Lojack for Laptops

Laptop theft is becoming a very serious business that there is very little anyone can do at times to recover their laptop with sensitive materials. This is where Lojack for Laptops comes in. Once installed, you can easily either try to recover it or delete all of your sensitive files. No need to worry about others getting hold of your sensitive information.

   Other Laptop Sercurity Alternatives
Laptop Cop
Gadget Trak



Here is a reverse image search engine in which when you upload an image, it detects where it came from and how it's being used. It's like fingerprinting an image on the world wide web.Give TinEye a try.


Capture & Annotate

Chrome & Safari users will now be happy to know that their is a new capture & annotate software that can help them copy anything on their current browsers. All you have to do is install the small application and choose the image format they want their files saved as.

Chrome Link


Tweet It Out

Already on Twitter and want to Tweet something out. Here is the simplest way to do it by using this website. Once you login with your Twitter account you just ALLOW the application to take over to make your tweets easier to edit.



Here's another new website to send large files over the Internet via flash. You install the program send the user a host ID key while they are online and instantly they get the file. No need to send it via email. It's a new way of sending large files online. It's quick, fast and free



Here is another great bandwidth data collector to verify your bandwidth speeds. It's a great tool to install for  monitoring your every day broadband speeds.


Universal Viewer

If you need to open large files without eating your computer memory. The Universal Viewer is an excellent choice that supports various formats.


RapidShare Hack

It's a simple hack to beat the 1 file a day free download limit. All you have to do is go to the website and do the following:
Recently I've noticed that RapidShare has done a recent upgrade to their website, so this link might just not work with everyone. Best of luck on downloading.

Click on Free User -> in the address bar type javascript:alert(c=0)and press Enter
You should get a blank message with the number 0 and click ok
The download button should immediately appear


Unlock PDF's

Here is a free service website to help you unlock password protected PDF files online. If for some reason you still want to do this offline, you can by purchasing the PDF recovery software for a small price.



Here is another computer cleanup utility developed by a certified Microsoft partner. Now you can decide what you want to do and what you want to keep while cleaning up your computer.

Direct Download


Spyware Terminator

This software is getting great reviews along with premium spyware products in the market. Besides being free, it can be used for both home and business users. Don't wait for a virus. Terminate them now.


Facebook Like Pages

Have a Facebook account and want to know where to find the I Like It Pages. Here's the link to connect you to these favorite sites. Enjoy.


Open the CMD in Win 7

Here is a great tip from my favorite Geek.

The easiest way to open the Command Prompt in Windows 7.

Follow these steps:
a) Hold Down the SHIFT KEY and click on any folder
b) Select the open command window option from the content menu


Solar Power Cell

It's about time someone found an answer to help fix Cellular power cell towers. Now we will always be connected regardless if their is a blackout or not.


Need a Google + invite

To all my Blog viewers, if your interested on getting a free Google Plus Invite, just send me an email ( gmail name required for now ) and in the Subject area just say "Send me a Google + invite" and it's yours. That's my thanks for following my feeds.

Convert MDF to ISO

Here is a small utility to convert an MDF file to ISO. Now converting an image to ISO is a thing of the past.
For more ISO converters see the links below.

More ISO Converters


Answer Garden

Have a question that you need an answer for. Check out Answer Garden. It's considered the small tool with lots of answers. At least now you can probably get an answer to your question.


Airline iPhone

If your a frequent flier your going to enjoy this Apple application. Once downloaded you can keep track of your flight to make sure your always leaving on time. No more delays because you'll know instantly what time your flight is ready to leave.

Delta Airlines website link



Want to monitor what others are doing when your not around. This software not only records, detects and provides security surveillance. It does a great job on running on several different computers. It's open source so anyone can easily customize it.



Easily convert any DVD, DVB or DV in any format. Great software that easily converts video to various formats for your viewing pleasure.


Dropbox for Blackberry

If your a Dropbox user their is good news for you. Dropbox has now a Blacberry app that easily integrates to your Dropbox account. Click here for the software download.


Weather bar for Win 7

Why not install the weather bar in Windows 7 so that you know what the weather is going to be like when you go outside.
This software is so clean that it keeps clear of your desktop and just stays on your taskbar. Worth checking out.


Mario Forever * FUN *

Here is a keeper this holiday Super Mario Bros 3.
Hurry up while supplies last.



Here is a website designed to help you get your credit straight. With the recent up and down turns of the economy. It's important to keep your credit score in good condition. Your not only going to get help to fix your current credit score, but you get answers about credit. I am now on a new roadway to success.


Android Notifier

If your an Android User your going to enjoy this great application that can easily be installed on your computer to notify you of an IM, Phone call and battery life.
The software is still under development so there is no telling on what other applications will be available in the future.

