This AI application is here to help you organize your photos. It's an interesting application that once it gets access reviews all your photos and removes the photos that are not suitable for you. 


iOS Link


Flying Pies

Here is another company looking into drone delivery service for its pizza business. If they are able to make this work, let's just say the food delivery service will just change for the better.

Let's hope that my pizza now gets to me before it gets cold. 


Terrible Design of Streaming

It's odd that some people would think that the design of streaming is ruining TV, when it could just be
that no one has sat down and figured out how to add more features.

Hopefully someone will soon figure out what the audience needs and change the way we stream. 


3D Sunglasses creation

Pretty cool designs and materials with cool 3D technology. I could not belive how cool this sunglasses look, I just hope I can connect with someone to create me a state of the art sunglasses. 


Eye Dropper

This handy device is great for imagery and capturing colors so that you can match or repurpose them later. For the price, it's still worth the cost when you compare how long it will take you to track down the 100,000 paint colors that it has easily available. 


Rocketbook Reusable Stickie Notes

This cloud service not only is eco-friendly it's now finding alternate ways to keep track of notes and you will be amazed at what this new generation's sticky notes do. 



AI Cloned Voices

AI is here and now with new threats, one being cloning voices from bank accounts. This may not sound alarming at first but when you read this article and start thinking about it, it opens up doors to lots of security concerns for many users. 


Udemy Info

Pretty interesting information regarding Udemy Courses and you will be surprised by what works and what does not work to get good deals on courses from instructors.

It's always wise to be a bargain shopper when it comes to education. 


Metaverse Banking

Big changes are taking place and you will be surprised at how AI-based technology is going to change finance for the better.

It's like having a virtual assistant monitor your finance along with support for financial planning. 


Kingdom of Bhutan

You should keep an eye on this site, because if Crypto does become the new currency this Kingdom can blow up alongside other popular mining countries.

It's interesting on how a tiny kingdom stores so much power to mine. 


Teams Optional

Microsoft Team is becoming optional so that it conforms with the competition. Doing this puts them away from future litigations, but regardless it's a tool that in time everyone is going to easily adapt to. 

But let the competition believe that not bundling the software it's going to make a difference. 


Swap Ford for Tesla

Interesting article on how a user swapped his Ford for a Tesla and the results will amaze you. It looks like Telsa is not quite making the cars the way they should be and quality assurance is being missed by the big giant before there vehicles are released. 



Play Store App not avail

If you use the Google Play Store and can no longer download content because the flagged application has malicious or deceptive you can download an application such as F-Droid and APKMirror to continue using the application.




Old version of Websites

Trying to go back in time and see what the website looks like years ago, you might want to check out the list of sites available to go back in time. Sites like Wayback Machine, Archive.today, OldWeb.today, Library of Congress, Search Engines Cache Pages, Web Cache Viewer, UK Web Archive and Memento Time Travel are here to help. 

See the link below for more information. 


More Channels with Google Tv

It looks like Google TV lets you browse more than 800 free tv channels across multiple providers in one easy guide. It's only going to be a matter of time before other providers do the same thing to keep their subscribers. Thanks for the great idea Google. 



ChatGPT Tutorial

Want to check out ChatGPT and want to see what it can and cannot do, take the tutorial course so that you can see what information you can obtain by playing around with ai on the web. 

You will be amazed on the responses that you will get and what more information you can obtain. 


Chrome Browser Tips

Need to organize your browser with Chrome then get used to these helpful tips that will make your browsing experience easier to do.

You will be amazed on how quickly you can make them work. 


Apple Savings Account

It looks like Goldman Sachs Bank is now trying to minimize its Apple credit card exposure to risk by offering users a new savings wallet application available only to Apple Card holders.

The plan makes sense and users can get the current annual yield on interest. 



Apple ID & Password Bug

Apple users have been reporting a new bug with its devices in which it keeps on asking for the user id and password and when the user enters the password it fails.

Hopefully, Apple will fix this password problem soon in its new update. 


Apple Fake Products

The markets of full of Apple fake products and here is a good example of why people should stay away from Apple Fake products. 

You have to admire that they can get really close to replicating its products, but it's never going to be what you really paid for. 

If you got extra cash to burn and want to see the hype then it's worth checking out.