PimEyes Search

Want to keep track of every website that has a picture of you. This site not only keeps you informed but keeps your identity secured so thieves do not try to impersinate you or get a hold of your identity.

It's an interesting AI sight that searches the internet to find any of your pictures online.

It's definitely out of this world. 


GPT for Sheets

This is pretty cool to add GPT to your google sheets. It's only the beginning of the things that you can do with GPT when using Google Sheets and Docs.

This would be a great time to check out youtube what others have to by adding ChatGPT to Google sheets.



Dish systems

It's pretty sad to hear Dish system outages but it's not surprising. Maybe now they will take priority in securing their networks. 

In the long run it's going to be situations like this that is going to have companies learn from their mistakes. 


Teams Upgrade

Microsoft is upgrading Teams with higher performance and less resources. Let's just say it's going to be a game changer and I cannot wait to see how it performs in the long run.

Teams is the future and as time goes on, it's going to be hard not to want to use the program. 


Netflix Slash Prices

It looks like Netflix is trying to negotiate with it's customers so that they can keep on using it's platform. Now it's going to slash costs over three dozen countries worldwide.

We hope that they will eventually gain grown once users understand that it's still a great platform when compared to others. 

Let's see what going to happen next. 


Starlink New Price Plan

Just when you were getting comfortable with Starlink a price increases pop up out of no where. Yes, it's going up and it's basically only for limited capacity areas. 

So I am almost certain many customers did not see that coming so quickly. 


Tesla Recall Problem

The recent Tesla Full Driving software feautre has a fix that requires an over the air software update but it explaining this to owners and others gets very interesting as per the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. 

Let's just say this does leave the door open for a classic class action suit on the company that they have a feature called Full Self-Driving. You decide. 



iOS Major Update

It looks like Apple has a major problem with a zero-day flaw that hacks any device and users are advised to update them ASAP.

So if you have an iOS device don't wait get it done soon. 


Transfer WiFi Passwords

Transfererring to a new computer is never simple and easy to do, especially if you have many passwords. If that is the case then you can simply use Powershell for this. 



Lexmark Bug

It looks like Lexmark has a security bug that exploits the printer to attack, I recommend users update their software as soon as possible. There is no telling what can continue to occur if this patch is not updated soon.  


Yammer Gone

Microsoft recently killed Yammer and now decided to focus on Viva Engage. And let's just say Viva will inherit and adapt to the new user experiences.

It's a long-awaited change and hopefully, it will no longer confuse users. 


Snow Cover

It looks like our world is changing quickly, not only are getting drastic weather changes but our environment is quickly shifting. It's still unknown if history is repeating itself or if this is just natural event. But you should be you just be aware of what's going on globally. 



Bing AI

It looks like Microsoft Bing AI is moving in a world of it's own. As users continue to test the bot testers are noticing that it's definitely moving into another direction and it make you wonder if this is going in the same direction as in movie the Terminator

Oddly, in the movie Genisys was trying to take control of the world once it went online. This might be a coincidence or just my imagination. You decide. 


Netflix Plans

Since Netflix plan changes are taking effect this is what users can expect when upgrading their plan. So this is what you can expect to pay if you still plan on sharing your account with others. 


Tiny 11

Looking for an easier way to install Windows 11 on an old computer. Take a look at Tiny11 and you will be surprised on what it needs to install a small unofficial image of Windows 11.

I am excited to see project like this to simply expand the life of Windows computers. 




Home Depot Dating App

It's bizarre to me why this site is the best place to go to for dating. And it keeps on trending so I am convinced that the recent covid lock down contributed to this new sanctuary. 

I am lost for words why anyone would begin looking for love here.  


Spot Launch

These robotic dogs are quite amazing and it's slowly catching on with big business. Who cannot resist these pets with all the cool things that it can do. 

I just cannot wait to see on how they incorporate them in the work force. 


MS Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams has a premium edition and here are the additional features that are included. Some of these features are old and new but this is what you get in the premium edition. 

I am hoping to see more features added soon to this edition. 


Netflix Password Sharing Guide

It looks like Netflix accidentally posted password-sharing guidelines and how they plan to use this globally. The article is mainly for specific three countries but it just shows you the methods that they plan to take to combat password sharing. 

It's not going to be simple to share your password moving forward. 


AI to kill JobsSpot

Nothing new but the reality can be coming for some users if they do not update their technical skills. This will be the beginning and the end of many current jobs that are currently available in todays markets. 

So if you have not done so, you should be updating your job skills so that you are not left behind when AI becomes main stream.