Android Notifier Link

Desktop Application Link


Linux Live USB

Searching for the Linux Live USB creater. Here is the software so that you can can go live with Linux on a USB.

Here are some more helpful links:
Link 1
Link 2 - you might need to translate this page


Camly Wireless Cam

Looking for an affordable wireless camera for public or private viewing without the necessary hardware, that can be used for security or monitoring. The Camly sets up in minutes and unlike most IP cameras the overall cost is cheap.





Want to get your children addicted to studying. This new social website is here to help and make your children smarter.
They even offer premium tutoring plans so that your child can achieve a better education. Check it out.


Toolbar Uninstaller

Have several toolbars attached to your browser and want to easily unistall them. This unistaller saves you the time from uninstalling them one by one.

Direct Link


Decode Windows Error Files

Here is a small Windows Error code utility lookup to help you find out what's going on with your computer. If you still don't understand what these codes mean. You can translate them to comprehensive codes by using a program called Winerrmsg. Now fixing your computer should be easier to do.



Here is a cool application that helps you integrate email, social sites and calendar appointments all in one. Now your Inbox should be easier to access.

Software Download available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari


32 bit or 64 bit

Already running Windows 7 but can't distinguish which version of Windows your running. Well if your installing software your always going to need this information. If not, your going to have a lot of software conflicts. So be prepared and find out in advance what type of operating system you have.


Intel Unlocking Processors

Intel is now agreeing to unlock it's processors to users so that they anyone can fully optimize their performance PC's.
It's about time Intel and if I would them, I would just include this in the package. It's only a matter of time being someone hacks their unlock codes.


IE 9 Beta

If you don't know yet, IE 9 is already out on BETA and a release date should be just around the corner. I am just glad that Microsoft is keeping up with technology.


ZoneAlarm scareware Alerts

Zone Alarm has been recently sending out bogus security threats to all their free online users. It's an alert scareware tactic to convince their free software users to buy their product, even though they're was no major threat.
It's quite sad to see this coming from a great software company that I loved for years. Now I have no choice but to look elsewhere.


Become a System User

Want to gain control of an operating system. Well besides an Administrator having full rights, a SYSTEM user also has those same rights. But not many know this. You'll have to trick the computer on doing this and with the command in dos you write the following:
First type at 13:55 /interactive “cmd.exe” (as is)
After two minutes you should see a different command prompt.
Then type cd.. (as is)
Then type explorer.exe (as is)
Now you've become a SYSTEM user


Tim's Laptop Service Manual

Tim needs your help on helping him achieve a master laptop manual website. If all goes right, Tim's dream will come true and user's like you and me will be able to view any laptop manuals online for free.

Here's his link for Donations to buy manuals and to upload manuals
Buy or Donate

Otherwise feel free to view his current Laptop Manual Database



Here's a new free file sharing site making it simple to share your favorite files online. It let's multiple people contribute, you can add photo's as an email attachment, and share files with others. Best of all, user's don't even have to register.


Google +

Move over Facebook, looks like Google + is rolling out and it plans to take socializing to a new improved level. Your not the only kid on the block who knows how to socialize. Now we will really know what Facebooking competition is really all about.


Database Browser Portable

Need to edit several different databases but don't want to install any program. This portable utility does the trick so that you can modify your database without the headaches on installing every software.



Here is a great software that helps you create portable applications. It's similar to VMware ThinApps but it's free. Now you should have no excuses creating portable applications on the move.


Earth Alerts

Want to monitor in real time Earth natural hazards. This software will keep you in touch by the minute so that your prepared for the worse scenario.


Portable Start Menu

If your currently using a USB stick and want to install programs on it to go portable. This software is a great help. It will even terminate opened programs when it's closed.


Dropbox Password Glich

Looks like Dropbox had a recent software glich that disabled the password to all accounts. The glich lasted about four hours and made all files available to the public. It's a scary situation for Dropbox user's. And there's no telling how this will impact the future of the company.


Pick Browser

Want to control which external links open a specific browser. There's a great way to do it just by using Pick Browser.
The software works by being your default browser. Once you click a link, Pick Browser opens up letting you decide which browser you want to use. It's a great software to use when you have multiple browser's on one computer.


Image Icon

This is a simple way to create your favorite icons from a image. All you do is install the program and drag the image to create a new image icon.


Rapid Typing

Here is a great software to help you increase your typing skills. The more you learn to type faster, the easier you'll get your points across.



Easiest way to turn any online file into a BitTorrent. Now sharing files is even easier without the bandwidth sacrifice. Try it now.


7 Conifier

Have Windows 7 but dislike the task bar icons. Here is a great software to help you change those icons. All you have to do is select with task bar icons you prefer.


Google Instant

Show results as you type. It's a new online search method Google is using to get you results even faster. It can easily be turned on and off at any time via the preference page. Only time will tell if this method will work for Google.


