Chrome Block

 It looks like Chrome is now blocking sites that are restricted and any files coming from Http sources are going to be blocked by default. The goal is to block unsecured locations and make internet browsing safe again. Moving forward your next Chrome version will even be more securer than the last version. 



Extract PDF Docs

 Here is some great resource to extract tables from PDF documents. Now at least you have some guidance on how to extract PDFs and copying and pasting will be your last choice for output. 



Win 10 Welcome Sound

 Now you can customize your Windows 10 welcome VM and sound when you boot into Windows. This will slow down your boot time, but if you still want to move forward with this hack, here are the instructions on how to get it done. 



Chrome Antivirus

 It looks like Chrome is enhancing its browser to act more like an antivirus software when scanning downloads and in time it might be just that.

In order to make the internet safe, Chrome is slowly moving to safeguard user data when they surf online. It's about time and I am excited that they are moving in the right direction to make surfing safe again.



Drive Trash Removal

 It looks like now Google Drive will automatically empty your trash folder after thirty days. The new data retention policy is now going to be done automatically that there is no need for users to do anything. 

Here is more information for those users who want to know more. 



Fax Be Gone

 If you have not done it yet, maybe it's time to say goodbye to the old fax machine. Technology has gone a long way lately that having a fax machine is somewhat useless. There are many other devices that can take its place and in the long run, you will probably save money on wasted ink, paper, and other maintenance supplies. 

If you have not done so you should review the annual cost of maintaining your fax machines and weigh out the overall costs by using an alternative replacement. The technology is quite old and maybe it's time you upgrade. 



Win 10 Privacy

 Tired of Windows controlling your privacy settings, here is a great utility to secure your privacy on your computer. The program can easily fit on a flash drive and help you revert the privacy policies.  




Kids Screen Time

 Here is some great information to educate parents on giving their children to much screen time. I understand that they want to give the best to their children but good things can also affect others.

And having proper balance will give your children better social understandings.  



Internet Speed

 Measuring internet speed is very important so that you can do your work effectively. If you are curious about what type of speed you need and what should you be looking for to get better performance. Here is some great resource to help you out.



Flying Cars

 It looks like flying cars are becoming a reality, car manufactures are now embracing technological ideas and making them come to life. 

It's only a matter of time before other manufactures start catching up and taking us to the sky. 



UV Phone Sanitizers Verdict

Let's just say we still do not have scientific confirmation yet if it really works, but a lot of companies are using the technology including hospitals. 

So if you have the extra cash on hand, then it's worth getting the device to sanitize your mobile devices. 



How to Raise Genius Kids

 Here are some great resources to help raise genius kids. Now I am not for nor against this but I believe it a good guide to lead your children to success. At least you are pointing them in the right direction.




FB AR Glasses

 This is a great audio version of a sound becoming reality. If it does happen let's just say that it's going to change almost everything that we do today when it comes to how we hear things.

The best thing about this is that social media will be the first to take off with this technology, taking socializing to new levels. 



Phone Tracking

Here is the information that many have been waiting for on phone tracking. You will be surprised by the amount of technology that your phone uses to track your everyday moves so that they can acquire information from you either to sell you something or to study your habits for future use.



Password Hacking

This is the reality of how long it takes for a hacker to get your password. This is why so many companies enforce combination passwords.

You are never going to succeed in making a bulletproof password but at least you can delay the process to get the information.



Realtime Lighting Map

Here is a pretty interesting site to check out the recent electromagnetic discharges in the atmosphere in realtime. You can monitor the thunderstorms in your area when the next storm arrives giving you a better insight on lighting.



Note Taking App

Here is a great Note-taking application that will take your notes to a new level. If you are looking to take notes and have more control over where you want your notes to go, this is a great software to check out. It has great features to customize your notes and works wonders when collaborating with teams.




Here is another social media video site trying to cap in on the short video streaming service. I guess you are going to see lots more companies like this moving forward until they are swallowed up by the big ones. Get ready for more short video streaming.


Win 10 Hidden Tricks

Windows 10 has some great tricks that can take your Windows experience to a new level. If you want to take advantage of these features then here is what you need to know.



Port Fwd Config

Here is some great resource to configure port forwarding on Windows 10 without other tools. Windows makes this feature available without the need for installing others tools so that you can bypass the firewall.

Read on to learn more.