Traveling Tips Secrets

Taking a trip? Here are some great travel tips to remember the next time you fly. You never know when they can come in handy.
1- If you don't accumulate a lot of miles use the miles to be first online or for a better seat.
2- If airline looses your luggage disregard current liability policies. The airline owes you the value of your bag and you clothes. Up to in some cases to $3,300 per passenger.
3- If your baggage is missing when you get to your destination, the airline has to compensate you for necessities on the spot. Not 24 hours. If your challenged then cite the federal regulations title 14 part 254. This also includes baggage charge for your suitcase when boarding.
4- If an airline tries to book you at a later flight auction the second option. Never go for the first and see the bonus get higher.