Google Mentalplex

Take online searching to a new level. Now with Google Mentalplex your search results are accurately returned without a query. Give it a try.


Pimp your Pictures

If you already enjoy pimping your pictures, why don't you check out the the following sites to see what else you can do?

Avatarize Yourself
Playing Cards
Funny Photo
Write on It


Mag My Pic

Want to make magazine covers with your picture. Just visit this website with one of your favorite pictures and become a celebrity instantly. You'll be amazed on how much press you can get.



Want virtualization applications on the web. Spoon is you answer to easily deploy your favorite applications online. It so simple all you have to do is just click and your programs are installed. There is no more a need to download and install programs.


VMware ThinApps

VMware not only it's taking virtualization to a new level but it's now able to make a software portable. Take it a spin and get ready to enter the world of VMware.

Download the Trial Version



Here's a great software for teachers who need an online gradebook that can integrate all of their lessons into one. It's open source so the software will never be limited.


Master Boot Record

Need to backup your Master Boot Record and don't know how. This software will simplify things so that if your OS ever gets damaged or corrupt. The chances for you to recover your files are greater.


LaCie MosKey

Looks like flash drives are getting smaller by the minature. That's why LaCie is making headlines going small.


Email Marketing

Have a Blog and want subscribers to subscribe to your blog with endless email campaigns, newsmails and broadcasts. This is a great way to get started and create you mailing list. Give it a try.


System Silencer

Have your computer running for a while and have concerns that certain things may be running that you don't want to run. It's no big deal with the System Silencer. You just install the application and disable the commands unit you return to use it.


Fab Autobackup

Here is a great freeware that helps you backup your personal settings on a computer. Perfect for any user migrating to a new operating system.

Version 3 is a demo and only cost a few dollars but worth the investment.
Version 2 is a freeware

Fab's AutoBackup 3.0 Single license


To destroy a Hard Drive

This is a great article on destroying hard drives. It doesn't matter how many times you reformat a hard drive, with proper software anyone can retrieve information from it. The only logical solution is to tear it apart as per the YouTube video.


KeyScan Keyboard

If scanning and typing is an every day job for you. You should be looking at this multi keyboard and scanner to make your job easier. It's sure to save you time.


Monitor A Child's Text Message

Here the scoop on the pros and con's of monitoring your children's text messages. It's not for everyone. But you should ask yourself the following questions before you being.

Questions to ask yourself:
a- Do you really want to know what your children are talking about?
b- Can you as a Parent handle the truth?
c- Will this break your trust among your children, if you keep on monitoring them?


Recover Browser Passwords

If your browser one day ever gets corrupted and your in need to recover your recent passwords. Here is a great utility to help you get them. Now there is one for each browser so make sure that you download the correct password retriever.


iPad POS

I think the iPad could definitely go places if it's used as a Point Of Sale Cash Register System. How convenient it would be for vendors to charge for goods on the go. It's a great idea with many opportunities.


Change Windows 7 Start Orb

Looking for a change with Windows 7, why not change the Windows 7 Orb and be prepared to take your Windows to a new level.


Office 2010 Registration Status

Want to verify your Office 2010 registration status. It's simple has long as you had administrator rights on your computer, you can easily get the status of your Office 2010 software.

Do the following:
In Dos type cd \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 and hit enter to navigate to the Office14 folder

Next type: cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus and hit Enter.


Windows 7 Theme's

Looking for Windows 7 Theme's, here your chance to have beautiful abstract paintings on your desktop for free.


Nimi Weather Indicator

If you like to keep up to date with the weather, here is a great weather software that displays on your Windows taskbar. It beats the weather desktop from Yahoo and Google.


Last Login Date & Time

Here is a visual basic script for last Date & Time on each user account for those administrator's who just need to know.



Here is a remote access freeware to help friends and family correct their computer problems. It's a great way to help teach other's how to become more computer savvy.

Direct Software Link


Delete Right Click Menu

Here's a great program to delete left over programs that you no longer need that were deleted from your computer and it still shows up on the right click menu.


PC Recovery Tools

Lost your recovery Windows CD's and need to re-install the operating system to it's original state. Try this website and resolve your problems.


Fix Windows Firewall Problems Instantly

Having a problem with the Windows Firewall and no matter what you do, you just can't correct it. Here is the Microsoft fix to correct your Firewall problems.


Remove Fake Antivirus

I hate viruses and it doesn't hurt every now and then to include this in your list of virus removal folder just in case you need it one day.


Blackberry Traffic

Here's a great Traffic software from Blackberry currently in the Beta version that works similar to your regular GPS. You can get current speed, distance, and elapsed time so that your loved one's always know where you are.

