Sign a PDF

How to sign a document in Adobe PDF reader is very simple. Adobe has made it easy for everyone to sign a document and here is how to do it.
Now signing the important documents will just take minutes to do, without going through the manual way of signing documents.



75k Robot Dog

We have come a long way and it looks like the robot dog has grown up and it has more to go but the technology is there and it's only a matter of time before it gets better.



iPhone Digital Key

Apple is getting advanced with its digital key, if your battery dies on your iPhone you still have 5 hours to unlock your car. So the future for digital keys looks very bright on these portable products.



Free Calls & Texts

With IP phone calls going down in price it's no wonder why some companies are offering free unlimited calls and texts. It's only a matter of time before this goes becomes permanent and carriers look for another way to make money.
If you have not started yet, then maybe it's time you start.



Paypal on Amazon

It looks like using Paypal is possible on Amazon, but the trick is to use the PayPal credit card. Now if you are able to get this far then the rest should be simple and PayPal will just charge the account every time you make an Amazon purchase.



Netflix Hack

Tired of seeing that option in Netflix that said's continue watching, then here is what you need to do to remove it from the Netflix platform.
If you do things correctly the continued watching option will be gone for good.



Amazon Orders

If you ever wondered what to do with missing Amazon orders here is some great information on what to do when your order does not arrive. The majority of the times, your post office will have the orders but if not this is a great start.



Chrome Password Manager

Here is a great way to use a password manager in Chrome and all you need to know so that you can use it wisely. Chrome Password Manager stores a combination of passwords to keep in their database if use it effectively it can secure your passwords and save you time.
Here are some more tips on how to set up Chrome to be your password vault.



Typing Games

Here are a few typing games for kids to learn how to type faster. It today's high demanding world a person can go further career-wise if they can type faster than their competitors, so having your kids learn early will make them a master in typing by the time they are ready for the job world. 



What is Creative Cloud

It looks like most people are confused with Adobe Creative Cloud and here is some info to help clarify what it is.
Adobe Creative Cloud is packed with features, font packs, online storage, and backup. The software is expensive but some of these applications can be critical for your work. Now there are Adobe alternatives but Adobe still stands strong in leading the way.
So if you can settle for a free alternative then do so, otherwise, you are going to have to pay a premium price to use Adobe.



Speed up Chrome

Here are some great ways to speed up your Chrome browser. This will not only ensure that your browser runs flawlessly but keeps Chrome from stop hogging up your computer memory.



Is AliExpress Safe

Here is some information for all those users who want to buy from AliExpress, which is the Amazon of China. Now the prices are so amazing because you are buying directly from the manufacture and the storefront of a store like Amazon. The only bad thing about it is the waiting period. So if you have time on your hand, then this is the place to shop for a great discounted price.



iOS 14 Feature

It looks like iOS 14 is changing for the better and if you have not noticed these features yet, then take a look at them. You might just want to use them.



Share Content

Very interesting article on why someone chooses not to share your content. It narrows down that social media reality on how things happen and why some people just do not bother to share the content. It just maybe your entire set up and you might have to go back to the drawing board to make things easily accessible.



Investing via AI

It looks like Investment companies are now moving into AI investing and it's a pretty smart move since brokers, as we know it, are now disappearing in large numbers. This is going to be an interesting way to invest in seeing what type of trends AI comes up with.

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Apple CarKey

It looks like BMW will support its first CarKey app using Apple iOS and if all goes successfully this will open doors for other car manufactures to do the same.
The future is becoming a reality for consumers.



Heated Seats as a Service

It looks like the car industry could change all together if they make this option available. Not only will you have to cough up the price to buy the car, but also it's subscription service similar to what computers do nowadays.



University Ransomware Attack

It looks like the University of California was under an extortion scheme and even though it did not target the institution, attackers were able to get some data as proof and cost them a pretty penny.
It just shows you how still vulnerable some universities are.



Personal Car info

You will be amazed at how many people sell their cars and do not remove personal information from their vehicles. No wonder identity theft keeps on skyrocketing year, after year. 


Zoom Meeting with Google Script

Here is how to simply create Zoom meetings with Google script. This is a great way to connect your user's using Google App script. It's great for internal use.