Google Inactive Account Removal

It's no secret that companies are doing whatever it takes to become more profitable this year and with this Google is introducing a new policy for inactive accounts this year.
Starting next month if your Google account has been inactive for two years, it's taking action to begin deleting unused accounts. This will not only scale down the costs of data that's unused but save the company money from users who have inactive accounts.

Get ready for the cleanup. 


Human AI Pin

 This new AI Pin might be the next new futuristic device to take computing to a new level. Imagine a device that can call, take photos, send texts, and project a visual interface onto a person's palm. 

It's a little pricey but if consumers can easily adapt, this definitely can be the future of unlimited calling



Google Shopping Deals

This holiday gives Google a shot to get you the best deals on shopping. There are currently other sites that do the same but it will be interesting to see the results that Google gives me this holiday season.
It's still in beta and you have to join the waitlist, but sign up so you can be ahead of the croud. 

Since deals are always hard to find, then why not give it a try, to see if it can save you some money.



 New AI assistance is helping you easily keep on top of your meetings with summaries and follow-up emails. It keeps track of your meeting objectives and helps you minimize the follow-up process.

Take a look and give it a shot it may just make changes for the better. 



Win11 23H2 Features

Windows 11 is set to do some great updates to your computer with a new version of features like AI standalone of Copilot, and image app tweaks.

Let's just say moving forward AI is going to be a big step with Microsoft OS, go get ready.  



Azure Overhaul

Ever since the recent Solarwinds hack, Microsoft is overhauling Azure to make sure this does not happen again and it's planning on using AI to identify vulnerabilities and security flaws.

If all goes well it's going to be follow the leader for other firms to follow the same security concept.



Here is a new AI companion to learn and have a conversational chat with. It's like a make believe friend in the Artificial Intelligence world.
The more your interact with it the more it teaches you and encourages you on achieving your goals. It's sort of like a mentor to keep your hopes up when you need a little pick me up. 

It sounds out of this world, and I would definitely give it a try. 


AI Lawsuit

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this lawsuit with AI hitting all aspects of everything that we do. This is going to be a tough case and it's the beginning of more other lawsuits to follow.


Log off Win11 users

Need help logging off Windows 11 users, well the new OS will be a challenge to those not-so-tech-friendly users and if they need some help then here are some quick tips to get them to log off. 


Study Fetch

Here is another AI software to help you study better, it's an AI software that helps you make study materials to be used for your test. It promises not to get you a failing mark on your test again.

Give it a try it's free now. 


Halloween Stories

This year Google Brooks brings kids spooky Halloween stories and you can read them free of charge
All that you need to do is add them to your library and read them when you are ready. 

The coolest thing about it is that it's all free, so take the opportunity and check them out. 


Win 11 Passkey Support

Microsoft is rolling out passkey support for Win 11 and we are hoping that with this new feature cross-platform sign-in with be a thing of the past. 

Let's hope that users easily adapt and make things less complicated. 



AI Experimenting

If you are experimenting with AI in your organization I just want to tell you that it's a great move in the right direction. But here is the downside of it because it's still sort of the Wild West when it comes to privacy and security.

This is where this security platform comes into play so that you can see who is using what.


S3 Ransomware

It looks like Ransomware is taking a new height when it comes to infecting cloud backups since cloud adoption has increased significantly over the past few years. 

Now in order to stay protective users are advised to follow the best protection practices.

Although nothing is guaranteed, it's still better to be safe than sorry. 



Easy ways to open Explorer

Ever wonder how many ways you can open File Explorer in Windows. This site will show you several ways that you can access Explorer from Windows making accessibility easier to do. 



Extend Pro

If you looking for an ultra-portable laptop with an additional 3 monitors you might consider the Extend Pro. It's a pretty impressive setup having 4 monitors available to you for your computing needs.

You can also check out their alternate monitor setup as well if it fits your budget. 


Bios PW Help

Have a computer or server locked with a bios password and you cannot get into the device to configure, make changes or reset. This handy website comes to the rescue with commonly used manufacture password to simplify your recovery. 

Make it useful the right way and let's hope that we can make recovery easier to do.



Phone Warranty Realism

Great article on the real facts regarding phone warranties. It reality it really depends on the user and if you calculate the deductible and out of pocket expenses it's not really worth it once you past the one year mark.  So figure out what type of user you are and then make a switch for the better.




Monitor your Portfolio with GSheets

If  you are looking to monitor your portfolio with Google Sheets you will be surprised on what you can find online that's free and what's available to some with a small fee.

Investment tracking can be easy to do as long as you are willing to put a little effort on getting it started.

Check it out and monitor your portfolio results daily. 


Slimca Tracker

This kickstarter is a sweet deal, talk about tracking your personal belongings and how easily it hides like a credit and can simply be trackable. An ideal solution if your wallet every gets lost or stolen.