Chrome Sidebar ChatGPT

It looks like now you can add a sidebar to Chrome using ChatGPT. This feature is a great add on to use while you browse online. 

Here are the instructions on how to enable it to take browsing to a new level. 



MS Google Alternative

Microsoft is doing a lot of new tricks to get users to switch to Bing, but it's just getting awkward and tiring for many users. 

This is nothing new for Microsoft and they should first keep on focusing on making their browser number one again before trying to convince users to switch over to Bing. 


Apple Maps

 It looks like Apple Maps palette is causing a lot of attention and it looks like Google Maps is showing similarities. 

Let's hope the new colors do not confuse some users, since it does take some time to get use to, especially if your a Google Maps user. 



Chrome AI Summaries

Chrome will soon offer AI-generated text summaries of articles and this is certainly going to be interesting to see when you browse. I am hoping that it will simplify my everyday reading habbits. 


Ford Sync 3 Problem

Ford owners who use Sync 3 should immediately turn off Wi-Fi. The software has a vulnerability and the manufacturer is currently developing a patch for the problem. 

So be patient and hopefully, the fix will come out soon. 


Syncing Intune Devices

Here are some simple ways to sync your intune devices into intune and I must say it's very easy to do and I must admit that this site should be on your to do list. 



Framework Laptop

This is a special laptop that's upgradeable and you can easily change the ports to your liking. It's definitely something to look at and it makes it very simple to upgrade with QR codes to easily replace parts. 
Everything on this laptop is upgradeable and it's amazing on how simple you can upgrade the device.


Viral Theft

Two companies are being sued for failing to install engine immobilizers in their vehicles. The hack was shown viral on social media and has led to a whole sorts of lawsuits.

It's unclear why the manufacturers chose not to address the problem that still exists today. Do they believe this is just going to go away. 



Firefox Chrome Import

Firefox is now allowing imports from Chrome extensions and has plans to open it up for others as well. It's a great move so that you can easily have access when migrating or using other browsers.

Let's hope other browsers continue this model moving forward for their users. 


PS Plus Hike

It looks like gamers should prepare themselves for the PlayStation Plus subscription hike and this hike is a pretty big jump when compared to its competitors.

I guess inflation is catching up with Sony and it's passing it on to it's consumers. 



Temp Number by Hushed

Here is a smart way to give out a temp number when subleasing an apartment, condo, or house. You can also use this for other things so that you can always keep your phone private.  It's a great way to have a number available when you need it and then make it go away when all is done. 


RDP Copy & Paste Fix

If you are having problems with the Remote Desktop not copying and pasting, then you should make sure that these options are checked on the application and for the remote workstation.

Sometimes the fix can easily be resolved and this site shows you on how to fix it.


McDonald's Ice Cream Machine

This repair company wants to fix all of McDonald's ice cream machines and if the Parent company was smart they would take up on their offer and see if they can be more productive.

Come on McDonald's get this thing fixed and make your customers happy. 


Beeper Chats

Tired of having to go to too many places to chat, this is where Beeper comes in and puts all your chats in one place. Now you no longer have to worry about talking to other users in different chat channels. 


Disney Password Sharing Ends

You could have seen this coming right after Netflix made a major change. Password sharing online future is ending and consumers should not get upset that they can no longer share their accounts with family and friends. 


Google Cams

I have been a Nest customer for some years and find it upsetting to finally have to say goodbye to the product because Google could not get their act together. 
After years of back and forth, they finally got the product to work as it should and now trying to replace it with something less inexpensive and pointless.

Maybe if they had stayed focused when they acquired Nest, it could have been something amazing. It's a few years too late and they should just call it quits for good. The competition already has an advantage.


Google Code Points SOS

It looks like Android is following Apple's trend to create a free SOS emergency service similar to Apple's emergency SOS. 
It's about time and I am excited to see a quick adaptation to a service that can save anyone in case of an emergency. 


Find Date Someone Joined FB

If you are still a Facebook user and are curious about the user's recent account, here is some resourceful information on how to find out when they joined Facebook.
Now there are times when users get spam on their account and at times it could be your friends list, so this is a great way to vefiy their information. 


Gmail Mail Merge

If you are looking for Mail Merge in Gmail, note that this feature is available only to subscribers. With a limit of 2,000 outgoing mails. 

I must admit it does seem's easier to use than other platforms. 


AI Image to Video

Here is an exciting AI image to video site that brings back life to your style. This site turns images to videos and it's not for everyone but for those user's who want something different.

Check it out and try it you might just like this feature and open the door to other ideas.