Here is a great place to expand your social media tweets and direct everyone online where to find connections to you where ever you go. It's like the white pages for social media and more.

Now we are going to take social media to a new level.



Fire Tv Channels

Cord cutters can look into Amazon's Fire Tv hidden channel surfing powers and get more for their money. The channel guide will not only open up your Tv to more channels but keep your entire family entertained. Check it out and see what more you can get.



Unzip Online

Now unzipping files can be done with just a few clicks and no registration. You just upload the files and zip the files. Now you just have to figure out which is the right one for you.



Keep vs Evernote

The battle of keeping notes keeps on continuing, now with the world going mobile, it's good to know which software makes sense and which one will make it easier for you in the long run.



Europe AI Leader

Interesting article on how Europe can become an AI market leader and what they can do to catch up. Let's see if they can get their priorities straight.



Tomo Credit

Tomo credit is a great way to build your credit for users who do not have a credit card or need to build their credit back up.

You cannot beat the no credit score credit card.



Electric Health Recors

Here is some great valuable information on why doctors dislike electric health records. Let's just say burnout, human error, medical errors and yes the list goes on with some patients getting the wrong results on their end of the list.

Now you can say, no wonder why they dislike this. 



Bkup to Dropbox

Want to know how to backup your website into Dropbox, this article will lead you the way and help you get your projected started step by step.

It's a great way to keep a good backup of your website using Dropbox.




Want to monitor all your cloud devices like AWS and Azure and monitor if you are using the services efficiently. This site promises to reduce your cloud costs and shows you how you can run your system efficiently in the cloud.



Phone Info

Having a phone number years ago was to establish the area the person was calling but as the years progressed and more numbers were added things changed.



Extend Your Phone's life

 Here are some great tips to extend your phone's life and this applies to all iPhones and Android devices. 

Just note that following these tips will give you the edge to a successful long-lasting mobile phone. 



Send Big Files

 It's a never-ending story on trying to send big files online. For whatever reason you still need to do this, try these websites below to help you get the job done. 



iPhone Faxing

 Yes, you can send faxes through an iPhone and this application is a must-have if you want to uncomplicate things. But it just opens the door on the great things that you can do with a smartphone. 




Searching Online

Google is not the only way to search online here are other methods to search on the world wide web without Google.


Gmail Tips

Here are some great Gmail tips to get the email platform working the way you want it to work. There is even an option to copy Gmail menu window to look like Outlook, give it a try.



30 Valuable Lessons

Here are some great life lessons from people over forty. I was always told that the meaning of life was always around the corner and here are some great lessons to learn.



Automaker Monitoring

It looks like automotive companies are now interested in tracking your everyday movements while driving. This new information is a valuable resource to third party vendors and will definitely bring extra income. Get ready for some more privacy concerns.



Control iPhone with Voice

Want to control your iPhone with voice, here is how you do it using voice control. Now note that this is not for everyone, so make sure it works for you and works with your lifestyle before you start using it.



Fake Number

It's not how it sounds like, but if you are concern with the privacy it's a great option to use. Think of it as having a number to use for a short period of time and disposing of the number when you no longer need it. It's a great way to stop telemarketers from getting your real number on file for spamming.



News Content Changes

It looks like Facebook last year got in trouble for getting news media content from Australian media and now they have to pay royalties. News content has always been a plus for FB popularity and now they have to pay for it. It will be interesting to see what follows next for other medias sites and if this is going to be the beginning of my media content lawsuits with FB.