iOS Launch Lockdown Mode

Apple will launch lockdown mode to protect users who are targets of digital security. It's a great move against future hacking attacks. The goal is for Apple to me proactive against security concerns. 


Revamped Google TV app

Looks like Google TV is changing it's application and highlights feeds so that movies and shows can easily be searchable and shareable.

Let's wait and see how user's react to the new changes and if it does make a difference. 


Find Flights that Save

Here is a great way to find loopholes in airfare pricing. These are the flights that the airlines do not want you to be aware of. See what flights you can find at skiplagged at a discount to save you money. 


Apple Pay soon to pay for Fuel

It's great to know that Apple Pay will hopefully pave the wave for paying for fuel contactless payments. It's nothing new just another easier way to refuel and go on your way. 


The Solution to High Gas Prices

There is a solution to our current gas problem but not many people will want to accept the reality of what needs to be done.

We have been too long reliant on one particular type of energy that it's time for a drastic change now. The longer we wait for the change to happen, the more difficult it's going to be to accept that change.

It's time for us to wake up and start making changes so that we can no longer have a gas price problem. 



California's solar car is going to change the EV business due to the hassles of charging. Now imagine buying a car at an affordable price and then be able to drive 40 miles per day which is enough for most users.

These cars are already in production and you will start seeing them soon by the end of this year.




Recent Autonomous Problem

Not too long ago a fleet of self-driving cars gathered together and blocked an intersection in San Franciso for several hours for no apparent reason. 

Now many assumed this was a robot uprising but in actuality, it was a problem with the platform software. It's beyond me why this would occur and it's a strong message for cities to be prepared for the worse when disaster strikes. 

The future is now but at what costs. 


Women digital Footprint

With the new overturn Supreme Court decision women now need to hide their digital footprints because their online data could not be used against people seeking abortions.

It's pretty sad that it has come to this but now they can be subject to policing.

Let's hope something changes soon or their privacy could be at risk. 



Fast Paced invites

Here is great way to create party invites and get quick responses from your guests. I had the pleasure of being invited to an event and I loved how you can simply see the guest list and how many party goers were coming to your event. It's the simplest way to throw a party and attach a gift registry to your guests.
From beginning to the end, it keeps  you on track and reminds and thanks your guest for coming. It's a great way for a start and and end to a party. 


Better Snap Tool

 If you have a large monitor and want to easily resize and organize the window shape, this program makes is so simple to do. It's not that expensive and goes a long way to make things in your life easier to do.



Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The Surface has taken a new direction with its foldable tablet. Not only has it been improved but it's a great workable pocket computer. 

It's great for writing handy notes and helpful for reading online, although it might still need more improvements. The device can eventually compete with Apple iPads. 


IE is Dead

Here is a look back at Internet Explorer in the last 27 years of its existence. Microsoft could never get this application to work at its best, instead, it had to replicate its competitors so that it could at least dominate for a while. 



Gates NFT Theory

Gates is no fan of NFTs and if you read this article you will understand the reasons why. But who is going to dispute this billionaire's theories when you are on the list of the top ten richest people in the world. 



uLTRAwide Monitors

Here is an interesting article on the current Ultrawide monitors overrating. And yes, I can relate to the user on spending a long time researching to finally decide his final outcome.

It basically all depends on what you are into and not everyone is going to have the same demands and same conclusion that you decide, but at least you are content.


Lightyear's Solar EV

The future solar EV has arrived and if this car lives up to it's potential, this can change solar energy and battery charging as we know it today.

The only downside of it now is it's current cost, which is time will change when the supply and demand volume increases.

Let's just keep an eye on this company for now and wait to see what happens next. 


Google Map Time Machine

Google has been for a while making it available to see the current location street time machine and it's pretty impressive on how things change from then to now. 

Give it a try and go back in time to see how the neighbor has changed.



Telsa's New Phone

Tesla looks like is testing a new phone and let's just say if they ever decide to go full scale on making this phone there is sure going to be competing against Apple's iPhone.

Let's see how far they are willing to go. 


Win11 Unsupported Update

Not too long ago Microsoft accidentally allowed unsupported computers to upgrade to Windows 11 and lets just say it might be just changing its mind or it could be a disaster ready to happen.
If you already installed Windows 11 and your computer is not supported, I would roll back to Windows 10 immediately otherwise, you have been warned. 


Google Maps Time Travel

If you are currently using Google Maps now you will be able to see the previous street views over the years at that location you are at. It's an interesting way to see how time has changed. 

Give a try, Google Maps is here to stay.


Google Workspace Update

If you have not noticed but Google Workspace changed it's free Suite legacy edition and users must now cough up to use their services. It was going to eventually happen sooner or later.

It's still reasonable when compared to other plans.