Google Handouts is Dead

It is no surprise that the name just didn't easily adapt to users along with the application. Not everyone can be successful when it comes to chatting and sometimes you just have to give it a try, see if it works and then take it from that point on. 


FB Multi Problems

After a year after Facebook created the Metaverse, the concept is still in question with technology that is not there. Even though they want to be a pioneer in this new technology, it's going to take more than that to change the world. We can't do anything now, we have to wait and see.


Phantom Drain

Consumers are worried about EV's Phantom Drain now that they are trying to extend the cars range. Every electrical vehicle has this problem and the manufactures need to do their best to prolong their battery life when not in use. Let's hope they stay on top of things.


Microsoft PC Manager App

Micrsoft has a new PC manager application similar to CCleaner in which it clears up your memory and removes temporary files. 

Now it's still in BETA but it does have some features that can be useful along with security scan checks for various areas. 


Amazon International

It looks like Amazon is going international now with the recent deal with Hawaiian Airlines to lease freighter jets to transport orders. It just shows you how committed they are in getting their good internationally. It's only a matter of time before Prime goes global. 


Remote Work Boom

It looks like remote work has started a baby boom generation that is good enough to show a significant change. Flexability is a contributing factor.



Here is a website that can be used to rephrase your writing so that it is easier to read. As life gets more complicated, so do some of the letters you write. It might save you time if you are just trying to get a point across.



Pandemic Peronality Change

It looks like the recent pandemic change many people's personality and this could account why some people are prone to stress and are less cooperative and trusting. That pandemic did change some users lives for good and for bad and it's up to you to decide if you want to continue with these changes. 


Backup OneDrive

Want to know how to backup your OneDrive Data, here are some great resourceful information to help you secure your backups.
Don't rely on other services to backup your information, make sure you keep up to date and stay consistent with your critical backups. 


Snapchat Virtual Costumes

Here is some pretty cool virtual tries with Snapchat. Now you can try virtual costumes using the application. This is definitely a game changer and you better believe it that other social media applications are now going to jump the wagon and offer the same services. 



Crypto for Amazon & Netflix

It looks like the game for crypto is changing now Amazon and Netflix will begin accepting these forms of payments for purchase paying the way for other merchants to do the same.

This can be the new game changer that everyone has been waiting for. All we can do is wait and see. 


Google Home Progress

It's sad to say that Google again is failing to fix it's Nest disaster. They keep on making promises that they never keep and if it keeps up the future for Nest can be their end. 

Legacy Nest users can still use the old app but if you buy a new camera you are forced to use the Google Home app, now this does not make sense. And recording is just a mess, I am ready to throw in the towel and start looking for other alternatives. Thanks Google for wasting my money and making a new paperweight for my desk. 

If you are looking into Nest products, stop do your research and think again.


Amazon Miscalculation

Amazon recent promotions for managers faced a big problem. The software miscalculated employees who were promoted and affected a number of employees.
The problem was fixed immediately and employees were made aware of their updated compensation.

It's an unfortunate blunder for the big giant and I wonder how many managers took one for the team. 


Is WhatsApp a sruveillance tool

It's pretty interesting to hear another messaging founder calling out on WhatsApp on being a surveillance tool. And he does have a point since the application has been having identical security issues for a few years. Now you should decide if it's worth having backdoors on your phone. 


More Excel tips

Here are some more great excel tips for users who want to make the best out of the program. You can never learn more when it comes to Excel.


AirTags track Dementia

Here is a great way to track someone with dementia using AirTags. Although some applications require users having phones, this device has filled in the gap with less the expense.

Now this is not the best option with AirTags recent news, but it's a move using the device in the right direction. 


Samsung Galaxy Dark Moe App

It looks like Samsung Galaxy has this hidden feature that enables dark mode on every application so that it can easily be seen by users. 

It's a cool feature to keep enabled and I just do not know why they hide the feature. 


Google Fiber

Google Fiber is expanding it's 5 Gig and 8 Gig data plans and here and here are the current areas that have service. If you are deciding on upgrading your service here is what you can expect.

It's only a matter of time before there are near an area near you. 


USB 4 2.0 Info

Here is some great information on USB 4 version 2.0, it's backward compatible up to 40 Gbps if you change the cable to USB-C that is rated at 80 Gbps. 

It's going to push higher performance for portable SSD's. 


Tips for Streaming Services

Here are some good tips for video streaming services. Now with all the services that everyone has available your choices can be difficult to make. So follow these tips and hopefully you will get a good deal out of your servcie.