed that your getting.


Monitor Web Bandwidth

Want to always monitor your web bandwidth so that you know if your getting the correct amount of bandwidth you should always be getting while online. This free software does a great job with the premium price.