Car Google Maps

Here is an interesting way to send google maps to your car. This will only work if you recently have a new vehicle and it has onstar of course.



Florida Blue bug

Looks like Florida Blue subscribers have a problem. Not with medical but with their banks. A software glitch is behind wiping out some user's bank accounts. Don't know why, but you better bet that their customers are going to change their auto pay feature now.



Kaspersky Antivirus

Looking for a free antivirus software for your computer. Here is a great value for those user's in search of a freebie. Hurry up, not telling how long this will last.




Want to capture all of your computer's serial keys and store them in a safe place, just in case you ever need them in the future. No problem and no big deal as long as your using this utility.



Block Browser History

Tired of your browser history showing up and your just upset that later on in the future it can be easily accessible and sold to others. Here is how to stop it and how to take back control of your surfing habits. It's none of anyone's business where you browse as long as it's not on your work related computer.


Delete google History


Verizon $70 Gigabyte

Looks like Verizon is luring in new customers with their Gigabyte plans. But don't just say yes until you understand the rates for gigabyte. And yes there is the modem rental fee that is not included in the plan. When everything is done, you will still be paying $200-. Don't get fooled by the advertising gimmick.



New Car key Cloner

Looks like these thieves are getting high tech. Not only are they able to steal your car, but they can steal almost anything without you even noticing what's going on.



iOS Update

Looks like everyone should update their iOS device to 10.3.3 before it's too late. Apple recently release a new update to plug security flaws in it's iOS.



Best Cell Phone Plans

Looking to which provider has the best plans and service. Here is this years list on who is climbing up the ladder and getting to be noticed by everyone in the industry.



Block Bad Sites

With malware hitting user's on the rise, it's no wonder that many computer specialist are blocking bad websites so that user's will not get infected.



Finsix Dart C

Let's just say this pricey item is a life saver and worth every penny. Not only will it charge your laptop but other c type laptops as well. Check it out if your looking for a very portable laptop charger.



Delete old Facebook Numbers

Looks like there is a flaw on Facebook security when it comes to resetting account passwords. If a user did not delete an old phone number from their Facebook account. Anyone with that number can easier reset the Facebook account and change the user password. Not good if your life revolves around social media.



iPhone 8 info

Looks like the iPhone 8 will be coming out a month or two late, but this could be an advertising gimmick for user's to pre-order the iPhone 8 before it comes out.
Regardless it's getting a lot of publicity and preparing users for the hefty price that's down ahead.



Fix Windows Update

Getting the Windows update error code lately and don't know what to do next. It's alright, I will give your the information needed to fix it.
It's an annoying fix and looks like it will be a while before Microsoft decides to fix it.



Webroot Alert

Looks like the Webroot system antivirus is flagging all Windows files as malware. Unfortunately the fix has to be manually done until Webroot can fix it's problem. Maybe it's time to find a new antivirus?



Find Hidden Cameras

I have talk about this a while ago and here I am making available software that can easily detect this hidden cameras. At least you can now know where it's safe.



Spying Headphones

This is something interesting, like finding out that your headphones that you own are not listening devices for others. This famous company not only is recording tons of information from you, but actually distributing to other companies with no limits. Spooky and scary.



Facebook 360

Looks like Facebook is working very hard to make 360 viewing possible. If it succeeds you better believe that it can change technology overnight. Not only will user's require less bandwidth to access these streams but change the products we use on a daily basis. The future is here, now will it be possible by Facebook.




This password manger is unlike other password keepers. This one has 2 step authentication and simple recovery options should you forget your main password. Another reason why it's not a bad idea to have a password vault online. 


nCrypted Cloud

Have a cloud account and wondering how secure your files are. Here is an add-on to your files should you be concern on securing your documents on the internet.
It's a great add-on utility for keeping your files secure while online.