N able RMM Solution

I recently was able to review N able a RMM solution and this my overall decision with the software. The software is work in progress. Which means it works for some applications but there still a lot of work to do before I can ever get this software to work the way it was intended to be used.
Installation ran smoothly besides having to install some Net framework on some computers. As for running certain tasks it works great but takes some time to initiate. Still N able was better than other RMM software that I have already tried in the market. My only problem was remote desktop and configuring the software to work correctly because it was not configured correctly. Now it nice to see that there are many ways to correct this but you have to be a wizard to finish setting up all the settings. It has a lot to offer but some of the simple things just don't work correctly. Like remote control. I tried it on various days in different areas to see if it was my network or availability problems. The end result is that it's still trying to connect.  And doesn't matter how many times I try to re-configure the application. I keep on getting the same errors. This is where support comes in. Or let's just say support what? So with this I went online and did reviews with the software and didn't like what I discovered. Apparently I am not the only one having the same problems and as for the company goes, I will have to pass for now until there software gets better and support and pricing are clear on what they offer.


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