Remove Win 10 banner Upgrade

Most of my customers in the past few months have been complaining about how to get the Windows 10 Upgrade. For most user's the software will do the rest once you click on the upgrade banner. And for some, well let's just say that all computers are not alike. And just because you qualify for the upgrade does not necessary mean that your computer can be upgraded.
Manufactures have made most of their hardware obsolete or non Windows 10 compliant. And the reality is for most is that you can't upgrade, but no one will tell you that directly.
If you just rather keep your old version of Windows and want to remove the Windows 10 banner, here is how to do it and it just requires you removing a windows KB update item KB3035583. Once you remove the update and re-boot the computer. The banner should be gone and you should be able to go on with your life without the regular version of Windows.