More product info


Hard Drive Recovery

Having a bad day because of hard drive failure. No need to worry with our Hard Drive Recovery Guides. With help from Bob Rankin and his technical experience hard drive can be inexpensive. But you have to weigh the value of your information against the costs.

Related Links
Salvage Data


Disk Doctors

Have problems with a hard drive and need to recover your important files. When your regular file recovery software fails to work. The Disk Doctor's are here to save your day. Works with hard drives, flash drives, iPod, Outlook emails, SD card, MAC, Unix, Linux, etc. Emergency support is available if necessary.


BadCopy Pro

Here's a great flash drive recovery software to help you recover deleted files, formatted drive, media error, bad sectors and other reasons. You can evaluate the free trial version before you buy.



Need to tweak 50 different Windows 7 perimeters. Here's a great utility to help you do just that with just one unique program. It can also help you recover the Windows 7 product key.


Memory Improve Master

Need to improve your computers memory performance to make sure that your computer is running efficiently. This software will help you optimize your current computer memory settings.


Vista Start Menu Pro

Here's a great way to change your start menu the way Windows XP & Vista has it setup. It's a great way for experienced user's to keep the already commands available whenever they need them on hand.


Coollector Portable Movie Database

If you enjoy movies you might just enjoy this software. It's an encylopedia of movies and series with a database of existing videos. Now you can impress others with your movie review capabilities.



Looking for Airline travel bargains. Here is a great website to compare airline flight bargains against other major airline carries. Just enter the location codes and date of flight and compare from lowest to highest in airline flights.


Gladient Cloud Desktop

Now there's a better way to upload your Google Documents to your online storage folder. All you have to do is to install the software and backup your favorite files to Google. A friendly way to always have your files online.


Spy Peephole

I was amazed when I saw this ad. It's reverse technology at it's best. I just hope that my landlord doesn't find this link when it's time to pay the rent.


Full Body Scanners

The new Full Body Scanners were not suppose to be saving images. Unfortunately that's what they wanted everyone to believe. But it's the governments new way of keeping track of us. Whether or not we like it, it just doesn't matter. It's the governments way of doing business as usual.


World Population by Longitude

Besides the world population you get very interesting feedback on land value, building heights, center of the world, continent and regions, underdevelopment, subway systems and so much more. Take a look at the world around us.

Direct Link


Reset Admin Password

Here is a great software with no registry hack to reset the Administrator password on a computer. It's quite technical but if you can follow the steps and procedures. Resetting the administrator password should be simple to do.




Need to find and verify the DHCP settings on a computer. Here is the easiest way to do this with DHCP Find. Now configuring your DHCP will be simple.


Classic Menu in Office 2010

Enjoyed the new menu in Office only to see it change again in Office 2010. Here is a great program to help you turn Office 2010 to a previous version. Now Office can be less confusing.


Microsoft Office Key

For all those user's who always wanted to know where to find the Microsoft Office Key and why should everyone always treasure this. Here the link to show you what you should be looking for.

For starters without the key Microsoft nulls your rights as a registered user, in plan English "they just don't care". The reason why Microsoft does this is because they want you to buy the product all over again. For many people, they just have no choice but to do that.

That's why everyone should never take license keys for granted. You never know when your going to need them. You might one day have to re-format your computer or operating system and will have problems installing the software without the key.

If you already have a license product and somehow lost the key, just view my blog to find software that shows all the license Keys on your computer including Microsoft.
Remember to always save your product keys in a safe place.


USB Port Lock

Need to restrict USB ports on a computer for security reasons. This utility does a good trick on locking out unauthorized user's.


Portable Hard Drive Covers

Need to protect your portable hard drives from the everyday wear and tear. Try this hard drive leather cover in your color choice of black or brown.


Chrome Text Ads

Ever wonder how you can disable those pesky advertisements on browsers. Chrome has an add on to help you stop those annoying ads and you can also run this application when going in incognito.


EMCO Remote Installer

Need to remotely install software but no clue where to start. This remote software installer takes inventory on the computers you specify who have software installed and installs and uninstalls software remotely.
Unfortunately the free version just keeps track of software installed on your network computers. But besides that it's an ideal utility for a system administrator.


Don't Sleep

This software is similar to Caffeine in which it prevents the computer from going into hibernation or sleep mode. But with Don't sleep, it does more. It stops from the computer being shut down. Great application for the computer user who always needs their PC always on.


BSNL Automated ADSL

Looks like India is taking steps on making DSL connections very user friendly. Their new software named Motive Smart Self Care Suite is being used now by many ISP's all over the world. Their easy DSL setup not only configures your home network connection but gives you a choice of self install or technical install. It's just a few clicks and your DSL service should be up and running in no time. Check it out!

Software Direct Links


Create a bat to exe file

With this freeware, anyone can easily create a bat file to exe in matter of minutes. Just download the program attach the file you want to convert and select where you want to install the file. It's that simple.