AirPods Upgrade

Apple AirPods are getting an upgrade in which it will be able to detect the environmental image changes to enable new spatial audio experiences. It's still uncertain if it will just be the AirPods or Vision Pro but there is a good chance that one way or another the upgrade is going to happen.

Stay tune to see if this becomes a reality. 


Microsoft AI

The new feature in Microsoft is recording everything and in time it's definitely going to be a security threat if hackers eventually get access to this feature.

I can definitely see this as a big threat to users once hackers are able to review a users daily habits.



Here is a webtool that everyone is going to enjoy, try websim.ai and it willl create for you a desired AI website with menu and pictures.

It's another exciting AI program that is easy to use and will get your site up and running in no time. 


Vision Pro 2.0

The new beta software of version 2 is out for Vision Pro and I must admit it's getting very nice and cleaner on how to use the application. My only problem is that I keep on hearing the constant compliants on how heavy the device is and I hope Apple will soon introduce a lighter version for users in the near future.


Linearity Curve

This software can give you free design tools for drawing and animation similar to Adobe's capabilities. If you are looking to cut down on subscription cost it's definitely worth to consider. 

I would just give it a ride of free tier and see what you can do for free. 


Kaspersky Resellers

Some software resellers are upset with the government ban on Kaspersky products and they are just creating a mess on how the reseller is suppose to conduct their business.

Now that the government has banned the product it's just makes it complicated for business to convert to their competitors. It's just one mess after another and time will tell on how everything will eventually play out.



AirPod Hack

This AirPod hack can easy have a hacker hijack the music that you are listening to by simply taking advantage on the software vulnerability.

The hack is pretty simple to do and I must admit can easy interrupt a users joyful music moment.

Unfortunately there is no way to force the update and hopefully Apple will resolve this in future upgrades.



Summer Travel AI

Trying to plan a summer vacation why not try these cool power AI applications to plan your vacation. It will not only simplify your search but give you options on what you can do during the time.

It a great way to get the best out of your time when you are relaxing. 


Copilot on Telegram

If you are using Telegram note that now you can use Microsoft copilot on it by asking questions and getting some cool responses.

Microsoft copilot is definitely trying to piece everyone and everything together. 


Telegram red flag

Telegram founder just put a red flag on it's company and instead of bragging they should be now concern on future threats.

I guess as time goes on someone is going to prove them wrong when it comes to having all the right cyber security tools in place.


Phone Radiation

Although this is a topic out of my scope it's interesting to see which phones cause the most radiation and hopefully we can come within terms that phone radiation should be concerning for some users.

Another great way to reduce the effect would be using wireless devices so if you own any of these phones you can also reduce the intake by using a headset.


Chrome ext Malware

It look like some research was done and they discovered that a large amount of users unintentionly installed malicious extension on their Chrome browser.

Although Chrome does it's best to secure it's browser at times things do slip in but eventually get pulled from the Play Store not staying that long. Most of this is due to lack of maintenance to the app to close vulnerbilities.

Hopefully some time in the near future, there will be an better way to scan for vulnerable extensions, but for now you just need to be cautious. 


Voice Notes

Need a place to store your notes, save your ideas when your on the go, remember a specific event that you want to make note for a later time. This is the simplest way to do this and it works like a charm.

Give it a try and it might just simplify your life.


Free Adobe Alternatives

Here is an excellent site to save you money using Adobe alternative software. It's not every day that someone is going to make life easier for those creative artist that just use the software every now and then. Using these open source software will save you a bundle in the long run. 


Self Driving Car info

It looks like self driving cars are safer than humans except for these scenarios with a survey done from California which is driving during turns and from dusk to dawn.

Hopefully as time passes the program will teach itself to learn to drive better with these two conditions.


Digital Sharing Warning

If you are digital sharing here is a warning for couples and users should be aware before they share their access. This can start all kinds of problems and the proof is in the data. 

So before it gets out of hand make sure you are will to accept the consequences. 


Chrome on Android

Chrome on current Android devices have a nice feature that can read webpages to you out loud. If you are looking for a better way to browse you can check out listening to this page and see if this feature is something that you can use on a daily basis. 

The cool thing about this application is that you can listen to the page instead of reading with the tranlation option. So if you are learning a new language this application can help you achieve success. 


Adobe gets sued

It's no secret that Adobe finally gets sued for using deceptive subscription practices. The company for years have been selling it's creative lifetime licenses and many are locked into these subscriptions.

Let's just say now the company will hopefully be taught a lesson, it's just the beginning of more to come.


Mouse over Tech

It looks like the some companies are taking action when they discovered that staffers were taking advantage of them. Their solution was simple, it was cleanup time and these employee's were easily dismissed and lost their jobs. 

So anyone using deceptive software remotely to account for your productivity should think again or just wait to join the foolish group who recently got caught.  It's your foolish choice. 




It's the next generation of GPT and let's just say this time it can see and can interact with you, it's like having an assistance chat with you, wherever you go.

There is no telling how far it will go now and this is just the beginning.