WinXP Hack

Need your XP computer to still keep on working after Microsoft ended it's support. Try this registry hack and see if it works. I guess it's still worth on trying regardless if the hack works on not. What do you have to loose.


regedit, navigating to HKLM\Sytem\WPA and creating a key called PosReady. Once you have created the key, add a DWORD value to it and set that value to 1. Once all of those things are done, Windows Update will view your XP system as though it is a POSReady device and since those devices are slated to receive support until 2019

easiest way to do this is to open notepad and copy and paste the info below and name it winXpPOS.reg and just open the registry link in Windows and say yes.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

save as xpPOS.reg