Map Print Drivers via Win 7

Windows 7 has it's good days and bad days. I just still don't get it why Microsoft hasn't still fixed this problem. But when you try to map some print drivers on some computers you get that Windows cannot find the .inf files. In reality you may not ever be able to find these files and here's the simple fix to connecting the printer on your network.


  • Install the printer driver with the provided downloaded pack.
  • Go to network and try to find the PC with the printer. You should see the printer. 
  • Go to Control Panel & Printers and click "Add printer". Choose "Local printer". DON'T choose "Local port", choose instead "Create new port". Click next and pops up, asking for a text. Write here \\server\Canon123. Be careful:
    1. two backslashes (as written in the other window's address bar when you checked servers computer)
    2. exact printer name (as seen when you checked servers computer's printer)
    3. no backslash at the end
  • Click the OK's and Next's, the printer should work correctly afterwards.