This company is a lifesaver when it comes to posting content to social media sites. Most companies don't last that long and retire indefinitely. At least this one is giving users options for their posts.



Chrome Block

Chrome has lately been optimizing itself for securer browsing and with this, it reinforces its security by blocking unsecured locations. This is just the beginning but you should be prepared to see more of this going on in the future updates. 


NY Contact Subway

It looks like the New York City subway payments are scheduled to go contactless soon and it's going to definitely change payments for transportation moving forward. It's the next generation of cashless systems. 


FB Managed Activities

It looks like Facebook Managed Activity tools now help you clean up your social media history. Now there is no need to have stupid or embarrassing things left behind over the years for someone to comment on. It's a great tool for cleaning up your timeline. 


RAM Pricing

It looks like Apple has doubled it's RAM upgrades on the base MacBook Pro and I hope this pricing will get reasonable by the time you read this. It's insane to think something that costs $100- now is going to cost you double. It just makes you want to rethink the cost of upgrading. 


Tweet Sceduling to Twitter

It looks like Tweet scheduling is coming to Twitter and it's definitely long overdue. Now you can have tweets created at specific times so that your followers can be entertained. It's a great utility to keep everyone updated and connected daily. 


5G Psychology

It looks like a lot of people are complaining that the new 5G technology is making them sick. Before you agree when them, then it's worth figuring out the causes of these unknown problems. 


Apple Pay Services

There have been businesses that still lack contactless payments, with the new COVID 19 things are changing drastically and for the better. Let's see how far these companies are going to go so that this becomes a reality. Because the world around us is changing and now it's about time that we too adapt to the new technology. 



Here is a great way to share screenshots and videos in Windows. It's a simple software with nice great features and if you are tired of Windows defaults screenshots, this software is worth taking a look at.


Brave Together Video

It looks like this new browser it's going a step further with privacy by offering video chat. It's something definitely new and taking things out of the box. The future looks very bright for this browser. 



Here is a great open-source tool for disabling Windows 10 updates. Some companies may want to disable updates so that they can get there in house software up to date on patched in time. It's a great tool deferring updates until you are able to patch your system. 


Delivery Apps

In a time of uncertainty, you will imagine that every company will be making money now. But it looks like these food delivery companies are not making any money at all and they are just swallowed up by the competition to be the next favorite food company on the block. 

As for their future, it's still uncertain and all we can do for now is wait and see what happens next. 


AI Anti-Shopping

A few months ago I advised users that many supermarkets were installing this anti-shopping AI software to capture individuals who do not scan items on fast checkout. Now the software was doing what's it's supposed to do, but many store employees are saying otherwise. It looks like the software has its many flaws and it will be sometime before all of these fixes will be patched.


iPhone 13 Concept

It looks like Apple is definitely thinking out of the box on creating a new iPhone. The design is not new but an option that Apple can look into in the near future. I guess Apple is quietly trying to adapt to Android's design with its technology so that it can simply attract Android customers to switch. 


Dropbox Password

It looks like Dropbox is getting into the security business as well by wanting to secure your private passwords. It's a new trend for the company to be more than just cloud file storage. 


Stream Remotely

If streaming remote music to your friends is of some interest to you, here is a new option to send music remotely using auxparty. This new service lets you become a DJ and share your favorite music with your friends. It's worth checking it out. 


Apple Password Mgr

Apple looks like it is following other companies to keep passwords secure by offering an open-source password manager. It's a great move and it definitely moves Apple into the security business.  


FB Photo xfer Tool

This interesting photo transfer tool from Facebook has made is so simple to use that you can easily backup your information so that your photos and videos can be stored wisely.
I would advise the user's to do this from time to time so that they get to keep their memories alive and in their possession for years to come. 


Bosch Emergency Service

Bosch just recently created an emergency system for the motorcyclist and it hopes to save the lives of two-wheelers. It's a great way to get connected in case of an emergency. 


Andriod Bedtime

Android has a new bedtime update is suppose to improve sleeping. This is a new generation of Android software adapting to the Covid19 recent outbreak. You should more improvements as time goes by.