Add Weather to Lock Screen

Here is a cool way to add weather to a Windows 10 locked screen. It's a great way to keep the weather live when your screen is locked. 


Netflix Gaming

It looks like Netflix is expanding into gaming and it could be a game-changer by adding video games to its package. Although the games would be just mobile, eventually in time they will expand to other areas. 
I would keep an eye on how this turns out. 


Curve Card

Here is a card that can change the way you charge, it's similar to other applications like Apple pay but the great thing about this card is that you can change at any time the default card and if you lose the card you just have to replace it, the curve card and not all the other cards associated with it. 

It's a great idea and an easier way to connect all your cards to one card. 



Poo WiFi

It's an odd request from a vendor offering a free WiFi service, but if it gets people to clean up parks and recreational areas then I am all for it.

I must say that they are going to be remembered for years to come. 



One Share of Stock

Give a user one share of your favorite stock as a gift so that you can teach them how to invest at a young age. This site is a great way to share your favorite stocks with others. 


Send Urgent Messages in Teams

Microsoft Teams is changing the world on how we collaborate with others, here is how user's can send messages in Teams when they are urgent. It's quick, simple to use and it will immediately be broadcasted to the user your send the message to. 



Here is a crypto wallet that going to make your crypto liquid. If you have several wallets, this is the way to go keep your crypto liquid and be able to transfer your crypto wallets to other currencies. This US-based company is going to change the way we spend money.

The fees are pricey but it's an alternate option to keep your crypto wallets together. 



Phrase Express

Finding yourself typing repeatedly then check out this simple program with a click of the mouse you can paste text phrases from a taskbar icon and paste them to an application at ease. It might save you valuable time typing. 


View WiFi Pass on Win10

Need to view WiFi passwords on Windows 10, here is how to extract the saved password using ncpa command. You can even display all your saved WiFi passwords so that you can store them the next time you need access. 



JEDI contract canceled

It looks like the Department of Defense recently canceled the JEDI contract and here is how the story goes. It's an ongoing battle with no end, stay tuned. 


Zoom for GSuite

If you are already using Zoom and want it to connect with Gmail, here is the add-on for Zoom to connect to your calendar.


Education for Teams

If you are a teacher and want your students to get the best out of Teams, then here are some great applications that can be added to the software.
Now your students will get the most of their work done with the assistance of these applications. 


Best Portable Antivirus

Need a portable antivirus software for Windows 10, here are some handy software's to look into so that you can easily scan a computer if problems occur.


Dell Remote BIOS Attack

It looks like Dell devices have a big concern and if you own a Dell, you should read this information. Let's just say that it would be a good idea to update the bios as quickly as possible to hopefully prevent any security risks. 


External HD Warning

It looks like hackers are now getting access to your cloud service NAS and bypassing your router network to get access to your files. It's unfortunate for some users and this is what you need to know if you are using this service. 



OneDrive Upgrade

It looks like OneDrive is doing a major upgrade and soon you will be able to manage and share files easily. This will make sharing files in Teams chat easier to do and take sharing files to new levels. Great ready for the OneDrive overhaul. 



Here is everything that you need to know about Windows 11 and users will have the option to upgrade to Windows 11 for free if their computer can support it.

Get ready for the version of Windows. 


Send Files to Mobile

Trying to send files to your mobile phone, then check out Snapdrop to get the job done. All you need to do is open your browser to Snapdrop on your computer add the files and open up the browser on your phone and now you easily have access to those files. It's a simple way to share your files when you are aways on the go. 


Cannot type Pass on Login

Having problems typing your password in Windows when you get into the login screen. Here is a list of great troubleshooting tips to do beforehand to help resolve your typing problem.


Win10 End of Support

It looks like the End of Windows 10 support will come in 2025 and soon the world will know about the new Windows in store for users.
That's good and we are still unsure if the next version of Windows will satisfy most consumers to upgrade. Let's see what's in store next.